This convention blows

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  • Robdar

    I'm not surprised it blows. I cant recall a single one that didn't.

    You all have my sympathy. Guess I'll go enjoy my free Saturday now. I'll be thinking of you.

  • WTWizard

    At least I don't have to waste the weekend on these wastefests.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I'll be honest, I was one of the lucky JW's who had the right look, and got to work a lot at DC's. I could never sit there for 3 straight days. Or 4 like they used to be. They are a complete joke.

    GB 2.0 has taken such control of the message that there is no room for brothers to use outlines anymore. All of the talks are mostly rehearsed. Only a few trusted elders don't have to run their talks past the program overseer, etc.

  • DocBob

    There is nothing new under the sun :)

    After recounting incidents of persecution in Ethiopia,the 1/1/95
    issue of The Watchtower,page 6,para 8,said:

    “Satan has failed to crack the integrity of such loyal brothers and sisters by direct frontal attack. So,what other crafty devices does he employ? Revelation 12:12 says of these last days:“Woe for the earth and for the sea,because the Devil has come down to you,having great anger,knowing he has a short period of time.”Having failed to annihilate God’s loyal people by persecutions,in his anger he attempts to massacre entire populations,no doubt with a view to destroying Jehovah’s people along with the rest. Thus so-called ethnic cleansing has been carried out in parts of the former Yugoslavia,and genocides have been attempted in Liberia,Burundi,and Rwanda.”

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The explanation for tigers no longer in the paradise pictures: They're going extinct and it may be that we're not going to be able to play with them in Paradise (that's from a Bethel-vet, no kidding).

    I noticed a lot of Bethel-vets giving the talks instead of locals. I haven't even seen my CO or DO and they haven't given a single talk. The Bethelites are all introduced as "Brother so-and-so, working faithfully for xx years from the Bethel family at Walkill/Patterson/Brooklyn". The rest is just Brother so-and-so from Congregation X.

    So many things. One of the things that is getting emphasized: (After reading Jesus' message and parts from the letters from Paul) "This was off course meant for the Anointed Class. The rest of us Other Sheep are by extension included to do the Preaching Work"

    Preaching Work, Preaching Work, Kingdom, Kingdom, hardly any mention of Jesus or the message. Let's talk about his miracles: He did this. Now the application is: go more in service!

    It's the whipping 'into action or else' for every talk. The new thing they're trying to push: "Heads of households should see if they can't work part time and go in the pioneer work" (quote from another Bethel vet).

    I'm really getting sick of the message. It's literally nauseating. The drama: simplify your life, do family study, give your kid a fluff brochure that is easily refuted and you magically will have a better family. Let me repeat something that I was almost going to scream at the stage: EVOLUTION DOES NOT ATTEMPT TO EXPLAIN ABIOGENESIS, EVOLUTION DOES NOT SAY CELLS POP INTO PLACE IN ALL IT'S COMPLEXITY.

    Then my wife: Did you like the drama. NO. Well, why not. Are you saying you don't believe anymore? I do believe in the bible but there are certain things I can't accept and teach my family anymore. She almost cried. She now knows a bit about why I'm trying to avoid meetings. (see my other thread on my wife)

    During the program I noticed her rolling her eyes when they said we should simplify and work part time and do more. Also when they talked about the features of the new brochure: "I think people would be insulted if we tried to offer this in this area". That's the thing with current young Witnesses, they don't care about the message, it's a church, they go because of the family and they never had any other viewpoint. They KNOW things and say it's the truth but few believe to the core. I noticed a few of my old friends from other congregations are simply not showing up anymore.

    They actually had the nerve to say that Jesus appointed his apostles as the governing body of JW in the first century and the governing body is the successor to those apostles.

  • godrulz

    I am not concerned and rejoice that JWs are drifiting away. I am concerned that society is becoming more secular and godless and people are becoming faithless. We need a revival in the true Church of God (vs plodding of the cults) and spiritual awakening in society. This comes by His people seeking His face and a sovereign act of the Spirit. In revival, people are swept into the kingdom in large numbers without months of indoctrination (Pentecost all over again).

  • NewChapter

    Thus so-called ethnic cleansing has been carried out in parts of the former Yugoslavia,and genocides have been attempted in Liberia,Burundi,and Rwanda.”


    godless and people are becoming faithless

    Are you suggesting godless people used to be more faithful? In reality, even the faithful are indeed godless. Because there is no god. So there you go. We are are godless---including YOU.

  • MrFreeze

    Yup it blows but this is the best convention ever!

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    I haven't been to the convention yet, but whenever I go to one I come back feeling like I've been lectured by a bunch of would-be brainwashers. But this convention just sounds...extra-lame. Now that I am going into it pre-warned, I can enjoy their idiocy with a sense of humor.

  • steve2

    Please, No: The world so does not need a religious revival! In terms of sheer, blood-soaked numbers, Satan has a way to go to catch up with the arch killer of all time: The Monster God, YHWH, of the Old Testament, the God that the world's three main religions adore and obey.

    Little wonder the planet is blood-soaked when the mantra of the Old Testament is "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord." I'm not an athiest, but give me an athiest any day rather than a religious nutter who'd die "- or kill - to "please" his / her "god.

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