What if WBTS is right?

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  • AGuest
    A blind hog roots up an acorn every now and then......

    Indeed, dear MTM (may you have peace!0, but at the same time we could also say that a little leaven ferments the entire loaf, does it not? And there's a WHOLE lot of "leaven" (hypocrisy) going on there, yes? So, I'm thinking rooting up acorns is one thing; rooting up rotten wormy acorns is another thing entirely.

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • PSacramento
    Which they are not (may you all have peace!). How can I say that? Easily. Indeed, there are least 10 (actually, MUCH more) ways that I can:
    1. Someone who is anointed can explain that anointing, as well as when they received it.
    2. Someone who is anointed would NOT call themselves... or any other earthly entity... the "truth" because they would KNOW... by means OF that anointing... that there is only ONE Truth, Christ, their Leader (John 14:6).
    3. Someone who is anointed would KNOW that the Bible is NOT the Word of God... but that CHRIST is that Word, even as the Bible itself SAYS, so that they are sanctified "by means of [God's] Word,"... which Word is CHRIST... who sanctifies them with HIS blood... and NOT the Bible... which is merely a compilation of writings, including but not limited to "scripture."
    4. Someone who is anointed would HEAR THE VOICE OF THE FINE SHEPHERD... because it is by means OF that anointing that he SPEAKS to such ones.
    5. Someone who is anointed would NOT be superstitious... or fearful... because they would have been set FREE from such things... because the Truth that IS Christ (John 8:32, 36; John 14:6) would have SET them free... which is the point OF the anointing.
    6. Someone who is anointed would NOT follow Paul, or the Pope, or the GB, or the WTBTS... but CHRIST and ONLY Christ... for they would KNOW... by means OF that anointing... that NONE of these are their Leader and ONLY Christ is (Matthew 23:10).
    7. Someone who is anointed would NOT direct people to ANY organization... and certainly not one with such opulent and financial holding (where in the WORLD do you see Christ in THAT, he who had no where to even lay HIS head???)... but instead direct ALL to Christ, and NO ONE else.
    8. Someone who is anointed would NOT say you need to come to/through THEM in order to "know" God, thus "seat[ing] themselves in the seat of Moses" (Matthew 23:2,3)...and in essence, making THEMSELVES the mediator... which they do by lyingly and falsely teaching others that they CAN "climb upon some other way" (i.e., through them) to get to the Most Holy One of Israel... rather than going through THE DOOR, which is Christ and the ONLY way ANYONE can "come" to the Father.
    9. Someone who is anointed would NOT be in an organized religion because they would KNOW... by means OF that spirit... that such are "unclean" and that it is not until one QUITS touching the "unclean" thing... that the Most Holy One of Israel can/will take them in... as a son or daughter...
    10. Someone who is anointed would NOT "shut up the kingdom of the heavens" by FALSELY teaching that the "way" is open to only a few... and that only such few are "worthy" to eat and drink the flesh and blood of Christ... which eating and drinking establishes a UNION with Christ... by means of which union ALL who partake "will live forever" and be "resurrected"... BY CHRIST HIMSELF... on the last day. RATHER... they would "DECLARE ABROAD"... meaning to ALL... Jew, Greek, rich, poor, male, female, old, young, circumcised or uncircumcised (in flesh)... what have you... the RICHES of God's kingdom... which RICHES include EVERLASTING LIFE IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD... which kingdom is open to ALL of mankind... not just some who were born "before 1914, in 1914, in sight of 1914, at some point in time so that they know someone born in 1914"... or any other melarkely like that.
    I am sorry, but I cannot stop at 10...
    11. Someone who is anointed would KNOW... that it is NOT know about or "taking in knowledge OF" God and Christ that means everlating life, but that it is KNOWING the True God... and the One whom He sent forth, Christ... that means such life.
    So that someone who is anointed would KNOW...
    12. That eating of the Tree of Life, which Tree IS Christ, the True Vine (John 15:1)... and drinking from the Rock-Mass, which IS Christ (1 Corinthians 10:1-5), is the ONLY way to obtain everlasting life... that it was the ONLY way for Adham and Eve to retain it... that it was how Israel survived for 40 years in the wilderness of Sinai... and it is the ONLY way for earthling man. They would KNOW... that, as Christ himself is recorded to have said: "UNLESS you eat the flesh of the Son of Man... and drink his blood... YOU HAVE NO LIFE IN YOU"... and to teach that some will be resurrected TO such a life and live... FOREVER... WITHOUT eating and drinking such flesh and blood... as symbolized by LITERALLY eating the bread and wine... is a LIE. (John 6:51, 53)
    Any who "walk" in direct opposition to these things is a liar, "offspring" of their "father", Satan, who is the FATHER of the lie. And their primary purpose, imposters that they arem is to... "mislead, IF POSSIBLE... EVEN the chosen ones."
    The WTBTS, its "hired men" (the GB), and its "wolves" (the Branch Overseers, District Overseers, Circuit Overseers, and Congregation Overseers)... are of this ilk. They are imposters, false christs, and false prophets. Without a doubt. And I state this with certainty, confidence, and WITHOUT fear. Because... THIS... is the truth.
    Again, I bid you ALL peace.
    A true slave of Christ, by means of a true anointing with holy spirit, the "oil of exultation" and "water of life" which oil I received directly from that One, the Son and Christ of the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies, he that is the HOLY One of Israel and Holy Spirit... and my Lord, to time indefinte, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH... and I am NOT afraid to say so... because it is the TRUTH,

    Well said Shelby, very well said.

