Atheists - Do you ever talk to God?

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  • chickpea

    the furthest i go sometimes
    when deeply frustrated is to
    say aloud "sometimes i WISH
    there was a f'ing god!!!"

    (i also say that about "hell"
    about superior asshats)

    it took me a few years of consciously
    resisting those impromptu prayers
    that were habitual. like when a kid drove
    out the end of thedriveway on a long trip,
    a whispered "bring him home safely"
    to..... to...... whomever/whatever

    there was something reassuring
    about a sky daddy who was
    gonna make it all better.... it IS
    hard to always have to hitch up
    your big girl panties and deal with
    what real life throws at you....
    does it really hurt less to have a
    hope/delusion of "life hereafter?"

    dunno about anyone else but
    i feel SO much more at peace
    and hopeful about my own life
    and the role i have assumed
    since no longer believing in

    whatever the hell it was that
    prompted human consciousness
    to invent deity, i hope it has
    had its heyday and all that is left
    is to survive the residue until it
    disappears entirely......

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    I've called and called and called. Left messages with him time and again........ No response from him.

    It's his move now!

  • frankiespeakin

    I don't believe in any gods, but i still talk to one and i even call him jehovah, and sometimes even conclude with "in jesus name" it is just an old habit that comes and goes depending on my frame of mind.

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    Ditto Starting over's comment, I couldn't have said it better myself.

  • zoiks

    Brizzy said :

    I went through a couple of years of anger/denial/bargaining (i.e., "I know you don't exist, but on the off chance that you do, could you please prove it by fixing my life, and then I promise I'll believe in you..." etc.)

    I think I'm just coming out of that stage right now.

    God is a very powerful idea.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I do not talk to God, but I can make a woman talk to God.

    Think About It

  • ziddina

    Think About It,

    "...but I can make a woman talk to God. ..."

    We want pictures!!!


  • AGuest
    AGuest - let me first of all tell you that I appreciate your kindness.

    You are quite welcome, dear AK-Jeff (peace to you!).

    Let me follow that statement with brutal honesty: I do not believe in fairy tales, invisible people living in another 'realm', gods that require 'faith' before they can be proven to be real.

    Yes, I totally understand that... both that that is your position and why.

    In fact; if god were real, any god, would it not display wondrous kindness to reveal himself to all mankind, get all the cards on the table?

    Yes, it would. And so, He did.

    Yet your god, and the gods of all other religious delusionalist, hide themselves, only revealed by a massively contradictory Holy Writ and anecdotal claims of personal experience.

    I get that you believe that with regard to my God, but that really isn't the truth, dear one. Truly. The Most Holy One of Israel is not hidden from us at all. To the contrary, He is VERY easy to find... to see. You just have to go though the Door. Truly. And that Door has not hidden himself, either. It is we who refuse to see either of them. They're not obscure - we are just blind... blinded, rather, by our physical bodies. They are quite limited in what they can see, hear, feel, smell, taste, etc. However, in our ignorance of that... which ignorance, unfortunately, translates to arrogance... WE prevent OURSELVES from approaching that which we want to see, hear, feel, etc. WE... stand in our own way.

    Even the keynote words that describe your attachment to your god of choice are revealing: faith and belief. Both words carry the idea that obvious proof does not present itself, that the proof is within the person. Of course.

    Not so, dear one. The "assured expectation" of faith is manifest in the EVIDENT DEMONSTRATION OF REALITY. Meaning, that there IS demonstrative EVIDENCE. It just isn't see, heard, felt, etc., with our PHYSICAL senses (i.e., "though not beheld").

    So convenient for god to hide only within those who believe in him. Wouldn't it be odd if 'gravity' did such a thing? Or electricity? Only those with 'faith' would gain the benefits?

    It's not a matter of convenience, dear one. It is how things work, a "law" of the spirit world... vs. that of the physical world. I do not doubt that given enough time man would come up with a way to see such things WITH his physical body. Such as he know sees bacteria or the wind or other things previously hidden from the physical eyes, ears, etc. But I don't think the time for this (physical) world will allow it.

    Why is god not interested in helping all people?

    He IS interested in helping ALL people, dear one. The TRUTH, however, is that not all people are interested in BEING helped. For example, I have given you specific steps to help YOU get to what you say YOU are hoping for. Yet, rather than even TRY them... you have already dismissed them. Which says to ME that you don't REALLY want what you say you do. Not REALLY. I base that on one truth that I have learned since becoming an adult (sooner, actually) and that is that people do what they WANT to do... and DON'T do what they DON'T want to do. Regardless of what they SAY.

    Electricity and gravity are obvious, can be demonstrated.

