I'm a very happy witness of Jehovah

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    He may be on here to see who is and who really isn't a JW so to go & report it.

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    lay down a small list of what constitutes the "kingdom of God as" preached by the WTS and I'll answer each point to see if they reconcile with the Bible. One point in which I believe that can be found in the pages of the WTS and other publications is that those who reject the message that is presented to them by the WTS or those who have fallen away and become opposers to the WTS like myself and family will be destroyed at Armageddon, now I know full well that you will lie in your answer to this, I have been DA'ed for Apostasy from my cong and I have instructed my wife and children to actively reject and condemn any contact that they have with JW's what standing do you think myself and young family have before the WTS?

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    The preaching work is and always be just a test of obidience to the borg. Just like the tree in the garden of eden ! You no this is true and yet you come on here to mess us all up with your goat crap !! I think we are done with this thread.

    Simon or lady lee please get rid of this plant from the WTBTS as we are all waisting time posting answers to this person. He or she needs help. But not from us on JWN.


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    ELPIRO doesn't seem to want to answer my direct question on the viability of the WTS. self proclamation as they being Christ's

    Faithful Discrete Slave, when they have sold so many lies to the public in their published literature, over the years.

    Is the question to hard to swallow ELPIRO ?

    Is the question being too honest, so thats the reason you wont answer ?

    Perhaps the question reveals something about yourself that you personally don't want others to know about you.

    And you have not answered my question as to what the problem is with the preaching.....ELPIRO

    You don`t answer Questions..

    You need everthing explained to you..

    Why not go to a Kingdom Hall..

    Where you can learn to be a Jehovah`s Witness?..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

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    Trolls don't bother me at all. Does that make me weird?


    Hey Laverite..

    Your a Gay Super Hero..

    Trolls bounce off you..Not everyone is that lucky..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

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    Just in case you have a problem understanding English

    ELPIRO no parece querer responder a mi pregunta directa sobre la viabilidad de WTS. auto proclamación como que siendo de Cristo
    Fiel esclava discretos, cuando muchas mentiras que han vendido al público en su literatura publicada, durante los años.
    ¿Es la pregunta a la deglución ELPIRO?
    ¿Es la pregunta que ser demasiado honesto, eso es así la razón no responde?
    Tal vez la cuestión revela algo acerca de usted que personalmente no desea otros saber acerca de usted.

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    Welcome ELPIRO .... if I may chime in

    you said....

    Of whom was Jesus “the Faithful Witness”?(John 5:43; 17:6) . . . 43 I have come in the name of my Father, but YOU do not receive me; if someone else arrived in his own name, YOU would receive that one 6 “I have made your name manifest to the men you gave me out of the world. They were yours, and you gave them to me, and they have observed your word.

    I have to admit, the using of God's name was always one of the things I would go back to when holding on to "We have The Truth". Nobody else uses God's name ... right?

    Then I came to understand something that was so simple that I just didn't grasp before.

    Jesus said ...

    (John 17:26) .And I have made your name known to them and will make it known, in order that the love with which you loved me may be in them and I in union with them."

    A proof text held on to by Witnesses to support the fact that they are the only true religion.

    Now think back to Moses.

    (Exodus 6:3) . . .And I used to appear to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as God Almighty, but as respects my name Jehovah I did not make myself known to them.

    Was God known by his name before this statement to Moses? Insight on the Scriptures says yes indeed and explains how this verse can be understood.

    *** it-1 p. 78 Almighty ***

    This could not mean that the name Jehovah was unknown to these patriarchs, since it was frequently used by them as well as by others before them. .... they had not had opportunity to appreciate the full meaning and implications of his personal name

    With this thought in mind, how can Jesus' words at John 17:26 make sense, especially since the Divine Name does not appear at all (with the exception of hallelujah) in the Christian Greek Scriptures?

    Think too of the famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus' most extensive recorded teaching event. Nowhere on this occasion does he teach others to use the Divine Name or does he use it himself.

    Look back a little in John chapter 17 ....

    (John 17:11) . . .Holy Father, watch over them on account of your own name which you have given me

    What is "your own name which you have given me"?

    The Father gave the Son the name

    (Matthew 1:21) She will give birth to a son, and you must call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins."

    And what does that name mean?

