Weird "new world" artwork from the 2013 calendar

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  • jgnat

    They are fooling about the transportation issues. How do they get the lumber to the coast? Oxen? Who built the roads? Macadam only holds up so long, not like the old Roman roads. How is the lumber mill powered?

  • prologos

    if the bible can have talking snakes why can WTBtS not have their own fables? like those rice terraces do not need to be perfectly level, for rice will grow in delicious mint jell-oo. Those railing posts were >4"code in the bad old world for the babie's sake, now with the earth filled, 10" is ok. Humans were perfect 6000 years ago, so the brave new world uses perfect 6000year old building technics design. thatched roofs! cool. redo every few years for eternity. no glass to be seen, (we do not want to deplete the sahrah' sand). sail technology also returned to the stone age. square and lateen riggers only . but they seem to have auto-furl ( thats the angel wing illusion).

    If they have meetings still, there will be another new world version of Les Miserables.

  • kurtbethel
    Thanks kurtbethel - we just need cofty and moshe to add some speech boxes!

    Yes, the alt tag is full of goodies that the search engines will love, including all the names of the Wonderful Spiritual Providers.

  • JakeM2012
  • smiddy

    Thanks for the laugh folks , this thread is priceless , so their going to have lumber mills , plastic factories , etc.,but no scuba diving equipment is needed or snorkels . hhhmmmm


  • punkofnice

    Is that Jesus in pic1? I thought it was Poseiden rising up out of the sea.

    Pic2 are those underwater kids Midwich Cuckoos?

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    wow, this therad ahas attracted a lot of attention... I see in the March/April issue the artists have retained the hang-ups illustrated in the Jan. 15 WT-- still no t-shirts and shorts for JW beachgoers (but at least the kids are permitted swimsuits!)

  • Diogenesister

    What I wanna know is what they are going to do with themselves now the big reign - off is over (I can just imagine Antony Morris lll getting sent to the pavillion for trying to boss the women about).

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