    Yet, that hasn't always been the case, has it?

    It is not a matter of faith to know that one can benefit or be harmed by those forces. I do not have to 'believe' in those forces to be affected by them demonstrably.

    Again, that has not always been the case. You happen to live at a time when such forces are no longer hidden to earthling man. But I perceive you to be saying that earthling man has, at this day and time, not only discovered, but harnessed ALL forces in existence, such that he can be affected by them physically. I would have to disagree, however, and say that although we may appear to live in a time and world so far advanced that there is nothing left to "discover," NOTHING could be farther from the truth. We're not even half way, dear one, and just because something cannot be experienced with the physical senses does NOT mean it does not exist. It just means that man has not yet found the way "in."

    It is the very same with coming to know, see, hear, feel, etc., God. Man keeps looking for his OWN way in... rather than simply taking the One provided BY God. Where, I ask you, is the INTELLIGENCE in that? I mean, if you're standing outside my house wishing to get in, and I keep saying, "Go through the door," but you keep trying to pass through the wall, whose fault is that? Who is the imbecile, there?

    But, you say, there is no door. You are in error, dear one. There is indeed a Door... and he's standing right there in front of you. You do not need to turn to the left or to the right - you only need to turn AROUND... and he's right there.

    If I provided 'evidence' of the existence of gnomes, a book that explained them written thousands of years ago, and lived by the 'rules' they wrote in that book, prayed for them to help me, told others that I had communion with them...

    Same with fairies and leprechauns, yes. Which is why such stories exist, to make you believe that they are similar, that believing in God and Christ is exactly the same thing. But it really is not.

    I would be considered odd!

    And I addressed that above, yes, one of the MAIN reasons that folks like you CAN'T see, hear, etc.: your FEAR of being thought foolish... or "odd." I ask you, though, if you really COULD see/hear God and/or Christ... would you CARE how you are "considered"? Truly? If so, if you would still care that others considered you odd... then perhaps the Most Holy One of Israel is SPARING you that fate. Perhaps HE... is being kind to YOU... in NOT revealing Himself to you... so that you won't feel/be considered "odd".

    By way of example: you have a cousin who makes you uncomfortable. He's a bit eccentric and in your opinion looks "funny." Whenever he's around you cannot hide your embarassment. Now, eccentric and funny-looking though he may be, your cousin isn't stupid - he's know how you feel with he's around, that you are afraid others might see you with him, talking to him, and think you odd. Should he really, then, put you... or himself... in that position? If he loves you? Or would he keep his distance to spare YOU such embarassment... such feelings of oddity?

    The Most Holy One of Israel and His Son do NOT look like earthling man have made them to look, dear one. I have described them here on this board and received comments of aghast disbelief. But I have not lied to anyone. If, then, we are not willing to look "odd" and we have not yet even seen them, how is it that we believe we won't feel ever "odder" when we do? Dear one, you have NO idea.

    If I further expected others to buy into their existence, based on anecdotal proof and the 'Gnome and Fairy Guidebook', and that we should accept that our sins will be washed away because that book tells us so, preached it from church-top, I would be locked away and the key tossed!

    Again, you have revealed what is standing between you and God: YOUR fear... of earthling man. You are really much more concerned with what man will think/do... than you are with seeing/hearing God. But you cannot admit that. Rather, you want to blame Him for not revealing Himself to you when you don't REALLY want him to... because you WILL be thought odd, I PROMISE you... were you to tell anyone of it. And you would tell others. You wouldn't be able to help it. You cannot see something like the Most Holy One of Israel... or His Son... and remain quiet.

    And so, yes, you not only risk looking odd, but foolish, actually, and perhaps even being locked up. And you ARE NOT WILLING TO TAKE THAT RISK. So, why in the WORLD would the Most Holy One of Israel put you in that position, one that YOU truly do NOT want... despite what you are saying and challenging HIM to do?

    Yet - this is precisely what Christians do. They believe in a large Gnome, living where no one else can see him, who provides only for those who can see him by faith.

    So-called "christians," yes. Because, like the nations, they do NOT know what they worship. They only know OF Him, and even then it's with some great error. Look at the paintings of "Jesus". My Lord looks NOTHING like the "beautiful" specimen of flesh they paint. His flesh was in the likeness of sinFUL man, not sinLESS man. Yet, they have him tall (he was tiny!), strapping (he was sickly, even with leprosy!), and even blond with blue eyes in some instances (he was dark-skinned, dark haired, and sort of scraggly looking... in the flesh!). By the time they came to put him to death, his flesh was SO diseased the soldiers fell back on the ground! Even then, he could be beheld with eyes of flesh, even if only barely.

