Weird "new world" artwork from the 2013 calendar

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  • 00DAD

    Astronomical Anomaly:

    I shouldn't be surprised considering the lack of education among JWs, but the shadows in the May/June Picture are all wrong. The only way the moon can be in near full phase is when it's opposite the sun in relation to the earth. With the moon near the horizon as it is in this drawing, the sun would need to be behind the artist/viewer. That would mean the shadows would be cast in the opposite direction they appear in this drawing.

    I guess reality is not really a consideration in these "artist's conceptions."

    My mind's made up, don't confuse me with the facts!

  • Jewel

    Apparently there WILL be architectural courses in the New Order...

  • perfect1

    Yes but only A frames.

  • MrFreeze

    I think the biggest problem is Jesus' beard. Would Jehovah approve? Maybe Jesus wasn't perfect after all.

  • 00DAD


    You're welcome.

    When you say "improved" I'm guessing you just mean sharper/higher pixel definition. The artwork still sucks!


  • 00DAD


    Hey wait a minute!!!!

    The moon is missing from the March/April and May/June pics in the English version!!!

    Someone must've pointed out that the way the moon was depicted in those versions was physically impossible.

    Can you respost them please with a caption of something like: Calendar pics from [undisclosed location somewhere on earth where the Sun and Moon defy the laws of physics]:



  • blondie

    Weather control has a different meaning in paradise. While God lets millions die today..........

    *** Government book go chap. 1 pp. 8-9 pars. 7-8 The Next Rulership for All the Earth ***

    7 Another thing is also very noticeable under the new world government. The general health of the people appears to be getting better all the time. There is no mistaking this. The health of the obedient subjects of the world government is really improving. Why, aches and pains are vanishing, wrinkles are disappearing from once worried or timeworn faces. Even those bent over from weakness and old age are gradually straightening up and walking with graceful erectness. All around us there are signs that the persons of advanced years are returning to the days of their youth. Evidently, everyone is enjoying the privilege of living, and each new day is greeted with thankfulness for the added day of life. Bodily infirmity is not increasing as time goes on. Physical forces are building up, and the bodies are not wearing out. Whatever the “medicine” it is that the world government is administering, its medical aid is producing wonders. It will finally bring human perfection.

    8 Even mankind’s natural environment is getting better and better. All nature is being rejuvenated. The whole earth is becoming one global beauty spot. The world government has an expert weather bureau that is never wrong. It really has complete weather control. From no part of the earth is there any report of drought or rainfall in ruinous downpours, or cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons. All the forces of nature are being brought into a perfect balance for making the whole earth an exquisite place in which to live. There is no lack of food anywhere, for the earth is yielding its products to the full. Human needs in the way of food are being amply met, and all of this is contributing to the improving health of the people. Freedom from fear of want prevails. The spirit of neighborliness moves all to liberality, to mutual helpfulness and sharing. All speaking the one language, all feeling the close bonds of family relationship, all being fellow citizens subject to the world government, all are joining together in making their earthly home as beautiful a place as possible in which to live together forever.

  • cedars



    John 11:25 "I am the resurrection and the life."

    There's nothing like a good resurrection party to renew old (or deceased) aquaintances. This particular party has been merged with a sailing competition for that extra bit of excitement. The lady in the foreground has stopped gorging herself on fruit for a moment and decided to do a bit of extra work on her family geneology, which (of course) doesn't include those naughty relatives who were killed by Jehovah at Armageddon for their sinful ways.


  • blondie

    00Dad, a little girl though, nothing sexual unless the pervs are still in paradise.

  • blondie

    No meat, eggs, dairy products or vegetables. So perfect people or near perfect subsist only on fruit?

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