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  • amicus

    Wrong thread.

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  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Vegas for real would be great!! My husband has been talking about it ever since we have been together.
    O.k then chaps, but can I at least have a whip. Thinker talks about that too all the time. I promise I won't leave marks.
    What the heck is that ball thing?

  • RedhorseWoman

    TW, of course you may have a whip. Lunge or dressage?

    I think I should do an MDS here. The balling gun is an instrument whose purpose will be revealed in its proper time.

  • mommy

    Now that you are a Jedi you keep getting better, and better.....

  • LDH

    Who is in charge of the all-important snack bar?

  • RedhorseWoman

    Lisa, don't worry about the snacks, TR will provide meat in due season; and I, as resident goddess, shall supply the manna, milk, and honey. What more could you desire....ding dongs?

  • larc


    I like your milk, honey!

  • larc

    Time to plan for our summer convention.

  • conflicted

    This is great - I'm sorry i haven't seen it until now. Here are my ideas.

    1) I can lead in the publication department - as a graphic artist and desktop publisher I know the ins-and-outs of publication/printing.

    2) I can brainstorm with the writing dept for new ideas and setting up doctrine - including the occasional flip

    3) Doctrine: there are 343(7 to the 4th)earthly gods and goddesses (RHW is one) - we can make up a quiz for the others to pass - only these "godly ones" can sit in the thrones we will put at the back of our church podium. At any time during the meeting the "gody ones" can correct the speaker by shouting "INSOLENCE" and whacking them with a scepter we will provide - the "godly one" will then tell us what the "new light" is.

    4) Doctrine: The American Football season must NOT be interrupted - so meetings will not be held on Sundays - someone suggest a good day.

    5) Doctrine: children shall be revered as "holy midgets" - once they are 10 years old they attain the position of "speakers of the small world" where they can recieve messages from the "godly ones" and report it to the writing dept. in the form of a message box in each church. The writing department will then "interpret" the meanings and write up the articles as they see fit.

    6) We should also have a research department that looks up any and all writings to pull quotes from to support our beliefs - if none can be found they will omit or edit as necessary to make them fit.

  • JanH


    as for for sexual morality--as long as no one is being hurt, i don't really care what you do in your bed. JUST HAVE FUN

    No, no, no. You've got it all wrong.

    You can't get meek followers who will fill your coffins with booty, eh, contributions if you don't have guilt. You need the rank & file to have as much sex as they want, and then feel guilty about it afterwards and make amends. (For the top brass: hey, they are always above the law anyway)

    Think about all the religions ever invented by men. Where are all those who didn't have laws against sex? Gone. Sexual repression is a cornerstone of religion and ideaology.

    - Jan

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