Worldly Shunning

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  • transhuman68

    Are self proclaimed apostates anything other than a social irritant?

    Sweetcheeks, we are the ones your mama warned you about. You should shun us. You should stop posting on this thread immediately!

  • wasblind

    Rachel you think you can hide under the name of alice.

    You posted on freeminds and got on peoples last nerve.

    ain't nothing wrong with changing up, but you know your breaking the rules of the WTC, you don't want them to know that your dabbling with apostates.

    Thats why you change the name. cause you doin' somthin' you ain't suppose to be doin' HYPOCRITE.

    HYPOCRITES can't preach to us

  • wasblind

    Sweetcheeks, we are the ones your mama warned you about


  • aquagirl

    Social irritant? I guess that depends on the society.

  • palmtree67

    I, for one, am getting really sick and tired of Alice telling us how stupid we all are.

  • aquagirl

    Alice,does intelligent conversation=blind faith in Jehovahs Witness doctrines?

  • aquagirl

    "Not only is there no wisdom in "apostasy," people seem to have left their brain at the Kingdom Hall when they left the building. I can't even engage in an intelligent conversation without someone dumbing down the conversation. Quit being retarded." LOL @"Alice"...

  • sooner7nc

    "I, for one, am getting really sick and tired of Alice telling us how stupid we all are."

    Not me! I want to let all of you know, and especially you Alice Rachel, that I am so thankful that Alice Rachel has joined this site. Her incessant narcissistic ramblings and disjointed posts have made me appreciate even more the freedom I've come to know since leaving that Org. Reading her posts have reinforced my belief that the JW Organization does two things; firstly, that it attracts people of Alice Rachel's ilk, and secondly that it helps to create such people that have natural predispositions towards the types of mental issues that Alice Rachel has shown thru her actions to possess.

    Alice Rachel, go to the doctor and get some help. If you can't afford it or don't possess insurance then contact the financial aid department in your local hospital. They should be able to help you, and should help to steer you towards a good Social Worker who can aid you in getting the help you obviously need. I'm being serious AR, no deception for hilarity's sake. Please go and get yourself checked out.


  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Being trained to answer questions with scriptures is what allot of have been taught and Alice your good at it. But for once unplug yourself from all that and just say what you think or feel or have doubts about.

    Life is cruel and can be unfair everyone has demons from their past some worse than others. As a JW I tried to stay in step and do my best..... I did however have many thoughts of my own that did not go hand in hand with Jah's teachings. Am I an Apostate now, who the hell knows or cares. This forum has really helped me see my doubts were justified, and I was not Spiritually Weak. 35 years of being taught the same things over and over and over don't disappear overnight. I have no faith in the Bible anymore, or even the existence of God. Coming to this forum has helped understand the emotions and fears, I origianlly had when I left the truth.

    Your long posts can be impressive, but once again what does Alice think. Put the bible down. Alice in wonderland..... Who R U??? WHOOOO Areee youuuu. Who are you?

  • not a captive
    not a captive


    For me, supporting religion and faith is an un-endurable strain. And when this publishing house decided to incorporate as a religion the abomination took up residence in the holy place , so to speak.

    But all institutional religions do the same and they all become the same monster.

    What happened to Jesus when the Children of Abraham became wrapped up in themselves as a religion? They tortured and killed Jesus.

    You don't leave God if you walk out on the organized religion--especially if that religion is the WTBTS.

    And I am impressed that you keep coming on this site, you must have a brass neck----

    --------or else you want your freedom more than you want friends.

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