    *** it-2 p. 51 Jesus *** (Je′sus) [Lat. form of the Gr. I·e·sous′, which corresponds to the Heb. Ye·shu′a? or Yehoh·shu′a? and means "Jehovah Is Salvation"]

    The Son made known God's name (John 17:26) by providing meaning to the name, just as the name was defined through Moses and the acts of deliverance from Egypt, so too the Son gave meaning to God as "Jehovah is Salvation" ... Jesus.

    God's name IS made known through the name Jesus! The divine name, while not appearing anywhere in the Greek Scriptures as Jehovah, is in actuality throughout the text as "Jehovah is Salvation" (Jesus). By preaching the name Jesus, God is not relegated secondary to the Son, that is the Name the Father gave, his own name.

    Now other texts that seemed problematic take on a whole new meaning and make sense. (At least it did to me.)

    Such as ....

    (Acts 4:12) . . .there is no salvation in anyone else, for there is not another name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must get saved."

    (Mark 13:13) . . .and YOU will be objects of hatred by all people on account of my name. But he that has endured to the end is the one that will be saved.

    (Acts 1:8) . . .YOU will receive power when the holy spirit arrives upon YOU, and YOU will be witnesses of me both in Jerusalem and in all Ju·de′a and Sa·mar′i·a and to the most distant part of the earth."

    (John 14:26) . . .But the helper, the holy spirit, which the Father will send in my name, that one will teach YOU all things and bring back to YOUR minds all the things I told YOU.

    (Acts 2:38) . . .Peter [said] to them: "Repent, and let each one of YOU be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for forgiveness of YOUR sins, and YOU will receive the free gift of the holy spirit.

    (Acts 3:6) . . .However, Peter said: "Silver and gold I do not possess, but what I do have is what I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ the Naz·a·rene′, walk!"

    (Acts 4:18-20) . . .With that they called them and charged them, nowhere to make any utterance or to teach upon the basis of the name of Jesus. 19 But in reply Peter and John said to them: "Whether it is righteous in the sight of God to listen to YOU rather than to God, judge for yourselves. 20 But as for us, we cannot stop speaking about the things we have seen and heard."

    (Acts 8:12) . . .But when they believed Philip, who was declaring the good news of the kingdom of God and of the name of Jesus Christ, they proceeded to be baptized, both men and women.

    (Acts 9:27-28) . . .and he told them in detail how on the road he had seen the Lord and that he had spoken to him, and how in Damascus he had spoken boldly in the name of Jesus. 28 And he continued with them, walking in and out at Jerusalem, speaking boldly in the name of the Lord;

    (1 Peter 4:16) 16 But if [he suffers] as a Christian, let him not feel shame, but let him keep on glorifying God in this name.

    (1 Corinthians 5:4-5) . . .in the name of our Lord Jesus, when YOU are gathered together, also my spirit with the power of our Lord Jesus, 5 YOU hand such a man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, in order that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord.

    (Matthew 24:9) 9 "Then people will deliver YOU up to tribulation and will kill YOU, and YOU will be objects of hatred by all the nations on account of my name.

    (Matthew 7:21-23) 21 "Not everyone saying to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter into the kingdom of the heavens, but the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will. 22 Many will say to me in that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name?' 23 And yet then I will confess to them: I never knew YOU! Get away from me, YOU workers of lawlessness.

    (Acts 4:29-30) . . .grant your slaves to keep speaking your word with all boldness, 30 while you stretch out your hand for healing and while signs and portents occur through the name of your holy servant Jesus."

    (Acts 9:15-17) . . .the Lord said to him: "Be on your way, because this man is a chosen vessel to me to bear my name to the nations as well as to kings and the sons of Israel. 16 For I shall show him plainly how many things he must suffer for my name." 17 So An·a·ni′as went off and entered into the house, and he laid his hands upon him and said: "Saul, brother, the Lord, the Jesus that appeared to you on the road over which you were coming, has sent me forth, in order that you may recover sight and be filled with holy spirit."

    (Acts 9:27-29) . . .he had spoken boldly in the name of Jesus. 28 And he continued with them, walking in and out at Jerusalem, speaking boldly in the name of the Lord; 29 and he was talking and disputing with the Greek-speaking Jews. . . .

    (Matthew 18:20) . . .For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there I am in their midst."

    .... And so on, and so on

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