Do You Hate The Jehovah's Witness Religion?

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  • undercover
    Yes, it would be a more comfortable place to be. But - then I remember the blood doctrine - and the secrecy policy on child molesters.

    What about the Catholic church? Hate them equally? They have a pretty bad record on the child abuse deal

    If you hate one for a specific reason, then wouldn't you need to hate all the ones that have the same short comings equally well? Just because we were part of one doesn't mean that it's any more reprehensible ( or less) than any other religion that has the same issues/faults.

    That's where I've gotten to. It used to be all about JWs and they did to me/my family. But I've gotten beyond that now. Now I see through all religions as bullshit and I know to not put any stock in any of them. Yea, the WTS caused me to be raised in a dysfuntional family and I gave up a college education and other things...yet at the same time, had I been raised in the other religion that is predominant in my none JW family, I bet I'd still be a nominal Christian, pretending to believe in fairy tales and supernatural silliness. At least when I awoke from the WT cult, it really opened my eyes. If there is any advantage to having been a JW, that's it.

  • pat1060

    I hate the way it slowly controls your thinking.Soon you don't think at all any more.

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    No. I don't feel it is worth hating. Hating makes my vision cloudy. Hating takes too much effort and I have better ways to expend my energy. Like, helping people think for themselves, for instance.

  • minimus

    I'll tell you one thing: I don't like them.

  • Joliette

    I dont hate JW's. I just dont like corporate side of it, The Watchtower, The society, the organization in general, etc. How they keep feeding the rank and file bad food, when they know its bad, when they know its not right. Basically, I dont like people who use the bible to deceive people, etc.


    Jehovah`s Witness`s are not a Religion..

    They are a "Do as Your Told by the WBT$ GB Clowns" Club..

    "Do as your Told.. Or.. Jehovah will Eat your Mom!"..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • brotherdan

    Do you know what I HATE?!?!?!

    I hate hate. And hating haters.

  • scary21

    I love the people. They have been good to me my whole life. My mom is a wonderful loving persn by nature..Even the worldly people think she's great. She is one of the more balanced JW. Baking cookies for her non JW neighbors, visiting her worldly relatives. My x MIL even claimed my daughter as hers, so she could use her bluecross when she needed an operation. Her love knows no bounds,,,,, this is the same woman that would not accept blood, and almost died........of course I've never been they were ALLOWED to be nice to me.(my mother was baptized when she was pregnant with me,so I had a very early infant baptizem) LOL 1954 I HATE THE BLOOD DOCTRINE

  • Hairyhegoat

    I hate the groverling body for keeping this lie going so long just to make money. At the expense of all of it's members. They have no shame or morals left in them. What a bunch of morons


  • minimus

    I too love my JW mom. There are many "good" people that are in the religion, but I'm not a fan of 'religion" anyway.

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