Has anyone ever ask a householder to keep their Bible study secret from their spouse?

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  • wasblind

    Let 'em kick some arse Mrs.jones

    let 'em kick

  • wasblind

    Yea bane,

    let's try an experiment, why don't you bend over, so i can excercise my foot.

  • GLTirebiter

    Bane, of course I know the answers--those are rhetorical questions, which almost everybody reading the post can answer. For the record:

    • You would not want your children going to a non-Witness bible class,
    • You would not want a doctor giving your child a blood transfusion,
    • You see nothing wrong with sneaking behind my back to indoctrinate my child, indeed you feel an obligation to do so--you said it yourself!
    Studying the bible with JW´s takes precedent [sic] over what a parent thinks.

    You have no business interfering with parents religious upbringing of their own children. Your own words have indicted you!

  • mrsjones5

    Let 'em kick some arse Mrs.jones

    I'm hip, my husband was never a jw and my jw parents have left a bad taste in his mouth so the idea of some jw coming between him and any of our children is enough to make his blood boil. He wouldn't be too pleasant to any jw trying to pull that crap with our kids.

  • BANE

    MrsJones, Not only do you go in, but you prevent those you SAY you love to not go in.

    Wasblind, congradulations! You did it.........WITH THE MOCKING!

    Yeah, apostates are SO freaking predictable! Outlaw with his stupid pet tricks putdown....

    So predictable...so pathetic.

    I won´t be able to respond now for around 17 hours....Hope you can wait.

  • mrsjones5

    I'm not mocking, I'm serious as a heartattack. I don't joke when it comes to the wellbeing of my kids.

  • dgp

    If they have the truth, why can't they act in an honest an open manner? Why hide things?

  • wasblind

    Bane ,why would one go into a bees nest unprotected knowing they'll get stung?

    Yeah, apostates are SO freaking predictable! Outlaw with his stupid pet tricks putdown.....Bane


    We`re trying to teach you a job skill..

    If you can`t fetch a stick,we may never find you a home..

    Small Black and White Dog with Stick Desktop Wallpaper .................... ...OUTLAW
  • wasblind

    Dang outlaw,

    that's cold

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