This convention blows

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  • bohm

    godsnutz is allowed to go offtopic in the name of JESUS!





    I agree there is wisdom in approach and fanaticism can turn people off.....GodRulz


    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • poopsiecakes

    It's really irritating how this guy turns EVERY DAMN THREAD into his own preachfest.

    I'm putting up this picture after all of his posts henceforth.

    well...maybe not ALL his posts, I do have a life

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    If you are so enamoured with Jesus and want to be with him so bad, can I suggest taking steps to drastically shorten your life on earth so you can be with him a damn sight sooner?

    Just stating the frickin obvious that's all....

    Passing up any opportunity to DIE = lack of faith in Jesus wouldn't you say?

  • Dold Agenda
    Dold Agenda

    OMG... i have never seen a person that has given so much proven facts (by your comments here) to go away from the bible for good as you have Godrulz.

    Talk about backfire..! (eyes rolling). as far as in sweden europe .. omg.

    dont feed the trolls.. *sigh*

  • Sulla

    They actually had the nerve to say that Jesus appointed his apostles as the governing body of JW in the first century and the governing body is the successor to those apostles.

    JW apostolic succession! Wonderful! Who was immediately before Russell? Keep asking JWs this question but so far, nothing. I don't suppose the heavy from Bethel got in to that...

  • rebel8

    the whole entire purpose of the holocaust was a Satanic plot to kill off Jehovah's Witnesses, and the 6 million Jews and millions of other victims were mere "collateral damage"

    LOL, watch out! Asking that very question got me into a lot of trouble once.

    It's terrible some dubs were tortured/killed in the Holocaust and I am sensitive to that.

    What sickens me is how they pimp it out to make them look like the main victims, not only of the Nazis, but of the main evil forces in the entire universe. Because they are so much more special than everyone else.


  • godrulz

    I think it is relevant to the thread to contrast cultic tedium with the reality of Christ and the presence of God in local churches that know and honor Him. If someone is raving about a high school sports team, would it be wrong to introduce them to another reality of professional sports? If someone wanted to serve God and yet was misled, would it not be honorable to tell them the truth and show them the better way?

    This is one thing that motivates me: It is one thing to be Hitler and go to hell. It is another thing to be Mother Teresa, a nice old JW couple, a nice young Catholic couple, etc. and still go to hell because one was trusting religion/man, not God. If I was serving false Hindu gods, I would be choked if Christians all around me relaxed in their ticket to heaven while letting me go down the drain. I guess I have a heart, head, and conscience, unlike some here. Someone born blind and deaf might not appreciate a symphony and sunset, but if I had power to heal them and did not....makes me a selfish monster, huh?

    I live for God, not the praises of men.

    Well done good and faithful servant vs depart from me, I never knew you. Chilling, huh?

  • NewChapter

    Er no, that wasn't relevent to the topic at all. The topic is This Convention Blows. You need to start another topic for the above post. May I suggest, This Pentecostal Blows?

  • bohm

    godsnutz 26 minutes ago:

    Peeps in this neck of the woods don't like my Jesus-talk (I am a Jesus freak; whose freak are you?), so I am just going to talk about......the weather, from now on (to gain popularity and credibility). I will dumb it down lest I be accused of being condescending.

    16 minutes later we are back at JEBUS JEBUS JEBUS!!!!!! OMG JEBUS! !!!!!!

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