"Mentally diseased" article to be published in The Independent tomorrow

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  • sabastious
    I don't know about the rules in England but publishing a hateful statement in a magazine which will be read by millions of people is a lot different than talking smack on an internet forum.

    Yes! And written with full knowledge that many who read it will believe it with a head nod and without a second thought.


  • purplesofa

    I tweeted the article several times and different ways under @purplesofa and @purpsART ..and am retweeting. If you all have twitter accounts let me know!!!

    @TheIndyNews is the Independant's twitter account.

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    In the US, PBS has a half hour weekly show called Religion and Ethics. Maybe it's something they would pick up on.

  • Fernando

    Still running at number 1 spot on the "Most Popular" list and heading strong for 1,000 comments!


  • Fernando

    Does anyone have good tips on writing and distributing press releases?

    "Watchtower asserts those that disagree with them are MENTALLY DISEASED"

    Please give careful thought to your next response to the next door knock...

    Many that are disinclined to be concerned by what they regard as a small fringe group may want to reconsider.

    It is said that the Watchtower is the biggest publisher in the free world. They publish around half a billion items of literature (propaganda) every year. They spend more than a billion hours a year door knocking hoping to recruit your family and friends at a time in their lives when they are most vulnerable to "love bombing" typical of cults.

    At a time when the world desperately needs to hear from God, who needs imposters to cloud matters?

  • sizemik
    while the wts can be held accountable for hate speech, so can all of us.

    This is worth considering . . . to keep the comments relevant and moderate.

    Black always looks blacker on a white background

  • ziddina


    The "comments" section on that "Independent News" website is so FREAKING F*CKED UP!!!!

    I feel like tearing my hair out and PRIMAL SCREAMING!!!!

    I tried to "edit" one of my "replies" - the DAMN thing would only show ONE LINE of my ENTIRE TEXT!!!

    The "scroll bar" ALSO did NOT show any extra text!!!

    By the time that I FINALLY figured out that one had to "arrow-key" down in order to see the rest of the damned text, I had RETYPED MY ENTIRE COMMENT ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!

    I have HAD IT with struggling with that abysmally INEFFICIENT site!!

  • sherah

    Many thanks to everyone involved in getting this article published. I commented as well.

  • Gayle

    mrquik,,really like your comment!!

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Perhaps someone should cut and paste a comment to the faithful dubs responding to the article.

    I don't have access to the article right now, but something in regards to what the recent Watchtower study said about 'not commenting on blogs of apostates' sounds good.

    You know, just to remind them that they have no business trying to defend the society because by doing so, they are going contrary to the FDS's direction.

    Just saying.


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