Worldly Shunning

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  • wasblind

    Palmtree says: "Until she gets real help wth her mental illness, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to reason with her. Incidentally, manipulation of others is a prominent trait of certain mental disorders and she exhibits it very well here."

    Yes palmtree yessssssssssss.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Nearly every post Alice makes is condescending, insulting and snide. If she asks you a personal question, it is not out of concern, it is to gather enough personal information to insult you. I've seen it over and over.

    She herself has even questioned why she has not been booted off this forum. Why Lady Lee expects an apology from all of us to Alice, is beyond my comprehension. I can only believe LL has not read all of what Alice has posted.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to have any kind of discussion with Alice, as she does not get the sense of anything you all say. She picks some obscure point in your post that means nothing and runs with it, and we all follow.

    Until she gets real help wth her mental illness, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to reason with her. Incidentally, manipulation of others is a prominent trait of certain mental disorders and she exhibits it very well here.

    LOL @ Palmtree. You just described my Dad.

    What came first, the chicken or the egg?

    Does the attitude promoted by the cult feed off their mental illness or does their mental illness feed off the attitude promoted by the cult? Either way, it is very difficult to have any sort of meaningful conversation with either of them. I feel sorry for them. They would probably both be very nice people without cultic influences. I just hope Alice doesn't bring her child up in a world of killer gods and demons the way my Dad did for me, but lets face it, the chances of that are pretty slim unless Alice accepts that she needs help.



  • StAnn

    Alice Rachel,

    Regarding shunning and reinstatement, I'm reminded of the story of the Prodigal Son, which is below in Luke 15:11-24.

    Pay particular attention to verse 20. Notice that, when the son came back and was repentant, his father welcomed him with open and loving arms. He didn't tell him to sit at the kiddie table for a year and prove he was truly repentant. He treated his son with love and forgiveness. This is the way that Jesus showed us to treat people who have trespassed against us, should they repent. There is no further humiliation of people, causing them to be an outcast from society until such society deems them worthy of being acknowledged. This notion of making someone grovel to be reinstated is not scriptural, as you can see below in the passage in Luke.

    I'd like to know your thoughts on this.

    11 And he said: A certain man had two sons. 12 And the younger of them said to his father: Father, give me the portion of substance that falls to me. And he divided unto them his substance. 13 And not many days after, the younger son, gathering all together, went abroad into a far country: and there wasted his substance, living riotously. 14 And after he had spent all, there came a mighty famine in that country: and he began to be in want. 15 And he went and cleaved to one of the citizens of that country. And he sent him into his farm to feed swine. 16 And he would fain have filled his belly with the husks the swine ate: and no man gave unto him. 17 And returning to himself, he said: How many hired servants in my father's house abound with bread, and I here perish with hunger! 18 I will arise and will go to my father and say to him: Father, I have sinnedagainst heaven and before you. 19 I am not worthy to be called your son: make me as one of your hired servants. 20 And rising up, he came to his father. And when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him and was moved with compassion and running to him fell upon his neck and kissed him. 21 And the son said to him: Father: I have sinned against heaven and before you I am not now worthy to be called your son. 22 And the father said to his servants: Bring forth quickly the first robe and put it on him: and put a ring on his hand and shoes on his feet. 23 And bring hither the fatted calf, and kill it: and let us eat and make merry: 24 Because this my son was dead and has come to life again, was lost and is found. And they began to be merry.


  • DaCheech

    alice, you seem to forget that we all are jehovahs witnesses or have been. we know all the rules.

    you can't sway us with half truths.

    do you think you can come to this forum and lie? or maybe you're trying to lie to save new ones from joining us?

  • Mary
    AIW said: I attended the meeting today. None the less, not currently attending meetings does not constitute apostasy.

    You're right, it doesn't. But in the WT World, the end result is the same. If Armageddon came tomorrow, JW's believe that you would end up as bird food just like they believe everyone on this forum would. It matters not one wit that you are trying to defend the Borg on here (they would simpy view this as further evidence of you being a vessel for an unhonorable purpose), if you do not attend all the meetings and go out in Service, then you may as well be a full blown 'apostate'.

    IMO Alice, you are the epitome of what is wrong with this religion. You obviously have got some serious mental/emotional problems which either drew you to the religion or was caused (in part at least) by the religion. Like a woman married to an abusive man, you endure their battering and irrationally defend them to any outsiders who point out their flaws. If you feel so strongly that this is 'the Truth', then perhaps you would be happier just going back. Some people would apparently prefer to live their lives as an emotional punching bag for those who claim authority over them and it would seem that you're one of them.

