My Lord spoke and told me to post

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  • PSacramento
    But I'm by no means an expert in Hebrew or theology.....I just slept at a comfort Inn last night...

    LOL ! Well done !

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    BTTT for Inkie...

  • Inkie

    SBC, what does BTTT mean? Anyway. . . .

    Genocide goes far beyond a single murder, doesn't it?

    Indeed it does.

    First of all, you can't possibly know whether I damn the government or not.

    You are absolutely correct. I couldn’t possibly know without you having told me. I think my question was more proverbial or rhetorical, so to speak. Yes, I addressed my questions to you but meant “you” in the senses of rhetoric rather than to you specifically, although the rhetoric “you” could certainly include you specifically.

    If you're going to make any assumptions to illustrate a point,

    please at least base them on a subject I've discussed.

    Okay. I thought I was doing that, but okay.

    Second, I should clarify that I don't damn the god of the bible

    for killing the Caananites

    Please see my rhetoric statement above regarding my “you” and your “I”.

    The genocidal tendencies of god (a reputation ascribed to him

    in the OT if you read it without bias) hardly reflects a god of love, in my opinion.

    Agreed. And that is exactly why the Bible cannot truly be relied upon completely to explain the God of Heaven.

    To me, the god of the bible is a man-made character,

    complete with all the traits of imperfect humans (jealousy, rage, regret, etc...)

    and acts of fiction (a talking snake, talking donkey, origin of the rainbow,

    Jonah & big fish, Joshua's 'sun stand still!', Samson's hair, virgin conception, etc..)


    Had you and I not been subjected to a Christian-biased culture,

    which influenced us to accept the bible as literal, I suspect we

    would have regarded it as a collection of myths early on.

    Perhaps. But I never accepted the Bible as “literal”—not entirely anyway, even with having “been subjected to a Christian-biased culture.”

    Whether life was originally created by a supernatural spirit being, I can't claim to know.


    But I can eliminate the possibility of gods whose descriptions/actions

    are self-contradictory and violate logic.

    From my point of view, the god of the bible is such an example.

    I certainly get that. And I really can’t blame you for thinking along those lines. However, I am telling you that the God of the Bible is not a depiction of who or what the True God is contrary to many people’s assertions. The Bible is a faulty book containing some truth and many fabrications. And as surely as “you” believe the literalness of the Bible (if you do) then the surety of mistaken conclusions arise.

    By the same token that JW's use logic to know that a "god of love" belief is incongruent with

    the burning hell doctrine, some of us use logic to know that a truly loving 'father' wouldn't have

    such a bloodstained record of violence.

    Yes. So, let me ask “you specifically” then: Doesn’t your logic then tell you that “a truly loving ‘father’“ does exist WHO IS NOT the same God as described in the Bible? Or have you tossed out “a truly loving ‘father’” altogether so that for you there is now no God at all?

    Why not temper your statements with "I believe" and "here's my opinion"?


    They're much more forgiving phrases if you turn out to be wrong.

    (Trust me, I know. I hate eating humble pie, even though its still a regular meal for me.)

    I understand.

    Fortunately, I don't have the added pressure of having been given special knowledge

    by My Lord that requires me to be right, even when I'm not.


    "NO BASIS"? Think about what you're saying.

    I do try.

    Was every Canaanite deserving of the same death sentence, women and children included?


    So let's go back to your WHY..... WHY did they deserve it? For being born into the wrong family?

    Did you actually read what I wrote? When did I ever say “they deserved” it because they were “born in the wrong family”? Where did you get THAT from? No one is ever “born into a wrong family.” That is an expression used to justify poor logic and reasoning whom you claim is your lord. I thought I clearly explained to you WHY (to use “your” words) “they deserved” it. Did I not? Did you read those narratives I highlighted boldly and directed to you where you could find out the “why”? I don’t seem to think you did. So, did you or did you not read those few texts that explain the “why”? Just curious at this point.

    Based on your foregoing argument, criminals today should be indiscriminately

    put to death along with their wives and kids. So yeah, WHY is a great question.

    I NEVER said criminals today should be . . . put to death along with their wives and kids.” And you talk about me making assumptions and conclusions. I NEVER said that.

    I must concede... I was wrong as to exactly which disprovable spirit being was speaking to you.

    Yes, thank you.

    My "Lord" is Logic and Reason.

    My lord is “Wisdom.”

    We have a progressive relationship.

    Me too.

    He speaks to me regularly, though some days I might not hear him.

    My Lord speaks to me regularly too.

    He tries to speak to others and occasionally will speak through some of his followers, like me.

    Mine likewise.

