Say " Hello " to the Least Racist Person in America

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  • flipper

    In the spirit of keeping all our race relations positive- thought I'd start this thread.

    From the time I was born I've been around people of all walks of life in America. I love em' all. EVERY culture brings positives to this country of ours in one way or another.

    My mom was part Native American/Irish . My dad was English, German, French & Welsh.

    My first kiss as a young man at age 15 was to a African American JW girl . Very sweet.

    I had 2 African American witnesses ( good friends ) stand up for me in my 1st wedding. The 1st wife was Italian / American lasted 19 years.

    My second marriage was to a Mexican/American lady which only lasted a year and a half due to her substance abuse problem.

    My 3rd marriage ( which I'm currently in ) has lasted 4 years to a wonderful Swedish / Slavic woman whose own grandparents were from the old countries in Europe who taught her the skill of seamstress work passed down through generations in her family.

    In fact - My wife has a gay nephew and his partner who we love very much and enjoyed their company at her nieces recent high school graduation.

    The point I'm making is prejudice is ignorant and stupid. Everybody is the same underneath. We ALL bleed red- even Jehovah's Witneses ! LOL !

    This country ( U.S. A. ) we happen to live in has suffered terrible abuses of prejudices through it's history. First the Nayive Americans were run off their land by the Europeans . And slave traders in Africa sold Africans to be slaves over in America. History is full of man's abuse of his fellow man, woman, and child. When I look at a person as to being someone I want to get close to I look at the quality of the individual, not the gender, race, position in life, political standing , social standing , etc. Is it really all that complicated ? I think people make it more complex than it needs to be. John Lennon and the Beatles had it right, " All you Need is Love. " Your thoughts ? Peace & love to all, Mr. Flipper

  • sooner7nc

    Very well said Mr. flipper.

  • TD

    We're all connected to each other by incremental steps. "Race" is an illusion created by comparing people at different ends of the spectrum.

  • MrFreeze

    Great thing is that each race IS different. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Some try to pretend they are "color-blind". That's a really ignorant viewpoint to have. There are differences in the races, different cultures. That's what makes the human race great! Everybody brings something different to the table.

  • flipper

    SOONER- Yeah man, thanks. We are all the same when it comes down to it. The family of man.

    TD- Exactly , I agree. I feel race is an illusion as well in which people who are ignorant try to pigeonhole each other into neat little categories

  • flipper

    MR. FREEZE- Very good point you make. There are a lot of differences in race and cultures which bring a great positive variety to our life experience, I agree. But as far as our human makeup inside, we are all humans , pretty similar. I don't think being " color blind " is an ignorant thing to do if it's done with a positive motive and it's sincere. But if done while sticking our heads in the sand to injustices being committed towards groups of people , then yes, it's ignorant

  • TD

    Mainstream anthropologists have not accepted the concept for many years now.

    Not many were actually willing to put their grasp of the concept to the test the last time I posed the challenge

    (All in fun of course)

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I feel much the same way you do Flipper .

    When I was in school I was around a nice blend of cultures and I liked the diversity . I felt comfortable around everyone. I had family members that said predjudice things ,but I just never had those feelings for other people . We all are human ,period . The mixture of differences makes it interesting and wonderful .

    I now live in a small mid-west mostly all white community . It never ceases to shock me how prejudice some in this community still are .....I work with several old retired guys that say some of the most ignorant things about other races . I know it is because they have just never been exposed to different cultures in thier real life ....but still some of their comments burn me up. I have lost my cool with them more than once for using racial deragatory language . I do my best to re-educate them

  • beksbks

    I love California. Don't care how she gets slammed, she is the bomb. I think the whole world could learn from the true melting pot that is Northern California.

    I grew up in Southern California, and on this subject it's almost as good. I hear people talk about racism among the JW's, and it doesn't make sense to me. Actually, the diversity is the only thing I can think of that I thank them for. But maybe it wasn't the Dubs as I have always thought, it was just Cali.

  • mrsjones5

    it was just Cali.

    You may be right Beks.

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