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  • think41self


    Since RIZ took the position I wanted (and think I so richly deserve), I am submitting my application to be the "Jezebel influence"in the congregation. My qualifications are:

    Many years of teasing and seducing poor unsuspecting men.

    I wear short skirts, no bra, and I bend over frequently

    I have alot of energy, so none will be neglected.

    I am a good supervisor and will see that the other young ladies undergo appropriate training and hints on dress and grooming so they too can "strut their stuff"!

    I am available to start today!


  • teejay


    funny thread, but there's no way in hell i'm readin' through
    seven pages...

    and you can have your new religion, too. been there. done that.

    peace to you all, though, and be sure to protect the children.

  • TR

    Hey you guys!

    Just read the first couple of pages on this thread. That's where most of the positions have been assigned. If you see a position that has been abandoned by a poster that is no longer here, feel free to usurp that position, otherwise there's plenty of room in each department.

    Victoria and Think41,

    there is more than enough room for ladies with your specific expertise. Welcome aboard!


    "Kults Suck"

  • larc

    Since people have been a little testy lately, I thought I would bring this back for comic relief.


    I want to applaud you on your magaement skills. You are especially good at staffing and delegating.

  • DCs Ghost
    DCs Ghost


    Riz didn't take that position, she auditioned
    sorry it was on a first come first served base, you could say she fell on my lap

    coming to you in a differnet incarnation
    your lord of bondage and enslavement

  • TR

    We are now looking for a person to fill the "Minister of Trolls" position. Job description includes; developing tactics to ferret out JW trolls and spies, and to make a full report about them to send off to their elders and the WTS. The work involves use of GPS, various listening devices and micro camera equipment.


    "I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every
    form of tyranny over the mind of man." --Thomas Jefferson*

  • Mulan

    I just found this thread. Very funny.

    I must say, though, that any thought of religion, funny or otherwise, makes me a bit ill. But........not wanting to be left out, if I have to participate, let me be with Venice in the kitchen. We can make tiramasu. Her recipe is the BEST!!

    Marilyn (a.k.a. Mulan)

  • hippikon

    Is the position of "Ringer of the Little Bell" taken

  • wasasister

    I've been giving this a great deal of thought since I first saw it posted.

    After careful consideration, I would like to apply for "Nameless Rabble". I'll do all the work, contribute the money, clean up the messes, and defend the leaders tirelessly, no matter how they blunder.

    My credentials as a long-time JW woman should speak for themselves. I can also gather many recruits to join me, because Nameless Rabble requires vast numbers.


    I will defend our new doctrine of our new religion with relentless black and white evidence as if you were looking at the moon in stars in the dark sky to see our new light of thinking and life.I want IN BERNARD.

    THE REAL TRUTH STANDS THE TEST OF TIME, IT WILL NOT CHANGE, IF IT DOES ITS A LIE.The sun will rise, The sun will set,AN EXAMPLE of The real TRUTH nobody can change.

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