Atheists - Do you ever talk to God?

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    AGuest, how dare you take away from my request to God.

    I took nothing away from your request, dear AK-Jeff (peace to you!), nothing at all.

    You really don't get how sincere an approach I made, how ready I was to serve God properly.

    Okay, you tell me how sincere. Tell me, what were you so "ready" to do to serve God "properly"? And how could you have done so if you didn't know what serving God "properly" even was? If you read the Bible, it states that there that you are serve God in spirit and truth, and that you are to listen to and follow His Son. If you listened to Son (regardless of what you read in the Bible), you would have heard him say, "Follow me. I am the Way." The WTBTS told you, however, that there was "another" way... through them. You chose them, right? How, then, can you say you were "ready" to serve God "properly"? Why didn't you just DO it? Because THEY fooled you (and me!)... not God, dear one.

    If He didn't intervene in my life at such an important point, then I won't be suckered into entering a new game of 3-Card

    Religious Monte (Pick the right religion).

    First, I think you misunderstand my analogy, as it had absolutely NOTHING to do with picking a religion, so please let me clarify. It was solely an example of how cons work (i.e., there never is any pea, because it is palmed). As I stated before, God intervened in my life at such a point as you related, but I did not hear HIM, unfortunately, because THEY came along at the same time... and they were louder. I also said that I did not know that at the time, that it was not until later that I remembered that truth. Perhaps the same occurred with you?

    So I guess humbly approaching God in all sincerity counts for nothing.

    It counts for EVERYTHING. The PROBLEM, dear one, is that we are NOT told that God will SPEAK to us, but rather, that He will send us some kind of "sign." So, while we're all distracted looking for such "signs" (which is NOT how He works)... we miss His VOICE. Because someone ELSE comes along... appearing to BE such a "sign," when in fact they are false... cons.

    That explains why so many are Christians and not Muslims (or Muslims are not Christians) (or Hindus are not Jews - I think you get the idea).

    Sorry, but I don't. I don't understand the comparison, please forgive me...

    I didn't pray to God to make me invulnerable to 3-Card Monte (or Molly as you call it)the actual game.

    I re-read what I posted and again, that was not what I meant, at all...

    was street-smart enough to know not to play it, that even the "winners" in the crowd could be part of the team. I never fell for that.

    I only used that game as an analogy, dear one, for HOW cons work... and how those who succumb to them think of themselves...

    But I guess I should have had my Religious-smarts about me when I prayed for God's help and somehow managed to contact

    the same God that contacted you.

    You COULDN'T have had your "religious" smarts about you, dear AK-Jeff... NONE of us who believe can... which is why we NEED to listen to Christ! Let me ask you: if you had learned/known that the Most Holy One of Israel DOES speak... would you not have ASKED Him when they showed up claiming to represent Him if that were indeed true? Sure, you would have. Which is why they TEACH... that He DOESN'T speak, so that you WON'T go to Him with such a question. And what about HOW He speaks? If you had been TOLD, from Day One that God speaks THROUGH His Son... not abstractly but LITERALLY... wouldn't you have gone to that SON? And what if you had been told that it is NOT with the physical body that they communicate with you but with the spirit... would you have not done such "communicating" WITH your spirit? You would have!

    BUT... you were lied to... as we all are... by those who serve another's agenda. To keep you FROM going in the RIGHT way, through the RIGHT Door, and hearing with your RIGHT ears... and so you MISSED it when God communicated... with YOU.

    BUT... it does NOT have to continue that way. If it does, however, then the truth is that you're really just another "casualty" of religion, whether you follow a religion... or reject God BECAUSE of religion. Either way... the Adversary has accomplished HIS goal, because in BOTH instances... ones are led AWAY from God... not TO Him.

    Unfortunately, that didn't happen. What a crock. I get to blame myself and conmen because I didn't see some invisible door

    when I asked for God's help in my life.

    The Door wasn't/isn't invisible, dear one. He is just not seen with the physical eyes. He is CERTAINLY seen, however, with the eyes of the SPIRIT man you are, the man you are on the INSIDE. All you have to do is LOOK. But perhaps you are like the man who had his hands over his closed eyes, crying out, "I can't see, I can't see!": although someone pulled his hands aside he still refused to open his eyes.

