"Mentally diseased" article to be published in The Independent tomorrow

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  • unshackled

    Great work Cedars, Angus and Amelia for getting this attention with your hard work. You guys are awesome.

  • Norcal_Sun

    When I first read that WT article I was hurt and angry! But the more I thought about it I realised that I was thankful that I have been shown that the witnesses are 100% BS. This is the final straw for me and hopefully for many others. Also, since JW's are the fastest growing religion in the US, it would be nice to get some publicity on our side of the pond as well.

    I posted the article on Twitter and also logged in to Digg it. I wonder how we can get this into the US national media???

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    great stuff! i commented too, almost made the mistake to post with my real name...

  • cofty

    I decided to use my real name - felt good.

    Bill Blyth

  • Bella15

    For people in USA ... we should send the link to the articles being published in the UK to TV and newspapers outlets in our states. I am doing what I can.

    Thank you for contacting CNN. This email is to notify you that your news tip has been received and will be reviewed in a timely manner. You will be contacted if the news tip is valid and we need further information and verification. We appreciate your news tip and thank you for choosing CNN as your breaking news source.
    CNN Viewer Communications Management
    "CNN, The Most Trusted Name In News"

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I do jookbeard - PM sent.

  • cantleave

    I decided to use my real name - felt good.

    Bill Blyth

    Empowering isn't it!!

  • Hairyhegoat

    Thanks Cedars

    This story has got the WT on the run. I don't know how you got this guy to print this but I applaud you. I have also been watching this story become the the biggest thing to damage the WT in a very long time. The JW's don't buy papers like the Sun or Star so they will have read this in the more quality papers like the independant which lots of them read. I will be printing this off and posting it to my jw dad and brother, and I am also going to place a copy under each wiper blade on every car at my local kingdum hall. It's about time the jw's got a taste of their own medicine.

    Well done to everyone who posted on the papers site. The site at times today came back with sever busy when I tried to view comments.. Just shows how many people are viewing the story. Thanks again cedars , I also know cantleave and he is a top man. PM me as I have something else we need to talk about..


  • lovelylil

    Whoo, hoo! I got part of my post up complete with the WT's quoted. I guess my last post was way too long. Hopefully they will eventually post it in its entirety, it has lots of quotes about shunning your family, hating those who leave, etc. Peace to everyone, Lilly

  • Violia

    This story is a two edged sword () b/c while the wts can be held accountable for hate speech, so can all of us.

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