Credit Card Donation terminals are currently being installed in JWs Assembly Halls...

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  • Awen

    Blondie hit upon an interesting point about donations being confidential. If the WTS goes to an all cashless sysytem then they can track the amount each publisher donates and then contact the local elders to inquire as to how well that publisher lives. That is to say they might inquire as to how much the publisher's yearly income is based upon their lifestyle then use the donation arrangement against them and charge them with not donating enough towards the work. It could even be used to decide who does and does not attain privileges. I wouldn't put it past the WTBTS to do this.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Next there will be Starbuck's located within ASSembly hall grounds. I want IN on that venture!

  • wannabefree

    How is this not a money changer?

    A delegate from any country can contribute, the bank that controls the terminal will get its fee, the money is converted. Isn't that very similar to what was going on in the temple in Jesus' day?

    God's Organization should do everything to be separate from the world, seems pretty worldly to me, must not be God's Organization.

  • kurtbethel

    Time to update this article to reflect the "new light" that has been revealed.

    Watchtower Society Kingdom Hall money collection shakedown while moking other organizations for doing the same thing

  • wannabefree

    Well, I think the next thing to do is provide publishers with apps for smart phones so they can take contributions from householders.

  • EmptyInside

    My circuit had an assembly recently,and a relative of mine was put in charge over the credit card donations. I'll ask them about it later.

    But,they already used them at the convention,and it did make a difference in donations. Doesn't anyone,but apostates,lol,stop and think,what it really is about now. Geez,have to spell it out for all the faithful.

  • lovelylil

    The WT finally figured out that when businesses (and that is what they are), install credit card machines, their sales automatically increase by 35%.

  • shamus100


    Yes, please do and don't forget about us. I would very much like to see what kind of numbers pay by credit card.

  • AvocadoJake

    Many of the fundamental churches are telling their flocks to avoid using credit cards in attempt to rein in their debt. Credit Card debt is the biggest burden, the poor and middle class are struggling to battle. It might be Malcom Gladwell who wrote the brain is more quick, to stop you from using that fifty dollar bill in your pocket, your wife might have gave you on payday. That fifty dollar bill, can become like a friend to you, the credit card does not have the same emotional effect on you. In fact the credit card can be slid without you even caring. You might be able to slid that card ten times ($500 bucks) and not even flinch! Once you break that fifty at your local Starbucks, you feel like you lost a friend. Malcom Gladwell's point was this, use cash and not credit cards to pay for your goods. Using a credit card, give you a false sense of wealth and the Bible tell's us to not be a debtor! I never would have thought we would be using a credit card system at the Kingdom Hall. What next, money changing in the back room? This scares me, that we would be bringing in E-commericalism into the Kingdom Halls or Meeting Halls. I am scared my friend!

  • Alfred

    I'm sure the Society's "Geek Squad" has already figured out an easy way to identify the high-end and low-end contributors. High-end contributors ($1,000+ per year) with at least 10 hours per month in Field Circus will get "special" privileges like the sound booth at assemblies. Low-end contributors will simply get "marked" (regardless of Field Circus hours).

    They have this sh*t figured out, don't they?

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