    But many still fail to listen as they are distracted and misled by his nemesis,

    the powerful Lack of Critical Thinking.


    LOCT spreads lies and misinformation and has a stranglehold on the majority of humankind.

    Again, agreed.

    WAIT! JUST NOW MY LORD TOLD ME that those who refuse to believe in and follow

    him 100% are not worthy of him, therefore I should stop posting on this thread!

    If that’s what yours tell you.

    He says my time would be better spent elsewhere.


    While I did lapse into sarcasm here at the end,

    Did you? Aaaaahhhh . . . yes, sarcasm . . . that little word defined as: derision, ridicule, scorn, mockery, jeer, contempt, disparagement, disdain, etc., and literally meaning “to cause to bleed.” When was I ever biting and cutting with you, SBC? So, from time to time you enjoy making others bleed a little? It satisfies something in you? Frankly, I am still astounded by people on this Board to seem to love to cause others to bleed with their sarcasm. I spoke to you from a place of respect and kindness and sincerity.

    I still hope the best for you folks who hear voices

    Thank you for this kindness at least.

    and, again, it seems a visit with a counselor is the best way to move forward.

    Indeed, SBC. And “my” Lord is a “Wonderful Counselor” indeed.


  • poppers

    what does BTTT mean?

    "Back to the top" - this puts a thread "back into circulation".

  • OnTheWayOut
    SBC, what does BTTT mean? Anyway. . . .

    If He wants you to know, your Lord would tell you. Maybe it's being mailed to you or the dog will tell you.

    If the Lord doesn't say anything, let the thread die.

  • AGuest

    Oh, good GAWD, dear OTWO... who screwed YOU so FAR over... that you even have to be snide as to such a question as "what does BTTT mean?" The poor poster merely asked a question. Are we to the point now where even that's "forbidden" with you? I know you THINK you've left the WTBTS behind but I PROMISE you: you are darggin' their baggage around like a trollop with a length of soiled Charmin caught on her stiletto.

    Do yourself... and everyone else a favor and... shake it OFF, man!

    And peace to you.

    A slave of Christ,


  • SweetBabyCheezits
    When was I ever biting and cutting with you, SBC? So, from time to time you enjoy making others bleed a little? It satisfies something in you? Frankly, I am still astounded by people on this Board to seem to love to cause others to bleed with their sarcasm. I spoke to you from a place of respect and kindness and sincerity.

    Inkie, it wasn't just a mockery but a hyperbole... in which my frustration came out. FWIW, I try to only say things on this forum that I would say if we were face to face. Considering the conversation I just had with my parents about the WTBTS, I assure you I would be just as vocal in person.

    I'm more cynical than usual this week. Right now, I'm less than 48hrs away from a JC hearing in which I will likely be DF'd for apostasy (aka, thinking independently). I'll be losing most of my family and friends to the Society but I'll have secured the opportunity to teach my kids critical thinking. So it seems such a waste that anyone who escapes a cult like this one and gains the freedom to think... should so quickly surrender it to the delusion of another.

    For me, no belief is sacred. If the supporting evidence is not there, I will not believe it, and I have little patience for those who claim to enjoy special understanding from supernatural deities with zero evidence to prop it up.

    AGuest, there are a few on this board who buy into your "peace to you" "slave of Christ" schtick but I will never be one of them. Jeheshua-whoever is too smarmy for my tastes. I like my mythological gods to be more barbaric and jealous, like Yahweh.

  • thenoblelodge

    Right now, I'm less than 48hrs away from a JC hearing in which I will likely be DF'd for apostasy (aka, thinking independently).

    SBC - Do you feel the WTBTS has any power or hold on you, if not why attend a JC. You don't have to attend, unless of course you have information you want to point out to them.

    Whatever happens I hope you have the strength and courage to see you through.

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    Thanks for the kind words, tNL. I truly appreciate it. I'll start a new thread to answer the JC question you posed.

    As for Inkie, AGuest, and Watersprout, I apologize for my cutting remarks. My cynicism bleeds through when I see logic yielding to dogma and this week my tolerance is virtually nil.

  • Pat_4037

    Our Lord is commonly referred to as "Jesus Christ", as 
    if "Jesus" was His first name and "Christ" was His last name. In
    actuality, His name in Hebrew and Aramaic (the languages He spoke) was
    "Yeshua", which means salvation. During His life on earth, He was called

    At the time Yeshua lived on earth, kings were given their authority in
    ceremonies where they were anointed with olive oil. Yeshua was known as
    the "Mashiach" (Messiah) or The Anointed One having been anointed with
    God's authority. Thus He was known as "Yeshua Ha Mashiach", or Yeshua
    the Anointed One.

    Blessings - Pat

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