Worldly Shunning

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    Indeed Will Alice shun her DF'd mother? Can she answer a direct question like normal people? What is the relative airspeed velocity of a laden pig in flight? Tune in tomorrow for the latest installment of the "Alice" Rabbit ears or tinfoil hat required

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    The Finger


    I can't be bothered to read all of this call me lazy. But what i find remarkable is that off hand I can think of three sisters in the congregation who have been disfellowshipped three times some have three kids from different fathers. Shunning disfellowshipping doesn't work. Raised from infants as witnesses shagged silly as adults always in the truth.

    At the time of Jesus they were divorceing their wives for talking to another man, Jesus said who ever looks at another woman has committed adultery, How many women haven't I looked at with a passion. Yet never shunned. where am i heading

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    Sherah!!! You GO, GIRL!!!

    LOVED your "Questions" post!!!


    browniwitch in the moon

  • ziddina

    Along with TransHuman's question, and "back on topic" - well, sort of...

    Alice!!! Why the heck aren't you OBEYING the Watchtower Society by SHUNNING US????



    she devil

  • sherah

    None taken St Ann. Try breaking your question down in multiple choice format, make it simpler for AIW. Her time is extremly valuable you know.

    If you're trying to impress upon me that an apostate is a rotten human being and you are telling me “I'm an apostate” than I won't communicate with you anymore. Problem solved.

    That's not the WT definition of apostacy but I'll let you slide seeing that you only have two meeting under your belt. And as usual, you're off-topic. We can start a thread on apostacy to discuss your feelings on the subject.

    Aw, AIW! Don't be flaky. Why are you going back on your word? You knew this forum was overrun with apostates when you joined. I think that you are just trying to avoid answering the questions.

    You don't have to address your answers to me, other people on this thread are interested in your answers. It will only take a few minutes and you can cut and paste your answers from my post. You're adept at doing that.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience - I have little time to play stupid games with people I assume are adults or reiterate the logical fallacy you're trying to use on me. I'm not “running in circles,” I'm communicating with knot heads. head

    knot head

    A person who has trouble thinking in a logical progression. This is usually caused by a profound amount of circular reasoning tying their brain into a knot.

    Is Alice in wonderbra serious? She accused me of circular reasoning.

    Here is a good explanation I found on the evil internet to define circular reasoning. Does she even know what it means? Is she aware she is often involved in it?


    Circular Reasoning – supporting a premise with the premise rather than a conclusion.

    Circular reasoning is an attempt to support a statement by simply repeating the statement in different or stronger terms. In this fallacy, the reason given is nothing more than a restatement of the conclusion that poses as the reason for the conclusion. To say, “You should exercise because it’s good for you” is really saying, “You should exercise because you should exercise.”

    It shares much with the false authority fallacy because we accept these statements based solely on the fact that someone else claims it to be so. Often, we feel we can trust another person so much that we often accept his claims without testing the logic. This is called blind trust, and it is very dangerous. We might as well just talk in circles.


    A confused student argues: “You can’t give me a C. I’m an A student!”

    Circular reasoning is problematic because the claim is made on grounds that cannot be accepted as true — because those very grounds are in dispute. How can a student claim to be an A student when he just earned a C?

    To clarify, no one is an “A student” by definition. Grades are earned in every class and are derived from a variety of different methods. The requirements in one class are set by the school and the instructor, so the same class taught by a different teacher or in a different location should yield two very different results (final grades). Merely claiming to be an A student does not make the claim valid.

    NOTE: The false authority fallacy also applies here — you cannot use yourself as your own authority with total certainty. A doctor is more qualified to diagnose your shoulder pain than you are; your teachers are better qualified to evaluate your performance than a student.


    A satisfied citizen says: “Richardson is the most successful mayor the town has ever had because he's the best mayor of our history.”

    The second part of this sentence offers no evidence — it simply repeats the claim that was already presented. Don’t be fooled into believing that using the word “because” in an argument automatically provides a valid reason. Be sure to provide clear evidence to support your claims, not a version of the premise (the initial statement in an argument).


    An obvious non-smoker blurts: “Can a person quit smoking? Of course — as long as he has sufficient willpower and really wants to quit.”

    This statement contains a more subconscious version of circular reasoning. The intended argument simply repeats itself, disguised as a logical statement. The warrant is simple: “A person can quit because he can.” True, any smoker can quit, but the task is not as obvious or as easy to accomplish as the statement suggests. The arguer must provide reasons to suggest how a person can overcome an addiction, not to simply identify the obvious use of will power. This example also falls into distortion and the only reason fallacies.

    Now who's circular reasoning, BIZNATCH!!

    Damn! I just pulled an Alice. I copied and pasted for the sake of my defense!


  • cantleave

    I used to edit education literature and one area discussed was bullying. Shunning and excluding another person in order to teach them a lesson or as a form of religious discipline is classed as bullying.

    And before I am told that it is a loving provision by Gods organisation I put it to you that it isn't the perpetrator that gets to decide what is and is not bullying it is the victim. If a person feels bullied they are being bullied.

    The evidence of those who experience this procedure overwhelmingly indicates that they feel oppressed and bullied. I have a problem with anyone who sees this as an essential tool for maintaining conduct. As grown ups we should be able to enforce rules without robbing others of dignity and family support.

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