My Lord spoke and told me to post

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    No matter what i say it makes no difference so i'm not going to say anything.

    Honestly, one of things I learned early on is keeping to Jesus example in keeping ones mouth shut - remaining silent when we are falsely accused. Sometimes when we are attacked and attempt to respond to defend ourselves it falls into self-justification. As it is written, "Who will accuse; who the Lord has justified?" His opinion really is the only one that matters and if you are OK in his book it doesn't matter what opposers may say. Leave it in his hand - he can defend you or have others speak up on your behalf.

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    @ donuthole.

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    For those who mock and bully Watersprout, you are showing much intolerance. Your true personalities have emerged from the smokescreen of your smooth talk. Your claim to have left the WT and embraced "nobler" ways has been exposed as untrue (you must have bullied even before joining the WT). If indeed your actions are WT-induced, you may have physically left, but you are all still bound to that mental frame. This thread has revealed so much raw agression from certain individuals who would rather hurt others to prove their own righteousness. It is such a huge shame.

    I know there is a congregation of atheists and agnostics here who revel in their camaraderie. That boundlessly vocal group is drowning out the voice of those who would rather believe in the sacred, the revealed.

    Faith is what many seek to hang on to, or some explanation of faith, when they join a board that is devoted to discussing a particular branch of Christianity. There is no empirical test to measure faith and belief.

    How is one to know that the starter of this thread did not hear voices? And if Watersprout did hear voices, who is to say that what was heard was not real, at least to the hearer?

    Religious/mystical experience is restricted to the individual. Paul was converted through one. Some may claim he was delusional or had some form of mental illness. Yet, his conviction that the encounter was real changed his life, to the point where he would rather embrace death than renounce.

    I am with you Watersprout.

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    Say what you want and need to say, Watersprout, to show love and kindness. You cannot decide how people will react to it.


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    I think everyone's spiritual experience and journey is different.

    It's too bad that here, of all places, we don't respect that.

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    Watesprout is delusional and possibly schizophrenic so therefore wrong in what she experienced (according to you).

    Watersprout I posted this in an earlier post to OTWO. It looks like I'm saying I think you are delusional/schizophrenic, I'm not at all.

    I was quoting OTWO, sorry if it's misleading cos I think you're just fine.

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    Looks like a much better message than "Go forth and wreak havoc..."

  • cult classic
    cult classic


    Why do you believe you were selected to receive these auditory blessings? Or do you think it is random selection by the divine?

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    Okay, I give up (for now) trying to help you all to see the point that you must consider other possibilites. Here is some helpful advice from people that do believe that voices heard could legitimately be from outside sources. Maybe you could consider their warning.

    From a Wiccan website:

    How to know your spirit guide isn't really there to help:

    • You're the only person the spirit has EVER contacted, and you're really super special, which is why they're sharing their message with you and not two hundred other people.

    • Your guide talks about magical doorways, secret portals to other worlds, or gates that you somehow managed to open, and nobody else ever has.

    • The spirit doesn’t mind you bragging about it to friends, but gets grumpy whenever anyone questions its existence or purpose. Not only that, it encourages you to isolate yourself from friends who think the spirit guide may well be full of poo.

    • The spirit claims to be hanging around in order to protect you from some other spirit that you've never encountered. Weird stuff happens, and your spirit guide is handily there at all the right times to help you out.

    • Your spirit guide claims to be from another planet or world that is as yet undiscovered by scientists.

    • The spirit claims that it needs your help -- and only yours -- to help it do things like write, talk, etc., and basically wants you to become its instrument of operation. In exchange for this voluntary form of possession, the spirit will impart you with all kinds of nifty new wisdom, that only you will be privy to.

    I won't comment on this particular thread anymore. I am being judged harshly and accused of the same, simply for being concerned and helpful. Thenoblelodge is putting words in my mouth and later acting like they are quotes from me. I never judged Watersprout as delusional and possibly schizophrenic. Just read the comments and see that is true.

    If you want my guess (just a guess- not a judgement), Watersprout probably never actually heard a voice with the words in the opening post of this thread. Watersprout possibly just wants to feel special like AGuest for being chosen and contacted and made the whole thing up. Okay, if that is right, the best thing to do after trying to caution Watersprout is to simply stop posting here since my warning is mocked. See ya on another thread. Good day.

    Edited to agree with UC below. "Well, then I would have to."

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