I'm a very happy witness of Jehovah

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  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask
    One would assume that a person anointed with Holy Spirit by Christ to help rule the world as a king and a priest, would be able to spell his Lord's name. Or am I expecting too much?

    Almost all of your other posts are damn near bullseyes, Gladiator, but this one missed the mark. Elpiro's spelling is Spanish, which is apparently his native tongue. I say "apparently" because, like designs, I strongly believe Elpiro is pulling legs (successfully, it seems).

    Consider this, El piro in Spanish translates to The Pyro, by definition "One who sets fires".

    Don't take this joker seriously.

  • man in black
    man in black

    somrthing strange about elpiro, one post he is speaking / spelling like a 2nd grader, the very next comment everything is spelled correctly, formatted straight, and all the type is the same.

    My wife is a special ed. teacher, either he has someone helping him out big time, or all his comments are a joke.

  • minimus

    Hogs are happy in manure and mud.

    Elpiro, blissful ignorance may seem lovely but reality is manure and mud are dirty and stinky.

    Stay clueless and happy.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I left for freedom and happiness decades ago. My father and uncle served at Bethel. To say that there are no power plays at Bethel is untrue. Your usage of the word "souls" is interesting. Souls did not exist in my day. Using the word soul, could leave you disfellowshiped.

    You are playing with fire coming here. How do you really know you want to correct our errant ways? Subconsciously, you may want to experience the giddy excitement of the truth (not the Truth). Demons may very well lurk here. You are Adam, partaking of the forbidden fruit, in the Garden of Eden. Gnosis is a very powerful force.

    Easy way to accumulate hours, too. Fingers on the keyboard beats going door to door or hanging in a public transit building. Be certain to make your KH aware of all you found here.

  • elderelite

    welcome to the board el piro... I appreciate the fact that you claim to be a happy witness, and a member of the annointed at that! No doubt you have received your annointing by spirit and are glad to have been adopted as a son. I too am a witness and currently serve as an elder in my congregation.

    But, in line with David's words in the psalm's, why "hide what you really are"? I understand that you feel justified in posting on this board, but please be up front about who and what you are.. It would go a long way towards helping us have confidence if you would simply tell us who you are what congregation you attend.... surley you wouldn't have a problem with that.. after all there is no hinderance in christ.. all things are lawfull, as the scripture says, and as a member of the slave class you are part of the channel of communication that God uses on earth today. You may well be a very positive influance on many here, drawing them back to our organization!

  • Hortenzie

    Annointed JW on apostate web-site. Yeah, right.


  • bigmac

    hortenzie wrote:

    Annointed JW on apostate web-site. Yeah, right.


    so why not substitute the word " Annointed" for "Elder"----

    sorry Elderelite, nothing personal, weve crossed swords before--you know what i think on this subject

  • elderelite

    mac, no offense taken... there are days I dont believe I post here either...

  • zeroday*

    One of the anointed of Jehovah on an Apostate web site...Imagine that...

  • Lion Cask

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