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  • TR

    This is sort of a take-off of the "What should the WT do" thread.

    I need to get together a board of directors and elect a president and officers. We need to figure out a doctrine, a manifesto, and a set of disciplinary rules. We need to figure out a way to fund our new movement. I want to start a web page to advertize our propaganda.
    We need writers, propaganda ministers, and salesman for our unique brand of religion. We need an official spokesman to give press releases.

    Who wants to join? Any Ideas? JT is already on board. He's our head Deacon. JT, you can also be a board director or even run for president if you want. You sounded enthusiastic on the other thread, so I figure you have the ambition.

    TR- who wants a following for no good reason.

  • peaceloveharmony

    hey count me in!

  • TR

    Oh for GOD's sake! I almost forgot lawyers! We're gonna need a team of lawyers to keep us outta trouble.

    This is an equal oppertunity religion, BTW. Men and Women, black, white, yellow, red, etc., can apply.


  • TR


    What position are you applying for? What ideas can you bring to the table?


  • notperfectyet

    I'm good at being a stuck up, self righteous wife of a Deacon...and also my kids can do no wrong...And I know how to gossip real well in car groups.

  • TR


    You, my dear, are what we are looking for in a convert! Gossip and being stuck up are excellent ways to sread our, propaganda. Self-righteousness comes in handy, too. It let's people know that what you believe is above and beyond anything else.

    I will put you in charge of the gossip column in our bi-monthly, magazine.

    Thanks for your support, and welcome aboard!


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  • amicus

    Well, they already got a Treasurer at Heresy of the Month. I'll volunteer for that position here. I have experience verbally passing the collection basket. It's really quite a trick you know to get up before the cong. once a month and encourage them to fill the coffers, while maintaining the illusion that we don't tithe, nor take collections.
    To simplify things I think we can drop the two-signatures-required-on-checks. I can count pretty well, so I don't need anyone else to verify exactly how much money we collect. My accounting skills are decent, so we shouldn't need any auditors either.
    Am I in?

  • RedhorseWoman

    Having had experience as a goddess, may I offer my expertise in vestment selection and organization of monthly, worship services?

  • peaceloveharmony

    i would like to be the minister of morality;)

    and i'd love the write for the rag...ah magazine but i think you were talking to notperfectyet:) what should we call it??

    and don't ya think we should come up with a name for this new religion? anyone?

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  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    I think we should be called "The Lost Who Have Been Found". I am excellent at social function. Great organizer. What would that be called?

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