Has anyone ever ask a householder to keep their Bible study secret from their spouse?

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    bane triumphant against Carla???? Now that is a joke. Bane, when Carla talks you should sit down and listen. You are pretty far gone mentally if you actually believe you triumphed over her here. She is too intelligent for you. You name does not belong in the same sentence as hers.

    Outlaw, you just proved my point for me. THOUGH NOT TECHNICALLY MARRIED. ....Bane


    Your reading comprehension is as dismal as your inability to fetch..

    Modern social customs don`t apply to ancient cultures..

    I don`t expect you to understand a word of this post..

    You can`t even find a stick..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • BANE

    GL, You are using the wrong Bible. In your Revelation scripture it doesn´t even say AFTER the thousand years were ended. Did you write the version you are using yourself? You quote verses 14,15 which DO NOT EVEN MENTION TORTURE and then you say see there, it says torture...Uh...Ok....No, God doesn´t torture people physically. The torture is of everlasting shame and humilation.

    The Greek word ba·sa·ni′zo (and related terms) occurs over 20 times in the Christian Greek Scriptures. It basically meant “test by the proving stone [ba′sa·nos]” and, by extension, “examine or question by applying torture.” Lexicographers point out that in the Christian Greek Scriptures it is used with the sense of ‘vexing with grievous pains; being harassed, distressed.’—Mt 8:29; Lu 8:28; Re 12:2.

    The Bible used ba·sa·ni′zo in a number of instances. For example, a manservant afflicted with paralysis was “terribly tormented” (NW) or “racked with pain” (NE) by it. (Mt 8:6; compare 4:24.) Also, Lot “used to torment his soul” (Ro) or “was vexed” (Mo,RS) by the lawless deeds of the people of Sodom. (2Pe 2:8) The word is even used in regard to the difficult progress of a boat.—Mt 14:24; Mr 6:48.

    The Greek noun ba·sa·ni·stes′ occurring at Matthew 18:34 is rendered “jailers” in some translations (AT,Fn,NW; compare Mt 18:30) and “tormentors” or “torturers” in others. (AS,KJ,JB) Torture was sometimes used in prisons to obtain information (compare Ac 22:24, 29, which shows that this was done, although ba·sa·ni′zo is not used here), so ba·sa·ni·stes′ came to be applied to jailers. Regarding its use at Matthew 18:34, TheInternationalStandardBibleEncyclopaedia observed: “Probably the imprisonment itself was regarded as ‘torment’ (as it doubtless was), and the ‘tormentors’ need mean nothing more than jailers.” (Edited by J. Orr, 1960, Vol. V, p. 2999) Thus, the mentioning in Revelation 20:10 of ones who will be “tormented day and night forever and ever” evidently indicates that they will be in a condition of restraint. That a condition of restraint can be spoken of as “torment” is indicated by the parallel accounts at Matthew 8:29 and Luke 8:31.—See LAKE OF FIRE.

    Some commentators have pointed to Biblical instances of the word “torment” to support the teaching of eternal suffering in fire. However, as just indicated, there is Scriptural reason to believe that Revelation 20:10 does not have that sense. In fact, verse 14 shows that “the lake of fire” in which the torment occurs, actually means “the second death.” And though Jesus spoke of a certain rich man as “existing in torments” (Lu 16:23, 28), as the article LAZARUS (No. 2) shows, Jesus was not describing the literal experience of a real person but, rather, was setting forth an illustration. Revelation provides a number of other instances where “torment” clearly has an illustrative or symbolic sense, as is evident from context.—Re 9:5; 11:10; 18:7, 10.

    Also Tec, Jesus JUDGED the pharisees to death. Are we not to be like our model? We do not judge ordinary people who are wicked. But according to him we can judge apostates. Also when Corinthians tells us to remove the wicked man from among ourselves do we not have to judge someone worthy of being wicked in order to remove him? So you are quite wrong.

    Issac, not true. I have totally won.

    Gary, the Israelites stoned their kids...So yeah....The TRUE religion holds service to God FIRST, not second. Sorry you feel that way.

    Psacremento, Again he said pick up the first stone when it comes to being a hooker. But he directly judged the Pharisees. Do you see the difference? Apostates CAN and will be judged. A hooker can still change.

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    Hey Maggot, was waiting for your post!

    Thanks for your contributions to Jehovahs-Witness.net

    Nice to have apsostates from the WT like you on here.

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    Jesus hasn't returned from the grave, no armageddon, no judgement from Jehoober, 99% of the people in the world are still alive, no win for the WTS. You lose again today Bane. Every day we're here to banter with you is another win for us "apostates". I bet my life on the fact you will die without seeing these things happen. We'll see who's right,...

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    Also Tec, Jesus JUDGED the pharisees to death

    Can you show me the scripture that proves that please? Not one that implies it. Because I can show you scriptures where Jesus says that he did not come to condemn the world but to save. That Jesus did not come to judge the world. That even Paul said not to judge before the appointed time.

    Also, regarding hypocrisy or apostasy:

    Read the entire chapter 23, Matthew.

    "The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses seat. So you must obey them and do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach... " Woe to you, you hypocrites is used seven times if I count correctly. Jesus then asks, 'how will you escape being condemned to hell?' Not, 'I condemn you to hell.'


    John 8: 15-16 "You judge by human standards; I pass judgment on no one. But if I do judge, my decisions are right, because I am not alone. I stand with the Father who sent me."

    Are you Jesus, BANE? Can you read the hearts and minds of others? If you cannot, then are you certain you have the right to judge someone worthy of dying at Armageddon (which is the WTS version of hell)?

    Also, I am not trying to slap you down by my responses. I only hope to help you 'see'. There is hypocrisy and wickedness within your organization. You've said yourself that people are whiners because they left over a few 'bad seeds'. So people leaving and speaking the truth about what happened to them does not make them apostates.

    I would never 'spit' in your direction if you were dying at Armageddon. I would never hope that you hurry up and die at Armageddon so we can be rid of you and get something better. I would weep that no one ever managed to help you 'see'.


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    I haven't had the time to read all the posts but Tammy - you are one loving and kind person! You know the kind that Jesus refers to when he says "by this all will know you are my disciples if you have LOVE among yourselves."

    I certainly can't say the same for ANY who can't wait for the big A to massacre billions and then gloat over the dead because they (as humans) say they deserve it. THAT is NOT love and by no means are they disciples of Jesus as per his words.

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    God knows his children by the love they have in their heart, love for each other and love for all.

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    Psacremento, Again he said pick up the first stone when it comes to being a hooker. But he directly judged the Pharisees. Do you see the difference? Apostates CAN and will be judged. A hooker can still change.

    Dude, did you even READ that passage ??

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