Say " Hello " to the Least Racist Person in America

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    COLDREDRAIN- Oh, now I get it, you were a stunted as a child and put in special education classes. I totally understand the repitition in saying the same thing here. I sympathize. Either that or you are getting ready to give a talk in the Ministry school working on the " Repetition for Emphasis " counsel point. I understand. Hey whatever turns you on. LOL ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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    Cute video OTWO

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    "Really? Seriously?

    Definitions suck, but we all use them. Find the ones that work for you. On the other hand, choices are fun

    Personally, my favorite is "au naturel, landing strip or ooh la la"."

    Yeah, really, seriously. I don't understand any of these definitions people use to categorize one another. None of them make any logical sense to me.

    I've heard people describe a black race and a white race. If we define race by color, then shouldn't there be a golden race, a brown race, a ruddy reddish race, and a freckled race? How many gradations of these colors do we want to recognize as different races? And technically, since no one is truly white or truly black (otherwise there would have to be a grey race for offspring of intermarriages), wouldn't it be more accurate to call people "off white or very dark brown race"?

    Then someone mentioned the African-American race and the Asian race and I got confused. If race is based on what continent you are from, then shouldn't there be just be 7 races, an Australian race, a European race, a North American race, A South-American race, an Asian race an Arctican race and an Antarctican race? (I have never met anyone from Antarctica, has anyone else on this forum?)

    Just to confuse me even more, someone said that Obama was African- American but I understand he was born in the US so how is he part of the African race. Then someone informed me that lineage travels officially through the father, so that is how he is African. So if race has nothing to do with where what continent you are from but is determined by where your father is from, then I would be of the European race even if I was black as soot because my father was born in Europe? But what if his grandfather was from Asia and his great grandfather was from Australia and his great-great grandfather was from America? Then what race would I be? Native American or perhaps Latino?

    You say to just say pick a definition that works for me. Choices are fun. I agree. Some scientists say that we all originated in Africa, so even though I'm really, really white skinned, if I choose to call my self African-American and go to a predominately black neighbourhood in the US and high five everyone and say, "hello my brotha or my sista, they would probably not be offended by that right?

    Oh and Dark Side: please don't try to trick me and tell me that race is based on something so superficial as if and how someone shaves their pubic hair. I may be a little naive but I'm not that ign'ant.


  • flipper

    OTWO- Thanks for the u-tube link. For some reason just the link is showing up on my computer- not the actual u-tube.

    MRS. JONES- I'll have to type the u-tube link in because I'm not getting it . Maybe it's my computer.

    COGNIZANT- I love all races- I just love the human race of mankind ! Makes it much easier than having to differentate everybody. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • ColdRedRain

    "COLDREDRAIN- Oh, now I get it, you were a stunted as a child and put in special education classes. I totally understand the repitition in saying the same thing here. I sympathize. Either that or you are getting ready to give a talk in the Ministry school working on the " Repetition for Emphasis " counsel point. I understand. Hey whatever turns you on. LOL !

    No, I just had a double post, you sychophantic wimp.

  • ColdRedRain

    I grew up with white people who thought they were "with it" and "open minded" by sucking up to me based on the color of my skin. You're just like them. I've marked people like you as hypocrites, and so far, you've proven me right. (Re: Special education). Speaking of disabled people, are you typing this out of your wheelchair that you've been in ever since you got that bad case of paralysis? You know, from that time you patted yourself so hard on your back that you broke your spine?

  • flipper

    COLDREDRAIN- You can choose to believe what you want. Whatever, I told you I made this thread in response to Dark Side's thread " Say Hello to the MOST Racist Person in America " as a satire. If you can't understand that , and are SO uptight about race relations yourself- then perhaps YOU need professional help for anger management . I'm not in this world to cater to you or please you - if you can't see the BIG picture of this thread - then perhaps my comments to you were more accurate than I thought. Go play with yourself and entertain yourself. Jeez

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Mr. Flipper: It's "mighty white" of you to love all the races, but by dividing them into "the races", even if only in your own mind to be all inclusive, aren't you in fact, by definition, differentiating them?

    I don't doubt you are genuinely without malice toward others, however, by still acknowledging "the races" when geneticists have definitively proven there is no distinguishing genes or features that mark humans as being of one race or another, then you are very subtly perpetuating the myth of "race".

    I believe that's what is earning you some flack in the responses.

    And still, in spite of repeated requests, not one person has been able to provide me with a logical definition and division of the races, in spite of my sincere requests for enlightenment?

  • sammielee24

    Cog..if you want a logical definition of race then you could probably google it and find any number of them.

    In Flippers defense, let's examine the motivation for his post. As he indicated over and again, it was a tongue in cheek start up in opposition of another post on racism.

    Secondly, let's not get so hung up on the label and address the motive. I know Flipper and he isn't racist. I believe some people just choose to pull apart what he is saying and maybe he's trying to articulate it in a way that some people don't like or don't understand or just don't want to acknowledge - but he's just trying to say, hey guys, I'm a mixed bag and thus I've learned to live with all races and cultures else I couldn't live with myself. A lot of people of mixed ancestry think like that - because logically, if we start separating ourselves into one or the other, it's like taking sides against yourself and who you are. In that sense, there really are people who do not see color but see people.

    Humans, tend to color code. We color code our files, we color code our important lists and numbers and we color code people. All people do that - and it's not specific to one group of people.

    Race has been politicized in the USA for hundreds of years and is one reason that the country seems unable to move forward in time. You cannot create unity and work for all people, if you keep dividing the people and then have elections and money poured into the division, without promoting racism. And so, the USA keeps racism going from the top down.

    This politicization may be far different than simple general terms of race for conversation because most people define their families etc by their culture which in cases may be related to race as defined in general terms. Add the bible into the foray - the control mechanism that works hand in hand with the governments and the issue increases tenfold. And I don't mean just black and white. There are a great many Jews that insist they are a specific race and many supporters back that up - was the creation of Israel based on the right of that race to live in a specific place or a culture? Politicization.

    We should take the meaning in the context in which it is being said here. Just my take...sammieswife.

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