Credit Card Donation terminals are currently being installed in JWs Assembly Halls...

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  • OnTheWayOut
    In view of this, many show appreciation by making voluntary contributions at the assembly.

    The rest can die at Armaggeddon for all we care. How dare they take the spiritual feast for granted.

    Locations for making debit or credit card donations will be announced at the assembly.

    Ordinarily, I have no problem with such progressive moves. But you all get it. JW's are to "keep their eyes simple," not go to college, avoid debt. Such training tells them that if they don't have enough cash money in their pocket, to stop spending.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises
    Is petty crime so bad that you fear walking down the street with a few hundred dollars? Jesus, where do you people live?

    In many places, yes it is.

    I only carry enough that I can afford to lose. The rest stays in the bank.

  • sir82

    It's not only hypocritical of them due to what they've published about "Christendom" accepting credit card donations in years past....

    It's hypocritical because currently, at virtually every "circuit event", there is at least one talk on "simplifying your life / keeping your eye simple / putting kingdom interests first".

    And what is at or near the top of ways you can do that?

    Reduce your credit card debts!

    "Brothers, one of the best ways to simplify your life is to pay off your credit card debt! Excluding any debt you accumulate by using the convenient terminals here at our beautiful & expensive assembly hall of course! Did we mention that we have a deficit of $58,000 for this assembly?"

  • sizemik

    At least the comments in the WT$ defence are being properly labelled "Devil's Advocate"

  • punkofnice

    OK, I'm you take Aposta-card?

  • shamus100

    Can your pin number be "KNORRISADOUCHE"?

  • sizemik
    do you take Aposta-card?

    Hahahahahahahaha . . . love it Unky!

  • darthfader

    Shamus has a good point about the disabling the acceptance of credit cards and only accepting debit cards -- that way insuring that people only donate what they may actually have available in cash.

    It doesn't matter how much cash I carry -- im equally paranoid all the time

  • sizemik
    Shamus has a good point about the disabling the acceptance of credit cards and only accepting debit cards

    Agreed . . . I'm sure they even acknowledged somewhere after the '75 hysteria they induced, that some brothers maxed out their credit cards. Some publishers credit card balances will be proportional to the amount of armageddon fear they choose to induce.

    Income down this month brothers? . . . let's give them another "just around the corner" article.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Church Credit Card machines = GREED

    Assembly Hall Credit Card machines = a loving arrangement from our heavenly father.

    I so hope this is true and it wakes people up. I've already had friends questioning the ethics of CC donations at the DC. Didn't go over too well, too much like BTG...

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