During Your IN Years If You Had Anointed At Your Hall, What Were They Like?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Incidentally we have 2 and they BOTH have been treated for mental issues in the past.

    Without exception, every single member of the Annointed 2.0 (after 1935) that I've ever known has had mental health issues (bi-polar, chronic depression, schitzophrenia, multiple personalities, etc). There was only one that I thought did not have the issue, and I later learned I was wrong about that.

    I don't mean to sound pejorative about someone who has a legitimate illness. It's no different that if they are diabetic or have high blood pressure, etc.

    But..........what does that say about this "special" group of witnesses?


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    When I was a child there was a couple of people in our hal that partook at the Memorial . One Older Brother I knew quite well . Went to his Book study and he worked in service with my Mom and I . He was always very nice and humble . Soft spoken and kind . When I was 15 I got private reproof and was not suppose to answer at meetings ,but at the book study he called on me to read a scripture ....I knew I was not suppose to so I shook my head NO. Afterwards he approached me and apologized profusly , I really liked him . Then he fell on some ice in the parking lot and had a stroke . When I visited him in the hospital his wife said as soon as he heard my voice he turned his head towards me and smiled ....it was the only response he had shown since the stroke ....that always touched my heart . He died a few days later .

    According to my Mom another couple in the hall quit associating because they said this same Brother had treated them harshly ......I could never understand how that could be ,but it is like everything else ....just depends on the circumstances .

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    The people I knew in my childhood KH that claimed to be annointed were all very elderly ,and had been JWs a long time .They all had very kind ,humble personalities. In the hall we last attended someone told me there is a Brother now partaking ,he is a few yrs older than me....he is known to be a jackass . Quick tempered and quite boisterous . I can not even imagine him representing himself as Christs brother

  • nugget

    There were 2 annointed in our congregation. Both were ladies and both were lovely.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    The anointed were certifiably mentaly ill.

    One annointed brother even accidently shot himself in the chest.

    I'd say that is what is called a failed suicide.

    He drove around with Yhwh plastered on his car.

    The anointed sister was also unusual.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I knew an annointed elder, circuit servant. He married me and my wife.

    Earl V. Singer.

    He was a nice man. A good speaker.

    And reportedly a succesful business man. He had a trucking company.

  • Heartofaboy

    I remember a very very very old lady when my parents first went to the meetings back in 1959.

    She was tall slim & elegant & wore large edwardian hats.

    I thought she was nice.

  • Bobcat

    It is really sad how the WT has produced such an apostate view of the subject of being born in the spirit. This is a basic part of the new covenant and what, as far as living goes, makes the new covenant superior to the old.

    I think what many of the commentors here are seeing in their experiences with "anointed" that they have known is the logical result of the WT's warped teaching and the effectiveness of their indoctrination methods. What I mean by that is this:

    The WT has done an excellent job of indoctrinating their apostate view of the subject of anointing into the R&F JWs. If the Society had their way, few, if any, would think of themselves as anointed, except their leadership, and maybe the odd, zealous older person here and there. The Society would be quite satisfied if this were the case, as it would fit their power structure and prophetic viewpoint quite nicely.

    As many here have pointed out, via their experience, many of those who claim to be "anointed" are somewhat 'strange' (for lack of a better word). When you think about it, that makes perfect sense. Most of the JWs that are of normal thinking ability will tend to 'get the point.' That is, they 'get the point' that the WT wants them to get concerning the anointed, namely, that they are not one of 'them.'

    It is the ones who are somewhat 'different' in their thinking abilities who don't get the WT's point. There are always people like that in every walk of life that somehow don't react correctly to "do not enter," or "turn left" (and they turn right). They tend to somehow miss what is obvious to the majority.

    And thus, among those in the KH that partake, there is a large percentage of the few that don't fit in with the majority. If the WT taught about the subject correctly, then, partakers would represent a sampling from all sorts of people, including the strange ones mentioned in the comments above. But since the Society doesn't teach the subject correctly, you only (in large part), see the abnormal ones, the ones who fail to go along with the program, so to speak.

    The real object of derision in this topic should be the WT. The comments above are the end result of their apostasy from Christian teaching.

  • tec

    Well said, Bobcat.

    I think if the wts had their way, no one would partake, except perhaps the GB. They certainly emphasized at the memorial how unlikely it would for someone to be annointed, and then they also did damage control, just in case someone did partake, that it does not mean that anyone else should partake.

    The anointing is holy spirit from christ. There is no mention of a christian in the new testament not being anointed if fact thats what Christian means anointed one.

    The annointed that I know, left the wts. They heard the call to come out of her, and left, no longer touching the unclean thing and following Christ alone. Peace, tammy
  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    I knew 2 annointed...

    1. Ministerial Servant. Very smart and eloquent. He never progressed to elder because the BOE felt he needed to "simplify his speech" when giving talks or answering during the rag study. I just think he was never recommended because the BOE felt intimidated by him. He started to partake in his late 30's..

    2. Pioneer Sister. Mentally unstable with occasional fits of anger. But the elders felt she qualified to pioneer since she had a nack for getting Bible studies and return visits. She died recently and her elder husband was disfellowshipped for soliciting the services of a professional escort (or should i say "social worker").

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