    Deserving of a thead in of itself !

  • tec

    I am saying something different, dear Tammy (the greatest of love and peace to you, dear one!)... but not contradictory

    I'm happy that I can understand this statement!

    I think I also understand what else you are saying. I'm going to reflect on it for a while.

    Thank you, and the greatest of love and peace to you as well.


  • Lieu

    Um, no.

  • finding my way
    finding my way

    Yes. Especially when I get myself into situations where I'm around a bunch of witnesses i.e. Weddings or funerals.

    It's like this though.... The fear I used to have of the power Satan could get over me if I wasn't basically perfect, is what I feel about the Watchtower. I feel like the mind controlling babble is powerful and from Satan and I must avoid falling into that trap.

    I've considered getting reinstated and fading back out so that I can have relationships with family but when I really contemplate this I realize I can no longer tolerate fake friends. And they had the nerve to create a movie about "real friends"....

  • eileenpage


    I can understand where you are coming from because I had those thoughts when I first left JWs (20 years ago)

    It is all to do with mind control and been told over and over that they are right.

    You have to study the Bible, research to come to the conclusion your self that they are not right.

    I have family member who left JWs 30 years ago and recently went back. You see it was because she never really left them. In her mind she thought that they were right she was wrong in not wanting to follow their teachings any more. After so long she has now gone back. How so sad.

    You have to leave them mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well as physically.

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    That's a pretty broad question. I personally don't believe they're wrong about everything. But I also don't think the Mormons and Amish are wrong about everything either. This reminds me of a quote: “Partial truths or half-truths are often more insidious than total falsehoods.” -Samuel P. Huntington

    I absolutely don't believe that JW's (or ANY organized religion for that matter) occupy any position of special importance or divine backing. My parents ask me, "Well, if JW's don't have it right, what religion does," as if to prove there can only be A or B, true or false, black or white. So I ask them who 'had it' 200 years ago. "No organized group, just a few sincere individuals trying to do God's will." "Okay. I believe the same to be true today."

    But to answer your question, "What if they're right?" ...... For me, though witnesses teach God is love, it doesn't match up with his actions as described (and understood by JWs) in other parts of the Old and New Testament. He demands our strict obedience and will annihilate those who fail to seek him? When I really analyze God's actions related in the Bible, and interpreted by JWs, I find it hard to view him as a father because I am a father and I know how I feel about my kids. I am not the epitome of love and yet I could never subject my kids to many of the things that we're taught God allows to happen to people today.... for the sake of his name. Really? He's all powerful but he's that eaten up with his reputation that he'll allow these tiny, insignificant creatures to suffer to prove him right? Even temporarily? That sounds like a human. But then in order to make it all good, he sends his son to earth for - in God-time - .000000000000001 seconds and lets HIM briefly suffer and die to save all mankind, then immediately resurrects him? (Immediate in a relative sense, considering eternity.) IDK. I may have an evil viewpoint but that's not really a God I want to serve if they were right. But then, I'm kinda new to critical thinking so I haven't really figured out what I believe on a lot of things. Much to learn. So when I ask myself, "What if they're right?" it is quite unpleasant to think that my kids might have to die because I taught them what I truly believed (or what I could NOT believe). And yet that creates just one more brick of cognitive dissonance, all of which add weight to my conviction that they are NOT 'right'. So I find that question to be self-defeating.

    But if I'm going to ask "What if JW's are right?" then I must ask the same question of EVERY religion out there. What if Baptists are right? (To hell with me!) What if Muslims are right? Buddhists? Jews? Scientologists? If you were raised Catholic, you might well be asking this same question on an ex-Catholic board, but about Catholicism. Truth is, all of these religions have conflicting views so they can't all be right, right? That means the majority of mankind is wrong - any way you think about it. (i think)

    So my goal is to live as a good person for the benefits that come from being a good person, not to kiss the ass of one of these religions' Gods so I can get to heaven or paradise. My hope is that there is something beyond death but I certainly have no faith in such things.... only the hope that I'm wrong and so is everyone else.

  • luna2

    I never wonder that. They are a bunch of liars and experts in self-deception. Some of them I believe are complete con artists and the others are fooling themselves. If God was really communicating with them, if Jehovah's Witnesses were really "the truth", then why are they wrong so much of the time. Why do they have to back track and redefine and ignore their own history? They are just the same as the false religion they condemn to death.

  • Galileo

    I like the way Richard Dawkins (atheist) answered the similar question "what if you're wrong?" (Warning, offensive to Christians).

  • Galileo

    I don't know why it's showing the video embedded in the preview but not in the post. Here's the direct link if it doesn't show up this time


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