During Your IN Years If You Had Anointed At Your Hall, What Were They Like?

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    I know one from the cong I grew up in. Missed more then half of the meetings and NEVER saw her out in field service even tho she was a regular pioneer. She was not known to have health problems either. Still every memorial she takes a sip and a crunch. Seeing that was a blessing in disguise and part of the reason I woke up. If this anointed person does nothing, how is god really "directing the fds". Apparently she is still partaking and this thread just goes to prove my theory.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Thank you everybody that contributed.

    Anyone else have any stories?

    Just Lois


    The WTBTS's incorreect teaching about 2 hopes for Christians really messes things up. It makes those who are prone to be arrogant even worse because the GB promote a hierarchy with "anointed" on the top. They falsely taught for years that the calling had ended. OOPS!! Everyone is dying off, we better make some kind of allowance..what do we do? Oh, yeah, let's just briefly mention that we don't know if the door closed. Then let's say it's a personal matter, then let's say that anointed don't know any more than the Elders, even though Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would teach you if you were anointed. Ok, the number is decreasing, oh crap, it's not! Let's say that any partakers who have doubts ( that we planted ) are probably mentally unbalanced and need to repent.

    So any humble ones who feel that they should partake are set up to be persecuted. The new Memorial outline and the new GB/FDS light makes it clear. I bet many of the wacky ones would normalize and many of the arrogant ones would be humbled if the WTBTS would just admit that all Christians partake. The crazies would feel better and the arrogants would know they weren't all that. Of couse it will never happen, because to do so would be to relinquish their higher positions, and they would lose power. They would rather have innocent people suffer for various reasons that to be truthful.

    Sorry for the rant. I only knew one growing up, she was arrogant and weird. I did not take her seriously because I sensed no love from her. I did not take the GB serious either, for the same reason..

  • Cacky

    When I came in at age 21 in 1980, there was one annointed lady in the cong. She was older at the time and is still alive. She was married to an elder. She was held up on a pedestol even though she always had vague illnesses that kept her from meetings and fs. Whenever she would have reason to go into the hospital (normal women health issues), she would be innundated with get well cards, etc. She was nice enough, but I always thought it strange (back then) that she hardly made any meetings and even less fs if she was annointed. She seemed to like the adoration. She had this really loud laugh that carried through the kh and I think she liked that everyone could hear her laugh if she laughed at a comment or funny anecdote that was mentioned. Another lady became annointed in her forties, but everyone thought she was mentally unstable. She was nice enough, though stopped making meetings due to her health, too. Then a man in his early forties, son of a jerk of an elder, who had been df'd about four times, became annointed. I heard he was df'd again, so don't know his standing now. I believe he is bipolar.

  • 3rdgen

    Hi Lois! The 1st anointed person I met was my aunt. She was the kind of person a JW would picture as a co ruler with Christ. She never drew attention to herself , was intelligent, warm and friendly (much more than my own parents). Instead of talking the talk she walked the walk. Gave up children and pioneered until the rest home. Baptized in the 20's etc. ONTOH, those i met who were baptized more recently that "partook" were afflicted with one form or another of mental illness ---period. However, since i now don't believe a word of what the WTBT$ says (or EVER said) I question the whole "anointed" thing in the first place. MY aunt would probably have been a class act whether or not she was part of any religion.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Oh Data - Dog...Arrogrance and Anointed. Isn't that a heady combination?

    The most arrogant BS'er that professed to be of The Anounted, that I have ever known, was GX.

    His ego stunk, to high heaven.

    It is making me a little sick right now, just thinking about him. I moved into "his" congo.

    His wife an Elderette type (verses me, I would say my ex was the Elder, I was the younger lol geeze. Who would want to be a self proclaimed Elderess, anyway?)

    GX became a reg. pio in his congo. during the years 1974 and 1975. He started partaking during that time. His wife was in wonderment that he had given 2 (two) whole years to Jehovah ( tm ), and she now "became" someone to be looked up to in the area. They became special. People looked up to them. They had "made it" in JW Land. FacePalm

    It was revolting. I never fit in for the more than 15 years I was in GX's congo. I am not a boot licker.

    And of course, whoever is anointed, gives the Memorial talk each year. That was "show time" for him.

    Poor GX was diagnosed with dementia and finally died. Before he was diagnosed, he actually became a better person, his ego deflated and by the time I attended his funeral, I kind of liked him. Not miss/missed him, but the more demented he became, the kinder he was. Totally opposite to how he had lived his life.

    Just Lois


    Sad.. with the dementia there was only room for his authentic self. All JW's have to be their cult-self. It would be next to impossible to be REAL and remain in the WTBTS. It would be even harder if you were a partaker.

    I have been a partaker for 2 years, but I don't think I am special. I think all Christians should partake. I screwed up and told some people about my decision, now my life is more difficult, but oh well... The thing is, if you are a JW anointed and NOT in a position of prominence, especially as a male, there MUST be something wrong with you. You are spiritually weak, or a mental case, or a possible apostate. If you hold your own in spiritual debates and prove the Elders wrong, then you are not weak or mental. So there is only 2 choices left, 1) You are right and the GB is wrong, like you hav said, or 2) You are an apostate in the making. Since JW's worship the Org, you can guess the more popular viewpoint. It makes it difficult if you partake and tell the Elders that JW's are getting many things wrong and need to make changes. I wasn't df'd, but only because I could sense their traps and out-foxxed them. Now I just ignore their shepherding calls.

  • fresh prince of ohio
    fresh prince of ohio

    Only knew one that partook. She was very odd, for sure - never really had an open, engaging expression when you talked to her, it was always this weird smile. Had six screwed-up homeskooled kids that I think pretty much raised themselves. Her husband was actually a pretty cool guy, don't know how he got pulled into that mess. Never stick your d*ck in crazy, as they say.

    So awkward during the memorial to hear her sitting there crunching on the crackers LOL.

  • Crazyguy

    It amazes me how JW's we all thought we were so biblically educated, yet the GB took one scripture just one and took it out of context to what was actually being discussed in the chapter and applied just that one scripture to say that just a few special people get an anointing. Me and everyone else just accepted it as gospel, this is one of the subjects that really started waking me up and made me realize how really stupid we are as JW's.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Fresh Prince of Ohio...This Bro. GX, when it came to sip the wine, he drank. lol When his "goblet" was returned to the stage for all to see, it was measurably , down. lol

    Just Lois

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