2012 Memorial Partakers--12,604!

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  • jgnat

    James_Woods, I always thought it would be a worthwhile exercise to take a promise in the NT - any promise - and ask a Witness who it applies to. Then, in the context of the passage, ask them why they think it is limited?


    Soooooo.... IF I was to partake at the KH, knowing that they do not have the truth and do not properly celebrate this event, would I be participating in a false religious celebration?

  • james_woods

    That is a good point, Jgnat. You just have to pick and choose arbitrarily as a witness to support this two class nonsense.

    DATA_DOG - it is interesting that Ed Dunlap believed that all christians should partake, but he refused to partake (as a witness) for this very reason. He thought that it was a mockery given their obviously wrong teachings on the subject. Ray Franz, of course, was a partaker (annointed) as a witness. Many have speculated that Ed could have advanced as far as the governing body itself if he had agreed to partake.

  • Hillary

    It would be an even bigger problem for WTS if the number of partakers kept decreasing every year because by now the number would be very low and then they would have to explain why the end hasn't come.

  • Steve_C

    Now to compare, 2013's partakers= 13,204. So many unfaithful ones being replaced....

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