2012 Memorial Partakers--12,604!

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  • undercover

    I can't understand why they just don't make up a number to, in the very least, not raise questions, if not play into their prophecies.

    Back when I was in and the number first started reversing, going back up that is, I questioned it. Of course the answer was that some of the anointed even fall away and lose faith, so they have to be replaced. Which makes no f'g sense whatsoever.

    Look, you have 100 apples. 5 of those apples rot. They have to be removed. Now you're down to 95 apples. But you have an agreement with someone somewhere, that you will always have 100 apples in the barrel. So you add 5 new apples. The new total? 100 apples.

    The anointed numbers should never go up. The only time that it could conceivably go up, if you're buying into the whole WT theology that is (old light, back when I was still in), is if a member of the 144,000 in heaven turned away from worshipping Jehovah and aswering to the King Jesus. Then you would have to seek a replacement from Earth. But do you really expect members of Christ's court in heaven to turn away? More than one or two ever? And at the rate that these old timers should be dying off, 70 and 80 years after the number was attained, you'd not see an increase of one or two, when dozens are dying.

    By the time the WTS re-opened heaven, to allow for more nuts to claim being anointed, I was already on my way out and all my arguments for the increase in numbers became moot. But it was justification that I was on to the problem of the numbers increasing before I was fully awakened and seriously questioning.

  • Satanus

    'I had heard he preferred Crown Royal,'

    We have something in common, me and the judge. Since i am also a partaker of crown royal, i will be meeting da judge up there, in the heavenly kingdom. Hope he lets me ride in his heavenly cadillac. Hope he still has some stash left.


  • Quendi

    The world report figures may prompt some “new light” changes as the Governing Body casts around for the approach it believes it should now take. I agree with those who say that more than likely, a major doctrinal revision is coming to the effect that the number of 144,000 given in the book of Revelation is not to be taken literally. That will be easy enough to do since the tribes listed in Revelation are not the same as the tribes which received land allotments in Canaan. So that will be an easy explanation to advance for the change.

    That will open the floodgates for more partakers and we’ll see their numbers skyrocket, but the Governing Body is no longer concerned about them anyway. They have taken the mantle of being the “faithful and discreet slave” exclusively to themselves as many of us foresaw. So it doesn’t matter how many profess to be anointed as they will not be admitted into the upper echelons of the WTS anyway.

    But we may see a change in the composition of the Governing Body itself. It is clear that new blood is needed there. I expect that “new light” will make it possible to say that a man need no longer to be of the anointed to serve on the Governing Body. As it is, those of the “other sheep” do most of the writing and doctrinal development. Why not take the next step and let them have places in the innermost sanctum of the WTS?

    Making these doctrinal changes might equip the organization to face the next several decades without the worry of facing a leadership crisis. “Other sheep” Witnesses can be selected to serve on the Governing Body without having to choose among the ‘mentally unstable’ newly-minted anointed for candidates. Plus, these new partakers can still be marginalized and ignored when it comes to their desire to have real input in the organization’s doctrinal and procedural developments. Thus, the internal difficulties the WTS now faces can be addressed and its energies can then be applied to the problem of stagnating growth and contraction in many lands.


  • truthlover

    But the other sheep are not Jehovahs Witnesses -- they are classed as Jonadabs -- only the anointed - stated in 1931 -- were termed as Jehovahs Witnesses, 1935 saw the other sheep as Jonadabs - those assisting the "anointed".. Am I wrong?


  • LouBelle

    Love the graph on the first page - sometimes if words don't help, pictures will do the trick.

  • jookbeard

    is there a figure for how many hours it takes to make 1 convert?

  • Fernando

    Since there is only "one hope" in scripture, all are called to partake.

    Spare a thought for the anguish sincere individuals experience when interpreting this calling from within the corrupt two-class and two-destiny Watchtower framework:

    "I'm going to spend eternity in heaven apart from the rest of my family who will spend eternity on earth".

    How cruel to foist this unscriptural apostate framework on those responding to our heavenly father's call to join his family, as a free gift by unmerited favour.

  • punkofnice

    So the GB are now the F&D$.

    The numbers of anointed don't matter anymore.

    IF the GB said that 144,000 is not a literal number...

    1. How would they explain low numbers of the delusional 'annointed'(TM) in past years? (Jar Hoover 'speeding it up'(R)? 'The little one becomes a 1000'(R)??)

    2. How many would smell a rat and exit?

    3. How about those that suffered from the 'annointing'(TM) delusion in the past but were guilted into feeling like looneys by the WBT$?

    4. Why am I even bothered?


    You are bothered because you care about people.

  • blondie

    So far the WTS says that the number 144,000 is literal. I have seen nothing in the WT publications to change that.

    I also have talked about the transition to the other sheep being Jehovah's Witnesses too. The 1935 doctrine barring any new anointed led to none of the Jonadabs (other sheep) being invited to the memorial until 1938. Only the anointed were considered spiritual Israelites...see Isaiah 43:10-12. The WTS gradually phased this out.

    *** w56 2/1 p. 96 Announcements ***

    To be sure, all of Jehovah’s witnesses and their good-will companions will be active this month presenting from house to house a year’s subscription for

    The Watchtower for only $1.

    *** w68 3/15 p. 174 par. 24 True Worship Under Challenge ***

    And today the anointed remnant of Jehovah’s witnesses and their companions, who serve under the Greater-than-Hezekiah, Christ, find strength and comfort in times of stress in zealous service to God and association together as his temple worshipers.

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