I'm a very happy witness of Jehovah

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  • Mickey mouse
  • Bluegill

    Doesn't speak like a real JW let alone an "annointed" one. Do you really think an "annointed" one would be on this web-site? Fake.

  • FreeAtLast1914

    Elpiro, you are truly an anomaly; an anointed JW that is (so far) willing to discuss his beliefs with those who have left the WT. I hope you keep it up. You represent about .001% of your religion if this is all not some lame joke on your part. Civil debate with those who leave is not something your religion is known for. Maybe you can do your part to change that.

    Until I see more, I remain hopeful but not optimistic. Prove me wrong and stick around.

  • mouthy

    Welcome my friend.So you saw the LORD Jesus Christ Come invisably in 1914?

    You also know I am sure that JESUS is the ONLY!!! WAY! TRUTH! LIFE?

    because that is scriptual....If you are a happy,joyful,Jehovahs Witness
    then I suggest you stay there,But I promise you,if you tell the elders
    you are on this forum,you will get the left foot of fellowship.That will
    mean they will tell your family( if you have any in the Organization)
    that you have joined the Devil & they (family) MUST NOT SPEAK to you.
    Like they have told MINE!!!!But I suggest you look up the name JEHOVAH!
    It would be interesting,My research shows it would be more correct to
    call HIM YAHWEH... But if you are a FAITHFUL follower of the old men at
    Brooklyn Bethel( Like I was)& make followers of them ( AS I DID 10 of them)
    MY GOD examines Hearts... Not works lest any man should boast ...
    MY name is Grace( UNDESERVED KINDNESS to you)

  • itsibitsybrainbutbigenoughtosmellarat

    There is no way any witness can be happy if he is aware of the history of this organizations manipulations of prophesy and dates. I am still involved but recognize the dangers inherant. Only a careful and plotted withdrawl over time spares souls some of the torments of those people that think they are entitled, biblical scholars-not, and the only creation blessed by God on the face of the earth. Woe to this elitist mentality of both it's leadership and those who are its field commanders particularly. And secondly, pity goes out to the "rank and file" for having to bear the heavy loads of these types of leaders. I am constantly amazed at what I do not know about the bible and the science after 50 years with JWs.

    I am glad you ARE HAPPY but if you are a researcher, truly, your happy days are numbered.

    Two Cents,


  • wasblind

    You tell it Granny,

    I can't wait until Y-KNOT returns, she handled this almost to perfection

  • thetrueone

    Anyway, i am happy to serve Jehovah, i know that this org is being used by him, look around who else is there

    Really, perhaps then you could quote which Scripture the WTS. used to calculate the year 1914 as the return of Christ.

    As far as I know Christ said that no one will know the time not even his Faithful Discrete Slave, even to attempt a calculation is

    disobeying Christ's own words.

    Another false teaching by the WTS. was of course 1975 which through close analyst of their calculation was completely false ( lie)

    for its impossible to make such a calculation by using the bible or other sources since ( accurate) chronological dating of people's

    lives and events were not taken. A prodigious lie no less, even more so when they stated (6000 years) that this date was to occur in September

    of 1975. Nothing but a devious but cunning lie to help circulate more of the WTS. literature.

    What your about to find out ELPIRO is the WTS. is a false prophet who has and is today profiteered ($) from selling the WORD

    disguising themselves as Christ's own Faithful Discrete Slave.

    The WTS was started by corrupt devious men who were really charlatans exploiting the bible and the WORD, as well any people who believed

    in them. It was created by men desiring power and money and nothing else, but of course you'd have to be truthful and honest to realize this.

  • jookbeard

    Elpiro; a couple of questions please;

    1) You say Jeehovah has always had a "servant" who he has dispensed "truths" to, The WTS concede that there has been an uninterrupted line of faithful servants throughout the ages from the 1st Century AD, who are these men/groups who God has used in this 2000 year period up to the founding of The Bible Students of CT Russel in the late 1800's and please dont say just "servants or various men" I would expect you to specifically name these men/groups, if you cant then the link from the predecessor to CT Russel cant be proved.

    2) You say that you are an "anointed" member of The WTS and you have been an active member of the cult for many years up to your currant age of 53, the WTS promoted a doctrine for decades that the "Little Flock of Anointed Christians" was sealed and completed by 1935 if your are 53 you were born in 1958 way after this pivotal date of 1935 so then I take it you view yourself as a "replacement" for anointed ones who have fallen away from your cult in recent years, so how do you explain that you actually are of this "anointed " class who will reside as "kings and priests" with JC in heaven? what feelings or calling do you have that explain you are of this group? please dont just say "it's just a feeling and I know" I would expect a far more obvious explanation of your "anointing " as a member of this exclusive heavenly group, if you cant explain to this forum a satisfactory way of your heavenly calling I will call you a "fraud" and a blatant bullshitter who would be probably reaching out for another place that being "hell" for the heresy in which you speak.

  • Butterflyleia85

    Welcome Elpiro! :) Very excited to hear from further dicussions between you and Yknot!

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Can we really believe out of all the Christians from Jesus' time until now......that there has only been 144,000 true annointed "brothers of Crist", and that we have the pleasure of meeting a "53 year old" one of them on a WTS Apostate website?

    Think About It

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