What if WBTS is right?

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  • Chalam

    tec Thank you Shelby. That was wonderfully put.

    PSacramento Well said Shelby, very well said.

    Amen :)



  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    There is no burning hell

    There is no trinity

    I'll give em those...

    I do not give them even those Undercover. Jews and Muslims have never believed in a trinity, and the Sufi Muslims have never believed in a burning hell; neither do Reformed Jews.

    As Wobble commented, every doctrine that is unique to them has been proven wrong...by their own admission...

  • daringhart13

    Will accept that you are in clear......CLEAR disobedience of the Bible as a JW? That JW's are nothing more than 'clashing cymbols? (1 Cor. 13)

    That you're clearly going against the wishes of the 'founder' of JW's......er......Bible Students? (see Russell's will)

    I appreciate your devotion...........but you continue to post without answering the many questions posed to you by several posters.

    Jehovah's Witnesses do NOT follow the Bible. That should concern you.

  • Jomavrick

    I think that is a valid question. No one should speak with 100% certainty about matters of opion, and that is what religion is - all a matter of opion and not fact. I too think that all witnesses should ask themselves the question - what if the Witness Religion/belief system is not true? What if the very foundation of your lifes decisions and future is false, namely that thier is no end of the world coming?

    That is a devastating revelation too difficult for most to entertain and hence the reason why they never really address it. I personally have family that have literally *issed thier entire lives away, in miserable relationships, living without realy joy and hope because they are waiting for this great event that will never come.

    It is tragic, but choices do have consequences.

  • Leprechaun

    Re: What if WBTS is right?

    Umm, well Hanson once in a while the affects of being in a cult that really have left their scars on me, still create a tinge somewhere in my defense parameter. It’s like thinking the Pope is god’s spokesman if you’re a Catholic, it is hard to shake. Let logic dictate your sense of reason, and don’t get in to it with their members even if it’s your family, otherwise you may find yourself on medication like Geodon or some other psychotropic medication. Remember what Ray said “they do not have a monopoly on Truth”.

  • Balsam

    Just examining the history of the WTBTS will remove all doubt of the organization ever being right on anything. You need to do more research outside the WTS allowed publications.

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