Credit Card Donation terminals are currently being installed in JWs Assembly Halls...

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  • steve2

    What was Pastor Russell's byline for meetings and assemblies? "Seats Free. No Collection".

    What was Judge Rutherford's oft-quoted words about Christendom's churches? "Religion is a snare and a racket".

    Hell, the GB has just unrepentently broken 2 of its own "scriptures"! I think a judicial committee needs to be set up.

    Outlaw, looks like I need to read my Bible daily! .....-Sab

    [email protected]!!..

    You won`t learn that in the Bible..

    I watch a lot of History Channel/Learning Channel/Knowledge Network..ECT..Ect..ect..


  • sabastious

    Outlaw, have you seen the six part Wild China? BBC has some breathtaking stuff.


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Now, I've seen as of recent at the DC facility and at the circuit assembly hall I attend card tables set up with handheld cordless debit and credit card devices being used for collecting donations.

    But now according to the above August 25, 2011 letter it sounds like they are making it official and will be installing permenant debit and credit card terminals.

    I have one word to describe the audacity of the WTBTS.........................................WOW!

    The GB is basically saying: Screw Jesus' words where he says..............."You received free,give free." (Mat 10:8)

    Barbara, thank you again for enlightening us with these recent developments!

  • koolaid-man

    Interesting, Johnny talked about this months ago.

  • erbie

    Well, this shouldn't surprise us really. After all the Watchtower is just a money making racket right. They live the life of Riley while they send the troops out to do the foot work. Its history repeating itself. They're no better than the pope or anyone else. What goes around comes around.

    Its just aswell Christ decided not to show up in 1914 cos he would have a lot of money tables to smash up. Hopefully he would have knocked some sense into these morons who collect money at every opportunity.

    Honestly, they're obsessed! Why don't they go out and get a job so as to earn an honest wage like most other people.


    Interesting, Johnny talked about this months ago.....KoolAidMan

    Same comment on 2 threads..

    Your still desperately trying to sell Johnny the BS Bethelite..


  • discreetslave

    I knew this was coming the little machines at the convention was a test run.

  • clarity

    Andersons, thanks for that information.

    This is sickening, I can't imagine anyone being so gullible as to use these machines!!

    The poor drone's brains were not doped-up enough... until now I guess!!

    Geez, they're lower than a snakes belly .... what's next??


    Barbara here's a story originally taken from your blogs. For the newbies.


    When coming in contact with JW'S many decades ago, their claim that no collections were ever taken Impressed me. Only a box somewhere in the back, suggesting that if you could even find it .....well, OK sure you could donate - butonlyifyouwantedto!! lol.

    Needless to say when the full page Ads in the Watchtower started showing up, soliciting for Money, Real Estate, Insurance policys, Stocks & Bonds, RSPs, Jewellery hey what ever youv'e got - SEND IT .... I litterally felt sick!!

    They have no shame. From what I can see, the borg has more Real Estate holdings than they are even using. How come they need all this when we, R&F are told all we need is food for the day and some little rental to live in, cause hey Armaggedon is right around the corner! Well why do they need all our stuff sooooo badly if that's really true.


    Here is a story from Barara Anderson's "the Governing Body Grow's Old", regarding how some donations end up!

    Warning: You may lose your cookies!


    "Suiter wasn't replaced and remained a GB member until his death. One-time poster here, Maximus, a former Bethelite and CO, told us how Suiter came to a city, it seems to me was Baltimore, Maryland, on WT business where Maximus was a CO. Suiter called Maximus a few days earlier and invited him to lunch. Much to his surprise, they met at one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. Maximus was not happy about this because he was CO in one of the poorest sections of the city and it seemed to him to be out of order for them to eat at that place while JWs in his territory lived in extreme poverty.


    During lunch, Suiter, the overseer of the Treasury Department, pulled out of the pockets of his very expensive suit, jewelry that he asked Maximus to make an offer on. Maximus had no money. He came into the circuit work right out of Bethel and he was incredulous at Suiter’s cavalier attitude.


    Maximus said he saw lots of very fine jewelry during that lunch which Suiter had just thrown in different pockets. While he displayed gold chains, diamond rings, etc., he complained how he was constantly trying to get rid of the stuff that was willed to the Society by JWs. That’s why he was there, to sell jewelry at outlets. Even the flashy rings Suitor wore on his fingers were part of the loot. This experience was one that disgusted Maximus so much that it contributed towards his leaving the organization ".


  • Quarterback

    Would you like to Supersize that contribution?

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