Do You Hate The Jehovah's Witness Religion?

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  • villabolo


    Sorry, but I don't think that the kind of men who know that what they are telling is a lie, but keep it regardless of how many lives are affected are good people.


    I wouldn't be so afraid of the Eichmanns. It is the Goebbels I would watch out for. The ones who's actually not feel bad about saying something like "A lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth".

    dgp, I don't know if you understood me completely. I referred to the JW hierarchy as psychopathic so I don't understand why you say "sorry" in the above quoted statement when I sure don't think of them as "good people".

    As for being more afraid of the Goebbels rather than the Eichmanns, I was referring to hatred and despisal not fear. Keep in mind, though, that the Goebbels of the world cannot accomplish anything on their own without the Eichmanns. What I was trying to bring up is that, from my perspective, I look at these different types/personalities as part of a collective being which is intrinsically evil in its entirety.

    Therefore, people who are "nice", Witnesses or not, are authoritarian cannon fodder who are not really nice at all when you see how they support, actively or passively, the evils of their organizations. Just saying that they are duped by the guys who wear dark suits doesn't cut it for me as a reason to pity them. If it's in the nature of man to be a race of masters and slaves then it's human nature that I loathe.

    I do not want to live in a world where I have to keep looking over my shoulder in fear because people can be so easily brainwashed into believing that something that I believe in makes me evil. That's what it's like to live in my very large apartment complex and neighborhood which is dominated by JWs under the dominion of a "sociopathic" manager (Also a JW). That is also what it would be like to live in a JW country or even town. It's also what it's getting like in this Glenn Beckian poisoned nation.

    Therefore, being constantly reminded on a daily basis of the behavior of "nice" JWs, I simply give no credit to virtually any of them, knowing that they would stone to death if they could.


  • 3Mozzies

    YES!!!! I hate this religion! (not the people)

    Hate is one of our emotions. You can not deny it. There are things in this world that should be hated and the WT$ is a perfect example of something to hate & I sure do hate the WT$!

    Countless people have died due to it's murderous blood/organ doctrine. Many more have lost family/friends over the cruel shunning practice. Breaks up families. Hides & protects child molesters so as not to defame the JW name. Most (if not all) of the R&F are walking around waiting for Armageddon & wasting their lives serving this billion $ printing religion.


  • JeffT

    In order to hate some one or something you have to elevate them to your own social status (I can't remember who said that, I think it was Robert A. Heinlein). The R&F are deluded sheep. Everyone above that in the organization is either stupid or lying. Neither group qualifies as my equal.

  • dgp

    Villabolo, maybe I wasn't too careful when reading your post. Sorry.

  • WTWizard

    I hate them for their deceptive methods at getting people in, and that there is no way out. They make people depend on the organization. This is the same organization that requires and hounds people to pursue stagnation and destitution as a way of life.

    They also have their share of problems. But, what happens when they find out that they have a major pedophile problem? Or, if someone that is in good standing kills and eats a baby? What do they do about it? I don't have a problem that there are pedophiles or baby killers in the organization--they find their way into any organization. But, when they self-righteously claim that such issues are isolated, and then do all they can to hide rather than solve the problems, something is wrong. They know about pedophiles--why not blow them in? Most of the pedophiles, if not all, within the religion manipulate their victims and too many of them molest children because they get kicks out of ruining their lives! And nothing is done about it! A sound religion would not tolerate this kind of sxxx going on within it--abuse a child or kill and eat a baby, and expect the religion to blow you in while they disfellowship you on the spot.

    Beyond that, there is the hounding and harassment of people that try to leave. You don't attend all the boasting sessions, they can and do hound you. They hound you when you miss the boasting session, or they might wait 10 years or more and then start hounding you back. You don't do as much field circus because you need to work longer hours or because your previous level was not sustainable, they hound you to do more. And now, they want everyone to pio-sneer. They start with the "30 hours" bait--then expect everyone to go for it. Then you get "Well, if you loved Jehovah, you would not merely do the 30--go for the 50" crap.

    I would say there is plenty about this religion to legitimately hate.

  • Dagney

    Yes. No. Yes. Actually, even though all religion seems to stink, JW's are my experience and I have the right to single them out and call them on their s**t.

    My life as a JW was not bad in the least. Opportunities were missed, yes, and there are regrets for not leaving years earlier. My extreme dislike is more for the absolute BS they teach as truth and the control they have over their members through bullying fear. The very nice people think nothing of alienating mother, fathers, mates, children, long time friends on a word given by their elders. People just having a question about their beliefs live in fear to speak about it to their loved ones. Oh, it's a dandy religion. They kick people to the curb and step over them to get to the next door to make their time.

    I am lucky. My JW family has found their way to accept my leaving. I still have a few JW friends that have not cut off contact, amazing to me. But I think about the stories I've read here and the stories I hear from the people I've met from here, and have no tolerance for this religion or the people who follow it without question. If one can think on their own and find some sort of intestinal fortitude that motivates them to treat their fellow man with respect and dignity, then I have respect for them and their beliefs.

    Can you tell I just spent an evening with exJW's? I am so proud of them and the hard choices they made just to be able to think their own thoughts, or stand up to the bullying elder, or give their kids the opportunities they never had. Lovely, beautiful people rebuilding their lives, starting over.

    Yes, I think I hate this religion.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I'm not shy. I'll admit it. I hate this religion. I hate the whole philosophy of it. It's dangerous when a bunch of old men decide they have the answers for every question. Just ask my nephew David. Oh, you can't. He's dead.

  • FlyingHighNow

    My hate feelings only come up if I allow myself to think much on this sick, twisted organization. I don't give them a lot of thought.

  • designs

    Better now hey its good to vent...

  • not bitter
    not bitter

    I didn't until I started coming here

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