Credit Card Donation terminals are currently being installed in JWs Assembly Halls...

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  • mamalove

    Anyone actually seen one of these?

  • CuriousButterfly

    I have not read all the responses but I can verify this was read at my congregation. Coming to a new low and wanting the $.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    CuriousButterfly: Thank you for the confirmation. U N B E L I E V A B L E !

    As others have commented, the WTBTS in past issues of the magazines has trashed other religions for doing this and now the WTBTS is officially fleecing the flock with these terminals.

    If this isn't hypocrisy, what is?

    There is no difference between passing the plate as other faiths do and the JWs' bullying their Rank and File into stopping by the debit/credit terminals before leaving the premises.

  • InquiryMan

    How come American ex-Jws react so strongly to this?

    It has been a method of giving in Europe for years/decade(s).

    Now they┬┤re starting to implement the chip in cards in the US.

    In my area we had a test programme starting using them in the early 80s....

  • james_woods
    Okay, if they want to use debit/credit card terminals,,,fine,,but then don't criticize other churches/religions that just pass a plate,,for heaven's sake then!!

    A very good point... BTW, does anybody know of or have seen a mainstream U.S. christian denomination set up ATM terminals in their places of worship?

  • InquiryMan

    This is at the assembly halls as far as i understand, not the local kingdom halls?

    so the setting is somewhat different.

  • shamus100

    The reason why this is unbelieveable is that as time goes on, the 'new generation' does not understand how much 'the old generation' was told how this was indicative of how the churches were greedy monsters. ;D

    I get it = it's no different than 1975. I didn't understand it either. This is why the borganization still survives and can say whatever it wants and change the rules whenever it feels good - it's just like being bisexual at an orgy. If it feels good, just do it. ;D

  • designs

    I wonder once the Society has a person's bank account Info that they will ask for regular deductions from the account.

  • james_woods
    I wonder once the Society has a person's bank account Info that they will ask for regular deductions from the account.

    Why not? Long ago (over 30 years ago) I have seen COs advocate everybody "pledging" X dollars per month to support building a new KH.

  • sherah

    There is an interesting download available in this link regarding this matter:

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