During Your IN Years If You Had Anointed At Your Hall, What Were They Like?

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  • GoneAwol

    In my home cong there is a guy who thinks he's of the special class. My Dad used to be an elder and was present when this idiot told the body he felt he was of the annointed. Apparently, he'd asked an old sister who also thought she was special what it felt like to be annointed. Like he wasnt sure or something.

    That was in the late 70's. Now his family are all out, he comes in to the meetings late and goes home straight after, doesnt chat to anybody, his talks are really rubbish as are his prayers. He takes the memorial talk every year with no feeling for the ransom at all. Nothing he says is believable, and he's had a string of failed businesses. I know, I did work experience with him as a young man. Most in that hall dont believe he has the 'power' bestowed on him. He's the ultimate grumpy sod.


  • lisavegas420

    I remember one man that claimed to be annointed. He never gave any talks, he never held any positions nor did he ever go out in field service. One day he quit coming to the meetings. Never did get an answer as to why that was. So many unanswered questions.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    So, did anyone meet an anointed elder or normal person? Or has Jehovah chosen eccentrics to run his kingdom?

  • punkofnice

    I remember one eccentric old geezer who claimed to be 'annointed(TM)' got DF's for 'apostacy(TM)'.

    I know. My Dad was on the JC that gave him the boot. He is alleged to have said: 'I'll split your congregation in two!'

    Dad replied: 'If you were one of Christ's brothers you wouldn't dream od doing that!'

    Oh, Dad! Why did you have to raise me in that filthy, disgusting cult? R.I.P. Dad.

  • jookbeard

    first cong was an very elderly lady who must have been alive during Chuck Russels era, I remember when she died I must have been about 8, there was a big deal made out of her funeral and she was highly respected in the cong, my second cong was African lady who must have been about 50 when she started partaking therefore making herself on the the "replacements" of so called annointed, a lot of eyebrows were raised and she was a known problem in the cong because of her demands, I could print other stuff I'd heard about her but it would breach confidentiality of the person who told me and who worked for a local authority in the housing dept.

  • DeWandelaar

    My Father participated ... so I met one first hand...

  • cantleave

    We had a couple of old gals in my last congregation who partook. Both were very nice, one had the brains of a rocking horse and couldn't string a coherent answer together, the other was quite the opposite. Neither were baptised pre 1935, although they would have been in thier early to mid 80's, and some people doubted their "calling".

    When I was growing up I knew quite a few who were batised pre-1935, I quite admired them all and had no reason to doubt their status. Of course they are long dead now.

  • EmptyInside

    Another eccentric, older man who went to the congregation I grew up in.

    He was disfellowshipped with some others for only studying the Bible,didn't believe anyone needed the Watchtower,lol. But,him and his wife were the only ones of the group to come back and were reinstated.

    He still did things his own way,never worked with anyone out in service. Printed up his own literature,and left it in the doors,didn't even bother knocking.

    He wrote letters to headquarters,thinking that he was part of the "faithful slave" ,and that,they would actually put his articles in the magazines,lol.

    He was a nice guy,but again,him and his wife lived in their own,little world.

  • Xanthippe

    One woman who always wore purple - her house was decorated all in purple too.

    A man who came to my hospital bed when I was 14, walked in, opened his Bible, read one verse and without saying another word, left.

    Yep all totally sane.

  • jwfacts

    1. Years ago there was a teenage boy that became anointed in my childhood congregation, but left the religion shortly afterwards.
    2. In my last congregation was an anointed middle-aged elder that everyone thought was nuts. He was a naturopath, with a wife who was constantly sick.
    3. His daughter became anointed in her late teens, seemed to have a high opinion of her father, but no one accepted her anointing behind her back
    4. Another in that congregation became anointed who was very unusual. He was later disfellowshipped for lewd acts, including drawing naked pictures of sisters in the congretation
    5. And then there was Geoff Jackson, whose family in law studied with my parents. His anointed seemed very much to be a career move.

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