    As a SPIRIT being, however, that is something else altogether entirely! There is a REASON the prophets fainted dead away when he appeared to them. There is a REASON the Most Holy One of Israel resides in a blazing light. They are NOT "beautiful" as earthling man considers beauty; to the contrary, it takes STRENGTH to see the Son... who is a REFLECTION of the Father... and one cannot look at the Father, while in the flesh, and live. Why? Because God will kill such one for being so... ummmmm... presumptuous? No. Because the flesh CANNOT handle it. We have never SEEN anything like them in this world... and this world covers over ALL that is displeasing to the eyes... perfumes up ALL that is displeasing to the nose... muffles out ALL that assaults the ears... softens up ALL that infringes on the touch... and flavors up ALL that isn't pleasing to the palate.

    But that is the needs of the PHYSICAL body... because it cannot handle that which assaults it. And seeing the Most Holy One of Israel is more than an assault. Indeed, seeing the reflection, His Son, can cause one's heart to stop.

    My attempts to 'talk' to God are acts of anger as I seek to end this fantasy in my mind that gripped me for most of my life.

    But your anger is missplaced, dear one. The "God" you know is one created by earthling man to mislead and enslave you. It is NOT the True God. THINK, dear AK-Jeff - how COULD it be? Think of all the contradictions, dichotomies, missing pieces, falsehoods, false prophecies, lies. And look at the CONDUCT of those who profess such belief. The things they all "do" in the name of God, Christ, Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, the Lord, etc. On the one hand they're telling you God is this, while on the other hand doing that.

    But that is what THEY have made up... TO mislead you! They didn't/don't want your loyalty to and faith in GOD. They want your loyalty to and faith in THEM. They only USE "God" to get it. THEY are the criminals, not the Most Holy One of Israel. And if you could condescend... just a LITTLE... to see THAT... then you would begin to see even more. Perhaps even the Most Holy One Himself. But, yes, you would most CERTAINLY be considered "odd" for it.

    Not any belief that he would actually appear - for 'he' is but a fantasy.

    If that's what your spirit believes, dear one, then that's what your spirit gets.

    The Bible provides an excuse for reality.

    There was no Bible when James wrote this truth, dear one. That some folks decided to include this in a compilation of letters, histories, prophesies, etc., doesn't make the statement false.

    When doubters ask God, they don't ask in faith. They ask in doubt. So God doesn't answer them. Sorry, I don't buy that anymore.

    No, you this inaccurate: one can doubt... yet still ask God. It is the ASKING that must be in faith. And that is not what is occurring with you. You have already said that you KNOW He won't answer. You are not saying, "I really don't believe in God but, okay, I'll put it to the test and ask, in FAITH, because supposedly HE said that if I do that I will receive an answer." YOU are saying "I really don't believe in God, and so I am not GOING to ask because I KNOW that I won't receive an answer." There really is a difference, dear one.

    I am an example: if someone had said to me 15 years ago that God and/or Christ had spoken to them, I would have certainly doubted it. Primarily because those I followed didn't say God had spoken to THEM; to the contrary, they said God doesn't speak. And, of course, THEY knew, didn't they? Secondly, I would have doubted because, well, I hadn't heard it (and neither had anyone else, to my knowledge) and certainly if God was speaking, could speak, then it would be audibly, so that physical ears could hear it.

    And then... it happened to me. Apparently because I had ASKED for it, although I had no idea that I had. It happened so ASSUREDLY that to deny it would be to deny my own existence. And has happened ever since. And I have come to know that it happened BEFORE that... but I didn't know what... or rather WHO... it was. I do now... and I am willing to be considered "odd", indeed a fool, for saying so... because it is the TRUTH. To say anything to the contrary would be a LIE... and one I could not live with nor do I believe any human could.

    Children ask Santa Claus, in their innocence, for toys or for Daddy to come home. While they are innocent, they may

    continue to have faith, even when Daddy doesn't come home. They may assume their request was not the right thing.

    But sooner or later, they lose that innocence and stop believing in Santa Claus, whether or not they keep getting what

    they asked for.

    Some children, yes. But Santa Claus is far less a "reality" than God is, for many children. Santa is a western figure. God is not. True, there are atheists the worldwide and perhaps their movement is growing. But ask a child if they believe in "Santa" and some will look at you and say, "Who?" Ask them if they believe in God and regardless of whether they do or don't, they'll know who you're speaking about and have an answer. And I dare say, with few exceptions, that even if you were to ask the child of an atheist, they would have an answer and it most probably will be "yes" - regardless of what their parents believe and/or have taught them.