    God must really be whispering throughout Asia and the Middle-East. They really cannot hear him at all.

    Are they calling out to Him? Or to "Allah"... "Buddah"... "Vishnu"... "Elohim"... "Mary"... "Saint Whoever"... the Dalai Lama... or???

    If only I could believe in the God of the peoples of Japan, India, China, Iraq, etc. Alas, it's the same as Santa Claus to them.

    Please forgive me, but I don't understand your statement...

    You need to learn more about Christianity and possibly yourself. Many Christians, possibly you too, learned not to pray for new cars and mansions.

    Perhaps some "christians," as many, MANY do pray for such things, don't they? Some even kill for them, do they not?

    They start to pray for things that will come about. Instead of the riches, they pray for daily needs. Then they go out and work and get

    a paycheck and buy those daily needs and thank God for answering their prayers- assuming God gave them the strength to carry out

    the work that gave them the paycheck.

    That's an assumption, though, isn't it? For one, there is the assumption that when my Lord stated we should pray to the Father, "Give us our bread for the day," that he was speaking of our daily food. But that cannot be, can it, in light of what he is recorded to say just after that? "Do not worry about what you are going to eat... for your heavenly Father KNOWS you need these things?" If, then, God already knows we need food, and Christ told us not to worry about that, that God would already provide, why in the world would he tell us to ASK for such?

    He did not. The "daily bread/bread for the day"... is NOT the physical bread that nourishes our bodies, dear one. The "bread" that my Lord told his discipled to pray for was HIS FLESH... the "bread from heaven"... which nourishes our SPIRITS. Man, dear one, does not LIVE by bread... but by the WORD... that comes forth from God. HE is the Life. That the false stylus of the scribes... and false teachings of those who do not KNOW the True God... or the One He sent forth... have mistransliterated, misstated, mistaught, and continue to mislead with regard to such words is yet another reason why we are NOT to follow man... but the Lamb and him only.

    As for your example, may I give you one that similarly relates? Thank you! Some years ago some very dear friends, true christians, received quite a large inheritance. As did a couple/few of their JW, non-JW "christian", and non-religious family members. The devisor was not a religious person at all herself, but did do "good" to those she saw in need. As you can guess, the JW family members were quite unkind and unloving toward these dear ones, and so upon receiving their inheritance my dear friends were confused because all received the same "blessing" (they still praised JAH for blessing them, however). Because of their confusion, however, I was directed by my Lord to ask them: "How is that you all received the same thing, but your share is a blessing from JAH and theirs is not? Did it not come from the same source?" Caesar's things belong to... and come from... Caesar. The devisor had planned and prepared for this inheritance, which was the same "blessing" for all of them... although she was not a religious person. On the other hand, had she been religious, and certainly a JW, the non-JW family members most probably wouldn't have received anything at all.

    My point? It is not riches that are blessings from JAH, it is blessings from JAH that are riches. It is the gifts of the spirit that make one "rich," not money or material things. I do ask the Most Holy of Israel to grant me certain jobs (and He has granted every one of them), NOT so that I can eat or pay my bills, per se, but so that I can do what I love to do... or work where I want to work... or for whom I wish to work. Because regardless of the job, I am going to eat and have a roof over my head. Because He HAS provided THAT... when I didn't have a job... or money... or food... or a home of my own.

    They don't even think twice that us heathens managed to get a paycheck without thanking God.

    No, "they" don't. "They" often totally forget that the sun shines on the righteous... AND the unrighteous... and the rain falls on the crops of the righeous... and the unrighteous. "They" also often forget that they are not to judge, but forgive and release, to show mercy and justice, and to love even their enemies. As a result, "they" are instrumental in "creating" people like you... people who WANTED to believe in God but because of being subjected to spiritual abuse... turn away. When you called out to the Most Holy One of Israel... and THEY answered... they were OBLIGATED to treat you as HE would treat you: with mercy, forgiveness, kindness, mildness, long-suffering... and love. It is quite unfortunate that they didn't, perhaps to your detriment, but certainly to their own.

