Credit Card Donation terminals are currently being installed in JWs Assembly Halls...

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    @ CLARITY- that part at the end of your post about the gold and jewelry rang a loud bell in my head. I can verify, because my neighbor is one of the guys who liquidates estates for the Society and I've seen the stuff they send him, it's ridiculous. The last time I was there for a visit, we were looking at boxes of coins, gold, silver dollars, etc. that a childless older couple who had died about two years ago, I think her then he finally, had left ALL to the Society along with their entire property in a rather rich area near me. Amazing, then I got to thinking about the Rutherford days and the "counsel" or direction to leave the child raising until the "new system of things." Since then, you've got frugal, older couples who never had children for the sake of the kingdom and now who is going to receive all of the worldly goods? Bethel! to try and ensure their place in the paradise. Wow.

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    So does anyone have access to a Assembly hall to check the validity of this out?..I am right by one but feel like I would be walking into the Devils playground if I went in there..


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    How soon will these "terminals" be installed in Kingdom Halls?

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    Doubting Bro

    They're in operation in the US now. I went to a CA today (I'm drinking now as a result) and indeed there were 4 newly installed stations. to quote the CO " we now have debit/credit stations, I know I don't carry much cash so what a loving provision. So if you want to give $1,000.. HINT..." The audience had a somewhat nervous laugh.

    I saw them at lunch.

    The CO also said contributions were up in the US by a THIRD at the District Convention due to the use of the cards.

    If they hadn't slammed others for doing the same thing, I wouldn't think anything of it. But these hos don't care if they contridict themselves, it all about the cash money.

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    Okay, I admit to a bit of a negative bump about these machines that doesn't feel right. Yet the knee-jerk condemnation on this thread is a little hard to fathom. M any Western countries are increasingly moving towards a cashless society so isn't it a sensible move to install these machines?

    The security factor must rank fairly high. With the machines in operation, JWs who want to donate no longer have to carry sums of money around for that purpose with all its attendant risks. Also, as stated earlier, there is reduced need for security firms to be on hand atconventions to ensure the donated money gets to its intended destination.

    The prerogative of religious people to make donations to their religions is one of life's infuriating mysteries - and in that regard, the Watchtower is in extremely good company with Christendom.

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    Doubting Bro


    I think everyone has a problem with the quotes where the WT called other churches greedy by doing this years ago and now they are doing it. Mainly, they put their foot in their mouth as usual. They love to hammer other religions for things only to later do the exact same thing themselves. It's that hypocrisy that is annoying.

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    The handling of money has changed from years ago people. I do not see the hypocracy. Need a little help here.

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    Okay, if they want to use debit/credit card terminals,,,fine,,but then don't criticize other churches/religions that just pass a plate,,for heaven's sake then!!

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