During Your IN Years If You Had Anointed At Your Hall, What Were They Like?

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  • Shador

    I have only personally encountered 2 "annointed". One was the C.O., Bro. Freedman. 'nuff said.

    The other, in the hall I go to now, was a very sweet old lady. I think she was getting a touch of dementia as the years wore on. Her son, who she lived with, is an MS in the cong. She has since moved to Texas to live with her other son.

  • jookbeard

    LMAO at these, a very good friend of ours who's dad was an elder suddenly decided he'd start partaking when he was only in his late 50's sadly most realized it was the early stages of mental illness, senility/dementia, he died a few years later, when I decided to partake at my local KH in 2011 ( my first and last meeeting in almost 20 years) a skinny, strange nuerotuc lady late 20's sitting in the same row as me partook as well, I was thinking about walking up to her after and speaking about "our" heavenly hope! probably would have been lost on her though.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I just remembered Dxxxx - Dxxxx - Dxxxx.

    What a triple A con-artist she was.

    She gave me night-mares she was so in your face (my face) begging for money (Hey. Just like the Governing Body).

    I was new in the KHall and she seized me up with more sob stories than have ever been told. So she suckered me.

    She was of The Anointed, a regular pioneer, divorced from a horrid man (I met him, he was a nice guy and I am thankful for him, she has let go her clutches from him) and she had cancer and was "dying". Everytime she turned around her conversations started off "I'm dying".

    She was way older than a sweet young lonely reg poneer brother, who she delighted in bringing down. She needed help back at her apt with this and that and it was so convenient when it was just him and her out making calls together.

    When you walked into her apt. she had a big Bible opened and displayed on an upright stand. She dressed very well, even had her own personal horse nearby for riding.

    She begged from easy marks at the KHall and area. With their donated money, she vacationed several times for month long trips in Europe. In my view, when it seemed she had cleaned out the area of all available cash, she moved out of the area, to find another congo , with ready easy marks, and pockets of cash for her to fleece.

    When the young lonely reg pioneer Brother wanted to go to Bethel, she squealed on him. They of course pleaded great distress and sorrow and were both given public reproof.

    I heard where she moved to, and she remarried an unsuspecting Brother. She divorced him and moved on.

    All the time professing to be of the Anointed and partaking.

    Just Lois

  • Bobcat

    Everyone I ever met and had a chance to talk to privately about it had had some sort of experience that they recognized as a miraculous calling to be anointed.

    Theres nothing like that in the NT. Being born of the spirit is associated with baptism in water. (Compare Matt 3:16; Acts 2:38) An exception is the first ones baptized at Pentecost who were already baptized in water, but had to wait for the Spirit's being poured out. (Acts 1:4, 8) Cornelius was also an exception, but notice Peter's immediate response was for him to get baptized in water. (Acts 10:44-48)

    Being 'anointed' in association with the WT is always going to involve skewed reasoning because it is based on the WT's skewed teaching on the subject. Anyone recognizing what the NT really teaches, and who abides by it, is almost destined to be labeled an apostate by the WT. When in fact, it is the WT that is apostate. (Gal 1:6, 7)

  • cognac

    I had two that I knew pretty well. Both of which I must say are one of the nicest people I've ever met. One when I was younger named Manny. I believe he knew both Hebrew and Greek. He bought me a present and was so nice. I believe he became an apostate.

    The other brother I met in my mid twenties. He was so nice. I loved him!!! He taught me how to read the bible for the first time. He was very important to me waking up. Probably the most important to me waking up. He's still in but I still wonder if he's really an apostate on the inside...

  • designs

    We had one of the old original Greek brothers from back East in our Hall. There was a group of Greeks that came to LA back around WWII. Old chris would come to our house every year to harvest our Olives and cure them, we always got a big jar of chris's special Greek cured olives out of the deal. He would walk everywhere, we'd see him downtown street witnessing or by the Harbor talking to the merchant seamen.

    The brother who studied with me starting partaking in the late 60s after he had a conversation with Nathan Knorr. Jim was as hard nails as they come, he drank Canadian Club from the bottle- driving or flying his airplane. He taught my brother and I how to shoot and fish and ride a horse.

    We had some young people who starting partaking just before 1975 but they all faded away shortly after 75 blewup in all our faces.

  • mercedes_29

    I knew two men in my US congregation. Both older and cranky. One left the kh one day and never came back. The other one stopped taking emblems shortly before he died with no explanation.

    In France there was a man in his early forties ( this was 10 years ago) who claimed he was annointed. His mother beleived him but everyone else doubted him. He went to the French Bethel but cracked up and was sent back. He pioneered and was an elder. He was a nice and caring man, but a little off. He was in love with a single sister but she wouldn't have anything to do with him because she didn't want to be "left behind" at Armageddon when he went to rule in heaven.


    Disclaimer: I am not promoting evengelical christianity, Jesus as god, etc. etc. I am merely submitting an opinion

    I think that those JWs who profess to be annointed are in the same category mentally and emotionally as born again christians...along with the JW baggage. What I mean is that they act weird because they believe certain things about themselves (which I believe the bible clearly teaches) but can't justify the belief that they are the only ones deserving of going to heaven aside from what the Watchtower teaches. This causes them to become highly, well, weird for lack of a better term.

    Also because other JWs put them up on a pedstal the feel that they must put on a front that they are vastly informed of bible truth and doctrine. I can go on and on but I think you get the idea. The ones I have known throughout my life have been odd ducks.

  • CADSkin

    I knew 2. One just was schizophrenic and heard voices. The other was a really smart and nice guy who had a great family. He hated being “chosen” and would tell everyone openly that he’d rather be able to stay with his family in paradise. The elders pretty much ostracized him for speaking to his Df’d daughters. He always wore his heart on his sleeve and took offense to people not treating him well.

  • LisaRose

    1) Middle aged woman, kind of strange, but well loved in the congregation. It was known her husband was unhappy in the marriage. She died of cancer, after a long illness, her husband got married two weeks later, it caused quite a scandal.

    2) Woman, known bipolar. She committed adultery early in her first marriage, her husband waited to divorce her until their child was grown, but never forgave her and got a scriptural divorce, 15 years later. In her forties she married a young man only 19, his parents were appalled, his friends tried to talk him out of it, but he did it anyway. Within a year or two they separated, but she had a child by then. She was open about the fact she mostly did it so she could have sex. Huge mess.

    3) A good friend of mine. She was physically abused as a child by her very mentally ill mother. Raped at 18 by a boyfriend and got pregnant, her mom forced her to give up the baby (or babies, she claimed they were twins or triplets). I was never sure how much she told me was true. She also was hospitalized for anorexia at one point, at least that is what she told me.

    4)My sister, after thirty years away, was blackmailed into going back back to keep access to her grandchildren. Soon after, told me she heard a voice in her head saying "Shelly, you are of the annointed, tell the brothers". Shortly before this happened she began having seizures which she believes are caused by late stage Lyme disease, but she won't go to a doctor, and is instead being "treated" by a dub who has no medical training but uses some kind of device that seems to me to be a modern day version of snake oil.

    If these are the people going to heaven to judge us, we are in trouble.

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