During Your IN Years If You Had Anointed At Your Hall, What Were They Like?

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  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I thought this thread was a "good" read.

    Now, today, with the WT's releasing the 2014 Year Book with the "latest" number of partaker's being "up", I thought we could share again, who some of these "Partaker's" in the local KHall , are.


  • LongHairGal

    Lois Lane:

    The few that I knew back in the day were on the cranky side with a touch of arrogance and to be quite honest, I didn't even want to say hello to them. Any so-called "respect" they got from me was because of their being senior citizens and not because of their claims.

    The whole concept of anointed just went in one ear and out the other as far as I was concerned.

    I am glad I am no longer associated with the JW religion because I would have no tolerance for the uppity, screwy people that are there.

  • Apognophos

    I guess I can think of three anointed ones I've known:

    Sister K: As a young boy, I just couldn't believe how old she was. She was the oldest person in the world. She didn't participate in meetings, and I don't particularly remember her talking, or even moving for that matter, but she seemed nice.

    Brother C: A CO who had a briskly pleasant nature but nonetheless seemed a little off. I suppose I can tell this story since only he and I were present, and he won't remember my name even if he reads this. We were walking door to door in the ministry, alternating doors, when we came to a house that was "his". He rang the bell and we began waiting. I couldn't think of any subject for conversation, so to make small talk I commented on the railing of the porch we were standing on. It had been stripped for re-painting, and the wood looked nice and new underneath. He agreed that it was coming along nicely, when suddenly a woman opened the door. He turned to her with a smile, but may have been caught off-guard. The first thing out of his mouth was, "Hello there, we were just admiring this nice railing of yours," gesturing to it as if inviting her into our ongoing conversation. We're lucky she didn't shut the door and call the police. P.S.: I can actually relate to his awkward attempt at a friendly introduction, some of us just aren't very good at it.

    Brother P: This brother is an elder, somehow. He's considered quite eccentric, but in an old-fashioned, harmless way. He's very much a self-sufficient maverick, and playfully rebellious against authority in the org., so he would never be able to move up in the ranks. Nobody questions his status because he's spent his life in the ministry. He's good-natured and it's impossible not to like him, as long as you aren't one of the many people he's offended by accident over the years with his tendency to say whatever's on his mind. God, the stories I could tell about this man... (maybe one day).

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My ggf was anointed. He was my gff. I loved his house in the country. My ggf had a dog, Curly. Curly drank beer. He was Dutch. I don't recall much. He lived with us for a while but he and my father became drinking buddies. There was always some problem at the local bar. I never heard him talk Witness anything. Maybe he thought I was too young. He was always worried about receiving the emblems at Memorial. His daughter, my gm, said he was not Anointed. She had an evil stepmother. Bethel ruled that he was Anointed. MY gm disputed Bethel privately. I used to worry after he died that he could see me naked from heaven. The very idea was alarming. I wanted some privacy from heaven. I did not know who I should talk to about his seeing me. When I visited Amsterdam the first time, I saw a small fishing village to get a feel for the real Holland. A man walked down a canal in wooden shoes. It was as tho he was resurrected.

    People my age at the KH were very impressed. I was taught that you had to be very old to be anointed. The more anointed that died, the sooner we would be Armageddon. No one in my gm's generation thought they were anointed. I did not want Armageddon to happen. My ggf died at 94. Next, our 30 year olld overseer decided he was anointed. People reported him to Bethel for the sheer audacity of it. Bethel responded that he was anointed. I believe they reasoned that some remnant had turned against Jehovah while in heaven with Jesus. You are never safe.

    What type of person volunteers themself? We have some voice hearers on this forum. I would call it extreme self-confidence and arrogance. How do you know you won't like earth more? I am very curious about the thought process. My current age shows that there are already way, way too many remnant.

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