Atheists - Do you ever talk to God?

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  • ziddina


    GOOD one, Gladiator!!!!


  • hamilcarr

    A gladiator that won his freedom. Well - we all have our illusions.


  • OnTheWayOut

    That's the way I wound up in a dangerous mind-control cult.

    Not quite, dear one. You ended up there because, if your parents didn't take you there, you were fooled by others who did NOT have your best interests at heart. They only SAID they did... and you believed them. I ask you, if you get taken by the 3-card Molly con on the street, is that God's fault? No, right, because your common sense says it's a con? Yet, how many people FALL for that con, still to this day?? And why? Because of their ignorance, gullibity... and arrogance. They are "marks," yet they ignorantly believe the con is really going to leave the pea and that they can beat the con. At his OWN game! What arrogance!

    ...And where was God? Standing right in front of you, screaming, through His Son: "THIS way, you people! THIS is the way!" But you didn't hear him because the con spoke faster... and louder. Which is what con's DO.

    AGuest, how dare you take away from my request to God. You really don't get how sincere an approach I made, how ready I was to serve God properly. If He didn't intervene in my life at such an important point, then I won't be suckered into entering a new game of 3-Card Religious Monte (Pick the right religion). So I guess humbly approaching God in all sincerity counts for nothing. That explains why so many are Christians and not Muslims (or Muslims are not Christians) (or Hindus are not Jews - I think you get the idea). I didn't pray to God to make me invulnerable to 3-Card Monte (or Molly as you call it)the actual game. I was street-smart enough to know not to play it, that even the "winners" in the crowd could be part of the team. I never fell for that. But I guess I should have had my Religious-smarts about me when I prayed for God's help and somehow managed to contact the same God that contacted you. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. What a crock. I get to blame myself and conmen because I didn't see some invisible door when I asked for God's help in my life.

    God must really be whispering throughout Asia and the Middle-East. They really cannot hear him at all.

    Some children, yes. But Santa Claus is far less a "reality" than God is, for many children. Santa is a western figure. God is not.

    If only I could believe in the God of the peoples of Japan, India, China, Iraq, etc. Alas, it's the same as Santa Claus to them.

    Another myth: the Most Holy One of Israel does not respond with little "signs." You ask... you get. What you asked FOR. Specifically. At least, that has been my experience. Everything I ask for... I get.

    You need to learn more about Christianity and possibly yourself. Many Christians, possibly you too, learned not to pray for new cars and mansions. They start to pray for things that will come about. Instead of the riches, they pray for daily needs. Then they go out and work and get a paycheck and buy those daily needs and thank God for answering their prayers- assuming God gave them the strength to carry out the work that gave them the paycheck. They don't even think twice that us heathens managed to get a paycheck without thanking God.

  • ziddina

    "Santa is a western figure...."

    Actually, "Santa" is a European figure... Transplanted to America by the Europeans who over-ran it...

  • cantleave

    Going back to the original question. ...

    I don't - It would seem very silly.

    I used pray, very sincerely, from childhood until a year or so back. I don't miss it, my life hasn't been devalued and the decision I make are as sound as they ever were (that doesn't mean they have got any better!!!).

    I don't believe in a creator so why should I talk, scream at or petition him / her.

  • transhuman68

    Heard a lot of talk about the ocean
    Heard a lot of talk about the sea
    Heard a lot of talk about a lot of things
    Never meant that much to me
    Heard a lot of talk about my spirit
    Heard a lot of talk about my soul
    But I decided that anxiety and pain
    Were better friends
    So I let it go
    Did you let it go?
    Let's get it back
    Let's get it back together
    Heard a lot of talk about this Jesus
    A man of love, and a man of strength
    But what a man was two thousand years ago
    means nothing at all to me today
    He could have been telling me about my
    higher self
    But he only lives inside my prayer
    So what he was may have been beautiful
    But the pain is right now
    And right here
    Let it go!
    Let it go!
    Let it go, my friend
    And let's get it back
    Let's get it back together

    This song sums it up for me...

  • OnTheWayOut

    AGuest, how dare you take away from my request to God.

    Oh, I forgot: Despite your lack of sensitivity, may you have peace.

  • AGuest

    Greetings, dear Gladiator, and peace to you!

    Now I know why god never talks to me or Jeff. If your prayers are as long as your posts, and you are his slave, then He is too busy working his way through your petitions to hear anyone else.