    And it is because of what you say: children... HAVE faith. It is we adults who teach/talk/beat/ridicule it OUT of them. But that is why Christ is recorded to say, "you must become as little children." Meaning, you must go BACK... to the time within you when you didn't "know everything" but rather "believed" everything.

    Your method of approaching God is to humbly approach and believe that He will answer.

    It became that, yes. Previously, it was approach, sometimes humbly, sometimes not so much... and HOPE that He would answer. NOW... it is humbly approach, yes (but not out of fear; it is because I LOVE Him - He is a GREAT person!), and KNOW He will answer.

    That's the way I wound up in a dangerous mind-control cult.

    Not quite, dear one. You ended up there because, if your parents didn't take you there, you were fooled by others who did NOT have your best interests at heart. They only SAID they did... and you believed them. I ask you, if you get taken by the 3-card Molly con on the street, is that God's fault? No, right, because your common sense says it's a con? Yet, how many people FALL for that con, still to this day?? And why? Because of their ignorance, gullibity... and arrogance. They are "marks," yet they ignorantly believe the con is really going to leave the pea and that they can beat the con. At his OWN game! What arrogance!

    And it is the same with those who misled you, that dangerous mind-control cult. Only difference is that they use other "marks" to get more "marks." And THAT is why you were misled - you didn't SEE the con because he didn't present himself. He sent his flunkies, who don't even know that they're flunkies... nor did you.

    And where was God? Standing right in front of you, screaming, through His Son: "THIS way, you people! THIS is the way!" But you didn't hear him because the con spoke faster... and louder. Which is what con's DO.

    That's a sure way to look for little "signs" of God's answers and assume that coincidences and the kindness of others are "from God."

    Another myth: the Most Holy One of Israel does not respond with little "signs." You ask... you get. What you asked FOR. Specifically. At least, that has been my experience. Everything I ask for... I get. Without a turning of the shadow. My specific house. My specific car. My specific jobs. My specific education. My specific understanding. My specific "needs"... and yes, sometimes they are more than the minimum. For myself, my children, my husband... and anyone else I ask for. Specifically.

    But "signs" are a myth. The Most Holy One of Israel does NOT work that way. That is a contrivance of earthling man who does NOT know the True God, trying to convince himself... and those who listen to them... as to how God works. Christ told us and showed us, however, how the Most Holy One of Israel works... and until we STOP listening to earthling man about God... and START listening to Christ... well, then we are where we are. Which is absolutely NO where... but in the dark. Which is a very confusing place... and where you seem to be.

    That's an excellent interview at a JW assembly: "I prayed for direction and Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on my door that day."

    I thought that, once, too. I later remembered that there were two knocks: one on my door that day (with two JW ladies standing there)... and another that night (Revelation 3:20). I answered the first and ignored the second. My bad.

    Again, I bid you the greatest of love and peace... and ears to hear when the Spirit and the Bride say to YOU (and they will):

    "Come! Take 'life's water' the holy spirit of God, which spirit, the "oil of exultation" is poured out from the innermost parts of the Son of God, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, the Holy One of Israel and Holy Spirit... and imparts sight to the blind... and ears to the deaf... FREE!"

    I am YOUR servant, and a slave of Christ,




    Now I know why god never talks to me or Jeff.

    If your prayers are as long as your posts, and you are his slave, then He is too busy working his way through your petitions to hear anyone else.

    Peace. A gladiator that won his freedom. Well - we all have our illusions.

  • ziddina

    Sorry, A Guest, but you've gotten it totally wrong...

    I've been in contact with the Goddess Inanna, and She's been explaining it all to me...

    First of all, those bible writers stole much of their mythology from Her civilization, the Sumerians...

    Her people, the Sumerians, existed two to three THOUSAND years before the Israelites did...

    SHE came first.

    So, I believe Her, instead of those "Johnny-come-lately" bible writers...

    According to Inanna, we're all supposed to plant trees, build aquaducts, rescue sacred trees from floodwaters and plant them in magical, sacred gardens...

    She's going to give me more information after She finishes Her upcoming trip...

    She's going to be in "the underworld" for three days and three nights... [This mythology actually exists in the Sumerian mythology; preceeding the supposed "three days and three nights in the grave" of "Jesus Christ" by at least THREE THOUSAND YEARS...]

    After that, one of Her subordinate demi-goddesses will rescue Her, bringing Her back to the land of the living...

    Whereupon, She's going to send that good-for-nothing human sheepherder husband of Hers "downstairs", in Her place...

    And BOY!! Is She ever amused by all of you who follow the plagiarized, "Johnny-come-lately" Middle Eastern male 'gods'!!!


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