    Your posts on here for the most part, have been nothing more than cut and pastes, you either ignore pointed questions (that you know full well you cannot answer), many of your posts go off on tangents that make no sense and are an attempt to divert attention away from the real point at hand and then you whine and bleat about the treatment you get on here. Yet you stay on and keep coming back for more knowing full well what the end result will be. Then you start the whole process over again.

    Instead of wasting your time defending a religion that views you as being less than nothing, perhaps you should spend some time getting some help either through a Psychologist, a Psychiatrist or just even a Counsellor. Either that or just become a full fledged Witness again. Doesn't the bible say "you cannot serve two Masters" and "How long will you halt and limp between two opinions? (1 King 18:21) I'd say it's time you made a choice.

  • besty

    Alice and other JW lurkers may find some of the articles Lee has written on freeminds helpful.


    there was this bloke I used to observe. He'd sit at the end of the bar reeking of smoke and try to wind people up. He'd say anything controversial he could to get a reaction. A wind up merchant. No matter how dumb or insulting he'd just keep spouting more controversies. Just because he said something didn't mean it was right and just because he'd argue his point didn't mean he was right. Some would argue back cos they thought it was the right thing to do, others just listened not taking the bait and others just ignored him.

    Alice you are just like that bloke except. Except that bloke never shunned anyone that I could see. But you are trying to represent an organisation that does shun - it practices shunning, stands by it, and you're trying to minimise it and say that we're much worse. Alice I'm not taking the bait - I just don't want you to think I'm shunning you even though I'm in the world now. So I hope you're having a nice day and keeping up with your personal study and one day we'll meet in a bar and you can tell me how many people you've upset that day - that's if you're not shunning me.


  • DaCheech

    1/2 truth alice is the name and antagonizing is the game


    “Your posts on here for the most part, have been nothing more than cut and pastes, you either ignore pointed questions (that you know full well you cannot answer), many of your posts go off on tangents that make no sense and are an attempt to divert attention away from the real point at hand and then you whine and bleat about the treatment you get on here.”

    I answer plenty of questions and I've thoroughly answered your questions. You can do your own thinking beyond this point. Nobody rejects the Truth because it's not the Truth. It's because they're not interested. I know this from personal experience and many direct observations. Every mature Christian is familiar with issues such as this and it doesn't cast doubts in their mind:

    w84 2/15 pp. 23-24 Always Ready for the End

    The year 1925 also held expectations for Jehovah’s servants. It was thought that a cycle of 70 typical Jubilees (70 × 50 years) from the time Israel entered the Promised Land would end in 1925 and mark the beginning of the great antitypical Jubilee, the Millennial Reign of Christ Jesus. It did not turn out that way.

    However, our family came to appreciate that unrealized hopes are not unique to our day. The apostles themselves had similar misplaced expectations. They envisioned the resurrected Jesus Christ as restoring the nation of Israel to its former glory as Jehovah’s chosen people under theocratic rule, breaking the viselike domination of the Romans. They asked Jesus: “Lord, are you restoring the kingdom to Israel at this time?” He answered, “It does not belong to you to get knowledge of the times or seasons which the Father has placed in his own jurisdiction.” (Acts 1:6, 7) That same basic point has applied to the ‘faithful slave class’ today. There is an alertness, a searching to know God’s purpose, at times even an overeagerness to see the end of the world’s wicked system—but the exact timing of events is in Jehovah’s jurisdiction.—Matthew 24:34-36, 45-47.

    Even if 1925 didn't hold expectations for Jehovah’s servants, nor was a solitary inaccuracy published by Jehovah's Witnesses it wouldn't change anything, your attitude is horrible. I don't know how you got this way but there's enough wickedness in this system without you contributing to it.

    But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; and from these turn away. For from these arise those men who slyly work their way into households and lead as their captives weak women loaded down with sins, led by various desires, always learning and yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth. 2 Timothy 3:1-7

    These types of men see nothing good in the Truth whether it's the Truth or not. Does Satan see any good in Jehovah or Jesus?

    If, now, the good news we declare is in fact veiled, it is veiled among those who are perishing, among whom the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through. 2 Corinthians 4:3-4

  • flipper

    Lot's of people reject the alleged " truth " because it is NOT the TRUTH. I was one of them who rejected the lie of the WT society - or false "truth"

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