What if WBTS is right?

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  • wobble

    I was born in, and never felt they were 100% right, towards the end I just felt that if God's name was on the organization, He must have an interest in it.

    Since I have left, I have discovered that EVERY doctrine that they have that is unique to them, is FALSE !

  • dgp

    Thank you, Snowbird and Mrs. Jones .

  • garyneal

    Read Crisis of Conscious, specifically the chapter dealing with 1914.

    Watch the video Witnesses of Jehovah, it is on you tube.

    Read a copy of The Finished Mystery, the great sea monster leviathan spoken of in Job is a steam locomotive according to this book.

    Since that last book is very long, search for Michael the Archangel and the Pope, the distance of 1600 furloughs, and what happened in 1918 (armageddon).

    Then ask your question again...

  • AGuest
    What if the WTBS is right?

    They're not dear, AGBM (may you have peace!). Quite to the contrary, actually.

    do you sometimes ask yourselves this question?

    My compulsion to use profanity aside... no. Never.

    Again, I bid you peace... and TRUE freedom (John 8:32, 36).

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,

    SA, who isn't usually so concise, but there really wasn't anything more to say...

  • garyneal

    I have a question for you AGBM and all other Jehovah's Witnesses lurkers:

    What if the whole 1914 teaching is wrong? What would that change? Would Jehovah still be the soveriegn God of the universe? Would salvation still be given freely by grace (or as witnesses say, undeserved kindness)? Would the Bible still be God's Holy Word? Would Jesus still be the Son of God?

    If all of the questions above are answered yes, then what did the non-belief of 1914 do? Why is it so necessary for a witness to believe all those things about the Bible AND also be required to believe in 1914?

  • streets76

    The very premise of every single deistic religion is WRONG! (Or at least unprovable.)

  • zeroday*

    How can an organization that has been wrong about everything for 130 years be right about anything...

  • gubberningbody

    I'm not even sure that anyone asked an intelligible question here.

    How can you begin to answer an ambiguously worded question?

  • cantleave

    Where's alice, bane or or the other guys who talk crap when you need them?

  • wasblind

    Off some where getting married

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