What if WBTS is right?

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  • The Finger
    The Finger


    Do you think that your faith as a JW comes down to accepting the GB as Christ's brothers? Surely others who claim the anointing could be questionable, but these are in the chain of command. How do you make the Judgement?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I have to disagree with where this thread has turned. It is FAR LESS important what happens to us later, after we are dead, than HOW WE LIVE our lives TODAY. The Bible gets the following principle right: for the most part people reap what we sow. The reaping, however, occurs in THIS life, not after we're dead; this is seen every day in our own lives and the lives of people we know.

    In view of the foregoing (to use a Watchtowerism), is not THIS life THE important life? The REAL life? The life where we should be HELPING people, LOVING people, CARING FOR one another is NOW. It is THIS LIFE. Jesus Christ pointed the way unambiguously and his words have been twisted by those wanting devotion to an organization in this life, postponing joy and love and sharing until some fictional time when God does for humanity what humanity should be doing for itself.

    It's time to grow up as a species and live our lives knowing that NOBODY is going to clean up our mess but US.

  • zoiks

    Mad Sweeney

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    It is my firm belief that as the end nears it will be very clear who's right and who isn't, who is worshipping God as he approves and who isn't, personally and as an Organization.

    Thus far, I find the JWs to be correct. The times I resist their ways, it's nothing more than my own imperfect tendencies lashing out. Of that I'm certain.

    I keep working on my attitude. It's a daily struggle.


  • snowbird

    My money is on Jesus of Nazareth.


  • Soldier77

    Nicely put Mad Sweeney.

    If the WBTS is right, than I rather die and not live in their fairytale "paradise earth" being run by the old codgers. 130 years of failed prophecy = false prophets, and we all know what the bible sayd about false prophets.

    Jesus said HE is the way, the truth, the life. Not some organization. That's bible fact, that's truth. Everything the WBTS teaches is a lie if not an outright lie, it is false. 1914 teaching? Jerusalem destroyed in 607 BCE? 144k literal but the rest of that verse is symbolic?

    Falsehood. The WBTS has sinned against the spirit by invoking that they are god's sole mouthpiece to humans today. Let them burn.

  • PSacramento

    To echos others here, IF thw WBTS is right about What kind of God, God is ( they aren't by the way), I would rather be one of those that gets destroyed.

  • tec

    Mad Sweeney -

    Soldier - Jesus said HE is the way, the truth


    Sylvia - me too.

  • truthseeker

    African GB member,

    In times past I have asked this question. What if I'm wrong? I think the latest change in the Generation teaching proves once and for all that the WT society is led by a bunch of elderly con artists.

  • pirata

    If WBTS is right, then God has a twisted sense of humor.

    As people are killed at Armageddon:

    "Ha ha! Here's what you get for not taking that Awake Magazine on Stress after getting woken up on Saturday Morning!"

    "Ha ha! Just be cause I kept changing the meaning of the generation doesn't mean that it's not the truth. I define truth!"

    "Ha ha! I didn't draw you!"

    "Ha ha! The country you were born in didn't let my people preach there!"

    "Ha ha! You questioned things that thought were wrong. We don't want that in our theocratic new world!."

    "Ha ha! You were born to the wrong parents!"

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