    Perhaps my final words to you, dear AK-Jeff, should be that if you are done, then you are done. Because there is nothing I can to change your mind... or your heart. I am just a servant and this is a matter between you and God, through Christ. I just thought I would share with you the truth about them, that they are there, alive, and speak... and that one CAN hear them, if one only listens "properly." Because serving God "properly" really starts there.

    May the undeserved kindness and mercy of my God and Father, the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies, and the love and peace of His Son and Christ, the Holy One of Israel and Holy Spirit, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, be upon you... if you so wish it.

    Again, I bid you peace!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


  • MrFreeze

    Posting scriptures to provide comfort and insight to an atheist is like reading a Chinese person a poem spoken in Spanish. It's not gonna get through to them so why bother?

  • AGuest

    I know quite a few Chinese people... who speak perfect Spanish, dear Mr. Freeze (peace to you!).

    Dear Beks... the greatest of love and peace to you! Yeah, they sing that song with absolutely NO clue was to what the call is truly all about! There are a whole lot of their songs like that: they have no clue as to the very implication of the words they sing. They just go through the motions, but "hear" nothing. Too bad, too bad...

    And the greatest of love and peace to you, too, dear tec - ! I am very... ummm... honored... to know that my faith has been of some benefit to you. I totally understand that you sometimes doubt that you hear... or what you hear. It is understandable. But I have learned that if one KEEPS seeking, KEEPS asking, KEEPS knocking... the Door DOES "open" to that one. And if they continue to follow the Lamb, wherever HE goes... their "path" does indeed get lighter and lighter. The flesh, however, is not as durable as we would like it to be and can often give out. Not to worry; one can ALWAYS pick-up and beging walking again... no matter WHERE one left off, praise JAH!

    Again, I bid you ALL peace!

    A slave of Christ,


  • MrFreeze

    Okay let me rephrase it. It's like saying a poem in Latin to someone who has never studied Latin. is that better?

  • moshe

    I talk to my D-O-G.

  • AGuest
    It's like saying a poem in Latin to someone who has never studied Latin. Is that better?

    That actually depends, dear Mr. Freeze (again, peace to you!). If you are speaking of an atheist who has always been such, then perhaps your analogy is appropriate. Assuming dear AK-Jeff is the "Chinese" person to whom you refer, however, your analogy is deficient as he has not always been an atheist. Thus, he is more like the Chinese man who travelled to Rome and lived there for awhile, thus learning the language. Although he may not be able to speak [Latin] like a native he knows enough to know whether the poem is tasteful... or grossly profane.

    You may be trying to say that quoting the Bible is moot to an atheist, which may be true. But that is not the same thing as saying the atheist can't read Latin.

    I bid you peace.

    A slave of Christ,


  • ZeusRocks

    Talk about highjacking a thread with biblical crap. Unfortunately, an indoctrinated religious person wouldn't know what is true if it came up and smacked them in the face, no matter what facts have been discovered.

  • skywho

    Talking to our invisible friends makes us feel not so alone, but they never talk back... so I'm giving him the silent treatment.

  • AGuest

    My SINCERE apologies, dear AK-Jeff (again, peace to you!), if I have "hijacked" your thread - That truly was NOT my intention. I just took your query as sincere and offered another "side." I will bow out... and leave you to those who perhaps have better answers for you than I.

    Again, peace to you and again, my apologies!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,

    SA, who is sincerely embarassed...

  • agonus

    You know, it's funny, a friend and fellow x-dub of mine said he went through an "angry atheist" phase. Which I find interesting... it seems that many atheists have a lot of anger at a deity they profess not to believe in. I went through an atheistic phase, but I wasn't angry, just depressed. Right now I'm pretty convinced there's a higher power/intelligence of some kind out there. I'm actually going through a lot more anger now as a quasi-believer, but I haven't sorted out this whole deity thing yet, so we'll see if circumstances improve as I attempt to get a better understanding of Him/Her/It.

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