Atheists - Do you ever talk to God?

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  • tec

    I should add, that theists also can be and/or are good and bad.

  • tec

    sorry - didn't see the other thread. I'll move my comment over there if you like.

  • PSacramento
    I take a bit of offense at the suggestion that Atheism has anything whatsover to do with 'fashionable' opinion

    As I am sure you know, I meant no offense, if taken that way, I apologise.

    Perhaps "fashionable" was the wrong term, is "acceptable" better?

  • NowAndThen

    There are as many arguments for God's existence as there are against. It's like shopping for tomato; you take your pick. If you don't believe or used to but don't anymore, move on. It does not make you a bad guy, except where advertently you go against acceptable human behaviour (there again, depending on your social milieu). Discussions of this sort are in the end sterile and of little gain.

    I do believe, and pray. I have had answers to my prayers, but not all of them. I do not expect to be answered for all of them - I don't buy my kids candy every minute. But that's me, not JeffT.

    Yet the more I read this Board, the more I think most here are closet believers, limping from much injury but still clinging on. It's true even for Jeff, although he may want to banish the thought.....

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Now and Then - Well, I really do not know what to make of your comments. You have only posted a few times here, and without much to look at, I really have no idea from where you speak.

    Yes, there is a lot of injury among this group. We have survived hell, and are trying to find a place to hang our hats. Most here have grown in amazing ways over the time I have been around here. But I don't believe that those who claim to have finally taken atheism as a badge are still closet believers. Why would you believe that?

    But welcome anyway.



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