I'm a very happy witness of Jehovah

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  • yknot

    Yall let him focus on my 'bible questions' ........purdy please!!!!

  • yknot

    I remember a bit about 1975... I was 22 months old.... lol they are some of my first memories....

    But this all said..... remember 2009 DC.... the Bethel Speaker or GB said that the 'Slave' had acted the same as the Apostles and 'ran ahead', jumped the gun or and were 'over eager'....


    The good news of the kingdom, was what Christ preached, his life fulfilled the prophecies written much before,

    Today there is an angel in the book of revelation that has eternal good news, This is all related to the Kingdom of God through

    His appointed king The Crist, This government is the answer to all our problems including death.

    It does not come 4 our benefit, keep in mind the accuser acuses Jehovah
    And later man kind , the Kingdom Comes as a responce to God's sovereignty
    And his right to govern all living things

  • hotspur
    It does not come 4 our benefit

    But it is, alledgedly, our Salvation and through it's King - our means to the promises of the future! Can't see that that isn't a benefit, if you believe it.


    Christ is our savior and you must exercise faith in his sacrifice to be saved, no other takes his place.

    Christ is the perfect representation of his God Jehovah. And we all recognize his authority given to him by God.

    and if God had lost control of the universe you would know it, it works like a clock, in Perfect order

  • yknot

    Okay... you have said (in boxes) these two items..... am I correct

    So the 'good news' the apostles taught was "'Through Christ we gain salvation from sin and gain everlasting life'.....
    The 'good news' of the kingdom is Jesus is the Christ in fulfillment of prophecy....

    What about the part in the scripture that gives warning to accepting a 'different' good news even if that good news is declared by another apostle or even an angel?

    Also what is the 'good news' or 'truth' of the Jehovah's Witnesses?

  • designs

    We should get Elpiro, AGuest, and Stephen in the same room, that would make for a fun conversation- E. 'I'm the true anointed of God', AG 'No I'm the true anointed of God, S. 'Me me I'm the true anointed of God'

  • yknot

    Designs.......please don't distract him from my uber serious bible questions

    luvs ya....huggles!

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    designs, it would be so uncomplete without Perry and OBVES!

    Perry would bring a juicy T-rex stake, OBVES would bring his inflateable girlfriend with scriptures on the back :-).

    And Osama Bin Laden to. Im quite certain he would bring a Queran, but leave with a new-found joy for his childhood passions: Football and stamp collecting.


    The good news of the kingdom

    Involves it's king, who with his blood bought humans from earth to serve with him in heaven.

    This is the Good news of the kingdom...

    Now if an angel came and said Jesus did not really die you know,

    he was god himself, he can't die, he was God and man all at once

    This is not supported by the scriptures it is a deferent gospel.

    If a pastor teaches that the souls does not die it is IMMORTAL,

    the bible teaches that animal are souls, and these living souls die,

    Adam BECAME A LIVING SOUL, he did not have a soul put in him...

    The bible says that God made the earth for man, the pastor says God made heaven for man,

    This is not a biblical statement it is a different gospel

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