Watchtower found guilty ruled to pay 7 million to 1 victim? wow

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  • darthfader

    WOW.. First there was Sparlock (blessed be he who is magical) and now this???

  • Diest

    Loz do you know how to get it tending on twitter? I did find a fun new twit page today from someone in NY. @jwtrash. I guess you take pictures of literature that you have accepted when you throw it in the trash. Looked brand new.

  • OnTheWayOut

    This comes about while I was weaning myself off of JWN. I was still here, but really just hitting and running away. But I got caught by this title and had to stay with it and read the entire thread so far. I guess I will be in for a setback on weaning. I really want to stay with this subject.

    I am 13 pages late for this party. First of all, I need a legitimate news source that is not ex-JW connected, so that I can leave this for my wife to read. If anyone found a link to that, please post it.

    Second of all, I get it with posts like "Love it, love it, love it" or "I hope this is true" or "Awesome." Nobody here wished harm upon Jane Doe, but if it happened, it is awesome that it gets exposed. I point this out because I get it, but some people won't get it. Please put such comments in their full context so that people don't think we are salivating over child abuse, but rather celebrating the successful litigation of a victim.

    Thirdly, this is huge huge huge. Regardless of the eventual outcome whether it is a smaller settlement or larger one, the cat is out of the bag with this case. Lawyers started sniffing around on the big lawsuits a few years ago, but this one tells them the steps to win over a jury. WTS is scared. I gotta imagine their 8-hour elders school this year will be 7 or more hours about legal stuff like this and NEW policies.

    Looking for that news link. Thanks.

  • DT

    "We could get it trending on Twitter maybe...we could at least try?"

    I'm starting to see some tweets with the hashtag #WatchtowerLawsuit.

    I also found this blog post

    I think we should get the word out in any way we can.

  • cofty

    Just browsing through some of the court docs, the Watchtower tried to hide behind "penitential communication". In other words a priest is protected from liability if he keeps secret stuff he hears in the confessional.

    Two local elders, Michael Clarke and Gary Abrahamson visited Kendrick at home and heard his confession that he had molested his step-daughter. His wife and step-daughter were present at this meeting. Kendrick was removed as a minsterial servant but the reason for this action was kept secret from the congregation.

    Here is the key point of the Society's defense...

    It would appear the court did not concur. The 2 local elders were named as defendents in the trial.

    How many more elders should now be very afraid?

  • Lozhasleft

    I have only around 150 followers but quite widespread and some influential people too. I am posting Tweets with a link

    with the hash tags #jw_media as a poster suggested and now also #Watchtowerscandal ...I'm asking followers to Retweet it. I've put it through my facebook too and asked people to share.

    Loz x

  • jwfacts

    OTWO - Regardless of the eventual outcome whether it is a smaller settlement or larger one, the cat is out of the bag with this case. Lawyers started sniffing around on the big lawsuits a few years ago, but this one tells them the steps to win over a jury.

    Good point, this will be great encouragement for other cases.

    Don't over-estimate the mindset of the average JW. Cognitive Dissonance will enable them to dismiss this news on many levels.

    • "The jury was wrong, and used by Satan to persecute Jehovah's organisation."
    • "Don't judge the organisation on the actions of imperfect elders."
    • "This is just one case, the Catholics have millions of similar situations."
  • cofty

    If this case has established a precedent that things an elder hears at a judicial hearing have no privledged status it could open a floodgate for new similar cases.

  • BlindersOff1

    The people dealing with this case need to know that the world is watching. We victims of the watchtower corp. should realize we have power.

    We need to ACT in the most appropriate manner possible to effect the outcome of this case. It will surely be appealed . But the award could be more on appeal plus dragging it out could produce more publicity for the case . The watchtower corp and its lawyers were found to be acting in MALICE toward the young innocent victim. The judicial system of CA has its own self to look after we need to find a way to let them know that the politically most favorable

    way for them to proceed is to PUT CHILDREN FIRST and make a example of the watchtower publishing cult . Right now this could very well be the tip of the spear, the wedge in the damn . We need to contact politicians and Lawyers , we need to let as many law firms as we can know there are over 25,000

    cases that need to be handled and more every day . Every little and big law firm that takes a bite out of the Corp. will bring justice to the victims . Not only of child abuse but for all the abuses of this arrogant organization . But lets not get ahead of ourselves things are still shaking out. I'm willing to be part of a organized effort

    well coordinated and very capable to talk to media, attoneys, politicians or anyone willing to help abused children . rabbled enough

    I've been lurking for a few months. I am so impressed by the majority of people on this forum . So many talented , intelligent , caring, damaged people. Damaged by a publishing company

    that morphed into a religion. I've learned so much.

    Thank you


  • skeeter1

    True, Watchtower may appeal this case.

    But, remember, religions (and I think Watchtower, Barbara, help me out as my mind is tired) appealed in California in those class action lawsuits a few years back with Love & Norris. The appeal court sided for the victims by holding that the clergy-follower priviledge did not apply to judicial hearings. Plus, becuase what was said in the judicial hearings was reported to Bethel, it lost all priviledge. The California appeals court reasoned that the clergy-follower priviledge is there to protect the follower. The church can not hide behind it. Again, I am remembering this logic from a few years back....

    And, in a Scientology case where the scientology church appealed a ruling for financial and family harm award after it broke up an ex-scientologist family/ business and bankrupted the poor ex-follower by telling its other followers to not pay theiir bills owed to him, the California appeals system found very favorably for the ex-follower.

    So, I think WTS is betting wrong if they think they are going to win this on appeal. Appeal courts in Cali find overwhelmingly for followers. Plus, the general consensus is that matters of fact finding - most appeals court leave to the trial court which heard and weighed the testimony. Appeals court usually are just quibbling over law or procedure.


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