Weird "new world" artwork from the 2013 calendar

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    From a non-Witness' lecture on WtT iconography.

  • blondie

    *** g77 6/8 p. 5 Negligence Can Kill You ***

    There is no carelessness or haphazardness with God, for ‘his activity [or, work] is perfect.’ (Deut. 32:4) When his will is done ‘on earth as it is done in heaven,’ men and women will be in full control of all their faculties, and in perfection of love will use them in a way that will make negligence and accidents a thing of the past.—Matt. 6:10.

    *** g86 8/8 p. 9 Are Disasters “Acts of God”? ***

    A uniform educational program will teach all in the new system to work well and to care for their fellowman, as well as for the earth. “Righteousness is what the inhabitants of the productive land will certainly learn.” (Isaiah 26:9) With that earth-wide divine education, and mankind lifted up to perfection mentally and physically, faults attributable to imperfection will disappear. No more will selfish interests lead to shortcuts in work procedures that could lead to accidents.

  • 00DAD

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Don't take our hardhats ways! NNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooo!

  • Dagney

    (Where IS the hard hat factory?)

    Okay, those are creepy! {{{shiver}}}

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    It's Paradise!

    Who would need a hard hat?

    No more death , right?

  • mrsjones5

    " I'm wondering why the builders need hard hats if they are perfect and won't have accidents and there is 'no sickness and death' etc"

    There will be an OSHA department in paradise.

  • eva luna
    eva luna


    You got me mrsjones,

    I didnt see Hopscotch'es post.

  • mamochan13

    Jan/Feb - Jesus is just too creepy. Looks like he's gloating. Not so much HO HO HO but BWAHHAAAHAAAHAA

    Mar/Apr - my first thought was that the kids could breathe underwater. No need for snorkels. And of course, women in dresses is the most appropriate beach attire.

    May/Jun - They are going to keep all the cultural clothing styles and ethnic materials, but when it comes to building houses - forget traditional Japanese homes. It's A-frame all the way.

    Jul/Aug -AGree with Blondie. What is it about all the fruit in these pictures?? ANd sailboats? WFT? Cedars' comment nails it.

    Sep/Oct - what more can you say about the horror of having to still attend meetings in paradise?

    Nov/Dec - I thouight those blurry things behind the men might be the women. But even accounting for the notion of no gender - it's still awful creepy to think that female anointed will be in heaven with beards.


    Wouldn't this be more accurate?

    Of course nature should be preserved as well.

  • snare&racket

    Having read the bible..... What the hell are they using to dictate this art? It says a lot that as usual, it is the imagination of a bunch of old fella's from the 1950's.....

    We have all the things in those pictures already! There are NICER looking places and activities far more fun (motorbikes) than that picture, that we can visit and participate in now! No recruitment work or pamphlet dropping required.

    They are so ignorant and dumb, they draw factory made items, born of a free market economy. They draw animals but preach that they will consume no energy from their fellow animals, in reality this would change every cell in every living thing, we would all be different creatures and the universe would have new rules, the laws of thermodynamics are out the window!

    Who on earth is polluting the new system to form hard hats ? Synthetic fabrics? Do they really JUST have a very unscriptural answer of 'magic' for every one of these obvious cursory questions! This is gods great plan, why would he plan PERFECT habitats for us, that may endanger our vulnerable cranium? Why dont we live in magic bubbles? Why do we need houses even? Would we need security from animals, from nature? Why? This is a perfect plan just for us remember! Would we need to sleep? Why? Energy conservation is based on needing energy, i.e. feeding..... On animals that themselves contain energy from eating other animals, plants etc. They really dont realise how stupid they look.... Its 2013 and they are missing a chunk of basic logic and science. Not to mention, this is all built on not one scripture..... Erghhhhhhhh!

    Who can in all honesty look at those pictures and buy the lies? Buy the sales crap? They are promising the earth,in exchange for your time and money.... Its a shitty calendar.

    sorry for the rant......


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