Say " Hello " to the Least Racist Person in America

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  • flipper

    Well- The bottom line in all of this is racism is a very real problem in our society- and we individually as a voice of reason can make a difference in our own communities in our daily interactions with others of varied racial groups by being humane, decent, respectful - and treating others how we would like to be treated

  • sammielee24

    DS - I find you wandering around a lot without anywhere to go. I have no idea what it is you expect to be said - but you are entitled to your opinions as all people are. I'm not hung up on labelling groups of people or judging them at all times for all things - I believe the majority of people are good and deep down we all want the same things in life. I'm a no drama kind of person - do what's right and be a better teacher for those coming after.

    People can be proud of their culture because it is often a group within a culture that hand us progression. If that means a person is German, Mexican, Kenyan, Chinese, matters not. Be proud - but be curious about the culture beside you and learn about it. If a person is proud to be black, white, brown, green or blue then so what? People argue all the time about pride in color and culture being a sign of racism. I disagree because pride in yourself doesn't mean you don't expect the next guy to feel the same way about himself - and it doesn't mean you believe you are a superior being. This can be argued till the cows come home and taken out of context, analyzed and over analyzed, chewed up and spit out a million different ways - always to prove one point or another.

    People just need to be respectful of each other and talk, listen and learn - and most of all enjoy one another. sammieswife

  • flipper

    SAMMIES WIFE- Your take, " People just need to be respectful of each other and talk , listen and learn - and most of all enjoy one another. "

    Very well stated . Sentiments I totally agree with. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    What is considered respectful behaviour differs from culture to culture. I think that is the root of a lot of the problem. How much racism is due to people viewing other people's customs as harmful and/or disrespectful when they don't view it that way and perhaps they view some of our customs as disrespectful when see nothing so about them?

  • flipper

    COGNIZANT- Very true what you say. What is respectful in one culture- is not in another culture. So it requires people to educate themselves as to the customs in certain countries- or even different states in the United States as to know what is acceptable and what isn't. However good manners are never out of style in my book

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