FINALLY! Can you prove God exists? If you can I won't ask again!

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  • tec

    I'm sick of the way everything can be critisised but critisise certain fundy weirdo religions and you face death. If that's god he can f*ck off!

    That is not God. That is 'fundy weirdo religions'. One can see that if one looks at Christ to see the things that He did/does. Because God does the same.

    However, the evidence, he doesn`t exist is overwhelming . ....TOTAL SILENCE..... from GOD these past thousands of years .( or even millions of years ) if you like .

    He is not silent though.

    He spoke to many people who had faith to hear him. He sent his son to speak FOR Him... when people could not listen and hear Him as He is (in spirit, since He IS spirit).

    His Son speaks today.

    I do understand those who have not heard, or who cannot hear, thinking that God (or Christ) is silent, and so perhaps does not exist.

    But for those who do hearthe Spirit of Christ, those know that He has not been silent for these past thousands of years (or even millions of years). So the evidence that He does exist... is overwhelming. And while this cannot be proven by us (yet)... he spoke... and the 'world' (creation) came to be.

    Not a magic 'poof'... but with sound and light and energy (and I am not a scientist so I cannot go much farther than basics) that grew and evolved, and gave us this universe (and perhaps others)

    Peace to you,


  • Terry

    My grandfather wanted to find the True religion. (Yes, he started assuming as a "given" that there is such a thing.)

    He invited various religious representatives to our house to instruct him.

    I was there the day the two Mormon elders appeared at the door. I remember the name of only one of them because I thought it was funny. (He didn't) Elder Berry!

    Elder Berry and the other guy (just learning and observing) came inside and set up a tripod with a felt board.

    As the Elder began telling the story of Joseph Smith praying to god for direction in understanding the scriptures....he would attach little cut-out paper doll pictures on the felt board (a learning aid, you see!). I stifled a giggle. Was I back in kidergarten?

    He ended up with a lot of little figures in a grove of trees as he acted out the sequence of purported events.

    Afterward, he handed my Grandad a copy of the Book of Mormon.

    "Tonight, read any part of it you like and pray before doing so asking the Lord whether it is true or not."

    He promised to return in 3 days to discover what the verdict was.

    And that was that!

    If you want to discover the existence of God by such antics as this or by reading Watchtower or Koran.....well, good luck to you!

    I think we are born with (or without) the capacity to embrace what we fashion inside our mind or what we are given to embrace by other minds.

    If we aren't made that way---ours is not to accept larger-than-life characters of greatness and magic.

    The quality of our own life is the best indicator of success. Behind a great life well lived is a certain way of doing and thinking. I'd take a hard look

    at the big belief people and a harder look at the non-belief people. Look at their lives. Look at their relationships. Look at their happiness or lack of it.

    There is your answer.

  • punkofnice


    He spoke to many people who had faith to hear him. He sent his son to speak FOR Him... when people could not listen and hear Him as He is (in spirit, since He IS spirit).

    Tammy you're cool and I loves ya! BUT - no offence intended - To be brutally honest, I never heard god or Jesus in any form and I was a practicing christian too.

    I was very devout at the Baptists, Anglican church then Pentecostal. Please people, don't say I was in the wrong church or I'll spew.

    Why did god not speak to me? I wasn't in it for gain but because I 'loved the LORD' so to speak.

    If it's a test then god is evil for testing people.

    If it's because he works in mysterious ways then he better start using the KISS method. Keep It Simple, Stupid!

    Nah. I'm sorry, god has failed to give me evidence of his existance. If he were so great he'd be able to do it without allowing me and others to miss it.

    My conclusion: God as in Xtianity, Bhuddism, miscellaneous or the cult of Islam doesn't exist. It's just an imaginary being we take comfort in .... I think it's better to face reality and deal with that!

  • punkofnice

    Terry -The quality of our own life is the best indicator of success.

    Now, who was it that said the 'kingdon is within?' Hahahahahaha!!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I've got proof:

    What more do you need?

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    That's Santa. You've started a whole new debate now!

  • caliber

    As such divinity cannot be proven by scientific method ....but consider these quotes

    "In the past thirty five years, scientists have been stunned to discover that the universe is finely tuned to an incomprehensible precision to support life. For many scientist, this points in a very compelling way toward the existence of an Intelligent Designer. Here are some of the data gathered by scientists, both Christians and non-Christians, that point toward complexity and orderedness at the beginning of the universe: Stephen Hawkins has calculated that if the rate of the universe's expansion one second after the Big Bang had been smaller by even one part in a hundred thousand million million, the universe would have collapsed into a fireball. British physicist P.C.W. Davies has concluded that the odds against the initial conditions being suitable for the formation of stars, which are necessary for planets and thus life, is a one followed by at least a thousand billion billion zeros. Davies also estimated that if the strength of gravity were changed by only one part in 10^100, life could never have developed. For comparison, there are only 10^80 atoms in the entire known universe. There are about fifty constants and quantities. For example, the amount of usable energy in the universe, the difference in mass between protons and neutrons, the proportion of matter to antimatter. That must be balanced to a mathematically infinitesimal degree for any life to be possible. For organic life to exist, the fundamental regularities and constants of physics must all have values that together fall into an extremely narrow range.

    The probability of this perfect calibration happening by chance is so tiny as to be statistically negligible. Collins puts it well: "When you look from the perspective of a scientist at the universe, it looks as if it knew we were coming. There are fifteen constants...that have precise values. If any of those constants was off by even one part in a million, or in some cases, by one part in a million million, the universe could not have been able to coalesce, there would have been no galaxy, stars, planets or people." Some have said that it is as if there were a large number of dials that all had to be tuned to within extremely narrow limits, and they were. It seem extremely unlikely that this would happen by chance. Stephen Hawkins concludes: "The odds against the Big Bang are enormous. I think there are clearly religious implications." Elsewhere he says, "It would be very difficult to explain why the universe would have begun in just this way except as the act of a God who intended to create beings like us."
    God simply must exist by default

    Isn't the awe of the universe enough to blow you away ?

    How much bigger must the facts be otherwise ?

  • cofty
    God simply must exist by default - Caliber

    If you are defining god as an unknown being that lit the touch-paper and then killed himself in the ensuing big bang, then nobody can prove you wrong.

    If you mean a supernatural being that is in any way involved in the world, or who has communicated anything in the subsequent 13.7 billion years then you still have all your work to do.

  • bohm

    Caliber: whats the source of the first hawkins quote?

  • PSacramento

    Science does NOT know HOW or WHY the universe came to be or, if it was always in existence why it started to expand.

    Many hypothesis but that is all they are

    Science can only comment on what it can observe right now or repeat in a laboratory under controlled conditions and based on that, postulate what MAY be the best possible answer UNTILL something better comes along.

    Lets not rag on science anymore that we rag on math.

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