    That's pretty funny, actually. But, excluding a few occasions where warranted, my prayers really aren't all that long. Only a couple/few things to ask for with regard to JAH Himself and some thanksgiving on behalf of myself, my husband, and our children. And request for holy spirit and peace for all those who belong to Christ, as well as who are calling out to my Father, through that One. All done, however, even before I drop off to sleep (if that is the time of my prayer).

    As for the post response, I was just trying to be thorough. I believe I owed it to dear AK-Jeff (and you, if you're truly "listening")... because I believe that a LOT of the world's... ummmm... "problems"... are due to a LACK of information/response. Folks leaving stuff out, which almost always leads to wrong conclusions, rumors, or false statements as to what was really said or meant.

    Peace. A gladiator that won his freedom. Well - we all have our illusions.

    Peace to you, again, as well!

    Sorry, A Guest, but you've gotten it totally wrong... I've been in contact with the Goddess Inanna, and She's been explaining it all to me...

    Then to YOUR own mistress may YOU stand... or fall... dear Zid (and peace to you, as well!)

    First of all, those bible writers stole much of their mythology from Her civilization, the Sumerians... Her people, the Sumerians, existed two to three THOUSAND years before the Israelites did... SHE came first.

    I agree as to the Sumerians existing thousands of years before the Israelites, dear one. Indeed, there were all KINDS of folks before the Israelites... who, by the way, are descendants of the Sumerians (they are actually those from Shem'er, later called "Sumer"... and direct descendants of Shem, son of Noah. Who is a direct descendant of Jacob (aka "Israel"). Thus, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is also a God of those of Shemer...

    So, I believe Her, instead of those "Johnny-come-lately" bible writers...

    I can understand that. Personally, I believe the Holy One of Israel, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH... instead of such Bible writers (because I don't believe such writings to be pristeenly preserved)... and/or those who attempt to interpret such writings without his assistance.

    According to Inanna, we're all supposed to plant trees, build aquaducts, rescue sacred trees from floodwaters and plant them in magical, sacred gardens...

    Sounds like fun... if not hard work. I find no problems with either...

    She's going to give me more information after She finishes Her upcoming trip... She's going to be in "the underworld" for three days and three nights... [This mythology actually exists in the Sumerian mythology; preceeding the supposed "three days and three nights in the grave" of "Jesus Christ" by at least THREE THOUSAND YEARS...]

    A very funny thing comes to my mind: my Lord is the Shekinah Light that led Israel out of Egypt; however, Jews believe that Light to be female. My Lord is also the personification of Wisdom, which many also believe to be female in nature. Perhaps the Sumerian myth was actually a prophesy... and someone misunderstood the timing when deciphering the writings that spoke of it? Stranger things have occurred under the "stylus" of earthling man... particularly when he has absolutely NO clue of what he's speaking of/writing about...

    After that, one of Her subordinate demi-goddesses will rescue Her, bringing Her back to the land of the living... Whereupon, She's going to send that good-for-nothing human sheepherder husband of Hers "downstairs", in Her place...

    Well, I guess we all have something we believe. I don't knock yours, however. Again, to your own mistress may you stand... or fall.

    And BOY!! Is She ever amused by all of you who follow the plagiarized, "Johnny-come-lately" Middle Eastern male 'gods'!!!

    As my Lord is amused by those like you who ridicule what you do not know. Look, dear Zid... dear AK-Jeff asked some questions, made some statements, and related some challenges... in all sincerity, it appeared to me. And so I responded to him and to those... in like sincerity. You don't have to believe what I shared, but it is the truth and I shared it in truth. There was no sarcasm, ridicule, judgment, or disparaging remarks made or intended. If, however, your Sumerian goddess is portrayed through you, through what you've posted here, then I have to say that I am quite glad to know nothing of her. Translation: I am not all that impressed by what I see of her... through you...

    As for me, I can only "reflect" MY God, as has been taught to me by His Son. As He has been revealed and shown to me through His Son. I have never received anything but love... and guidance as to how to love others... from either of them. I have not asked for anything from anyone... or for anyone to join anything... or become enslaved to anyone or anything. That I call myself a slave of Christ is simply because of my love for him; he (and thus God) is truly a PERFECT person, without exception. Although I have known a LOT of very loving people in my lifetime, I have never known anyone like them... those whose love NEVER fails. And I am not stating that in abstract or as a technicality; I am stating that because I have LEARNED it to be TRUE, by means of his dealings with me, and so literally.

    You ridicule what you do not know (because you only know what you have heard or perhaps read), dear Zid, thinking it will make you appear smart and intelligent before men. I defend the One(s) I DO know... in spite of being considered odd and foolish by men. But when I look at myself in the mirror, I know who I am, what I am... and who I follow. Neither God nor Christ are just someone I read about... in the Bible or elsewhere. They really are not the product of some myth drummed up by earthling man. That is "Jehovah" and "Jesus." I do not know "Jehovah" or "Jesus"... or follow "Jehovah" or "Jesus." Because THEY are the myths... created by earthling man as a tool to control other men (who wish to BE controlled) as they wish.

    I know, however, and follow the Holy One of Israel, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, the Holy Spirit, who is the Son and Christ of the MOST Holy One of Israel, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH.

    But if for some reason it turns out that I am in fact delusional... what of it? I have learned to be the MUCH better person as a result of it... also to the benefit of all whose lives I have crossed since. I have harmed no one, misled no one, lied to no one... but helped MANY find THEIR freedom... some even as sons of God, by means of holy spirit... while keeping their faith IN God intact. And I have asked nothing from anyone in return. Except to let me be me... and allow me to work out MY own salvation.

    I do that by sharing... what has occurred with ME... openly, honestly, and freely (both techically AND literally) with ANY who WILL hear. Because I believe that that is a DEBT I owe... to everyone... as recompense FOR the gift(s) from God through Christ that I have received. It is the LEAST I can do. If what has happened to me CAN happens to others... then I believe that LOVE... obligates me to share it... because it is what I would want such ones to do for me.

    So, if you wish to find fault with my love... for God... for Christ... and for others... that's on you; I cannot stop you. But you will never hear me direct you or anyone else to join any religion, give to any religion (whether time OR money), follow ANY man, LISTEN to any man regarding the truth about God and/or Christ, or put your faith in the teachings of ANY man. Indeed, I don't even ask that you listen to ME... because I am just a servant, and a good-for-nothing one at that. I have ALWAYS said... and say again now... go to THEM.

    But, you will NOT be able to say, when the time comes and you are asked... that NO ONE told you the truth about God. Someone... has.

    I bid you peace, dear Zid (and you, too, dear Glad)... and ears to hear when the Spirit and the Bride say to YOU (and they WILL say to you, at some point, if they have not already):

    "Come! Take 'life's water'... FREE!"

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


  • beksbks

    Oh Shelby!!!

    "Come! Take 'life's water'... FREE!"

    All I can think of is that kingdom song!!!! It's been almost 30 years, and I can still remember chunks of that one. I loved it at the time

    Loyal love, god is love this truth cheers us from above love caused god to send his son who for us a ransom won ...............Hey there all you thirsty ones come and drink life's waters free yes come drink you thirsty onesssssssssssss gods loving kindness seeeeeeeee

  • tec

    OTWO - I'm sorry for your pain. I truly am. I also thought that the JW's who were always knocking at my door offered to do a bible study with me, at the same time I decided (and was failing) to study the bible on my own... was some kind of sign that they were the truth. I never joined, mind you. I got out before then. So I never lost anyone because of it - I lost some joy in life, a lot of peace of mind, and my former cup-is-half-full outlook on the world - but no loved ones.

    I can't say that's why I never blamed God... but I never did. I also never lost my faith in him - just in myself.

    I don't really know what's different between you and me - or between people like you and me. I just thought I would share my different outcome. I don't have what Shelby has. I don't KNOW things. I have doubts - but they're doubts about myself. If God is talking to me, or if Christ is talking to me, it is my ability to hear that I doubt. (Not saying this is the case with you; just sharing my case) Sometimes I can feel that non-doubting faith right there, and I'm sure that I will be answered if I just don't doubt... and then those doubts rush back and I retreat, or I put the asking off.

    However, I am patient. Life is learning and growing and until I KNOW, then I will continue to exercise faith as best as I am able, in Christ and his example/teachings.

    Shelby - your posts always help strengthen my faith. It doesn't necessarily matter what the topic is about - or even if I'm questioning and testing to bits what you've told us. I think its just the faith and hope that you have, that you inspire with.


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