Worldly Shunning

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    "I have seen many people post links here in direct response to you, showing how JW's match the characteristics of a cult."

    The word cult has more than one definition.

    The word cult pejoratively refers to a group whose beliefs or practices are reasonably considered strange.


    This here is strictly in the mind of the beholder as many religions teach very different things. To me everything Jehovah's Witnesses teach (comprehensive view of existence) makes perfect sense.

    By the 1940s the long held opposition by some established Christian denominations to non-Christian religions and supposedly heretical Christian sects crystallized into a more organized "Christian countercult movement" in the United States. For those belonging to the movement all new religious groups deemed outside of Christian orthodoxy were considered "cults".

    In the late 1980s psychologists and sociologists started to abandon theories like brainwashing and mind-control. While scholars may believe that various less dramatic coercive psychological mechanisms could influence group members, they came to see conversion to new religious movements principally as an act of rational choice.
    A person who is a member of a religion out of rational choice can easily debunk theories like brainwashing and mind-control that others try and apply to them. To me, a cult is a religious group that confuses loyalty to institutional church leaders with loyalty to God. Some members of clergy appear to have deified themselves considering titles like Holy Father and the Infallible Pope as only God is infallible.

    [The Church] was also much concerned with man, with man as he really is today, with living man, with man totally taken up with himself, with man who not only makes himself the center of his own interests, but who dares to claim that he is the principle and [the] final cause of all reality. Man in his phenomenal totality ... presented himself, as it were, before the assembly of the Council Fathers.... The religion of God made man has come up against the religion--for there is such a one--of man who makes himself God.

    And how did the Council respond to this specter of godless man, of "man who makes himself God"? Far from condemning this falsehood and asserting the superior claims of the Christian faith, the Council, said the Pope, was filled only with an endless sympathy. The discovery of human needs--and these are so much greater now that the son of the earth has made himself greater--absorbed the attention of the Synod.... We also, we more than anyone else, have the cult of man...

    Thus, alongside God, the Church had added a second Lord, man, with everything ultimately focusing on man instead of God. Archbishop Karol Wojtyla, later Pope John Paul II, fully subscribed to the Vatican II doctrine, having been one of its leading framers. In his first encyclical after becoming Pope, he repeated the theme of Gaudium et Spes, declaring that human nature has been permanently "divinized" by the advent of Christ.

  • yknot


    Since you are not an active JW (not attending , no FS time)

    May I ask why you even care?

    Why not fully move on with your life.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Alice where were you when I was in High School? I know I would've asked if you could do my Book Reports for me...... I'd pay you of course..... I am a gentleman....

  • wasblind

    if everything the JW's teach make sense

    then why do you get on websites like these

    when your told not too, if found out you could be in trouble

    what is your reasoning for going against the rules of the society?

    and according to their rules, this is a no no

    i myself think that a person should be able to look up what they want

    their conscious should be their guide, but with the WT society to be here is using independent thinking

    and that's not allowed

  • sherah

    AIW, it appears that you are having trouble answering the questions I posted. You claimed to have answered the first one by cutting & pasting something about apostolic succession from the Insight book. No offense but thats totally off topic, we are discussing "Worldly Shunning". We can kick that subject around in another thread, if you like.

    Also, you labeled the aforementioned questions as stupid, retarded and dull. I'm kinda of surprised that you would use a negative epithet for a mental disability. I figured you would be more sensitive to the use of that word especially since you suffer from mental illness, as you have stated previously in other threads.

    Since you have avoided answering these questions, I'm going to assume they are confusing for you. I'll simplify the process, I know your time is extremely valuable as a fighter for The Truth on this forum. Below are the questions in Q&A multiple-choice formant. I'm going to give you some possibilities for answers but feel free to add your own thoughts. Kind of like the old Written Review, you remember that right. Good times...

    Choose the letter that closely matches you answer. Once you posted your answers, as a group, we'll review it together.

    1. Do you have special dispensation from the GB?

    a. What does dispensation mean?
    b. No, I don't have special dispensation. I'll do as I please!
    c. Yes, I do. Ted J gave it to me before he went to heaven

    2. Is there new light allowing baptized JW's to associated with DF'd persons?

    a. There is no new light. I'll do as I please!
    b. There could be new light but I only have two meetings under my belt, give me a break!
    c. There is definately new light on shunning, but I'm not telling you! You're an apostate, you are not entitled to it.

    3. Why do you [associate with DF'd persons] in opposition to your faith's 'administrators'?

    a. Shunning is right but I'll do as i please. The GB ain't the boss of me!
    b. Shunning is wrong, I'll will not treat my family this way.
    c. I will not answer this question, my answer will make me a hypocrite.

    4. Now it's your turn to tell us how the practice of shunning does not apply to you. - This is an essay question but i'll help you out with this one. Just state if you agree and disagree. Feel free to add your own narrative, your deep and inciteful posts keep me hanging on your every word.

    The practice of shunning does not apply to myself because I'm very strong in The Truth. I can freely associate with apostates, inactive family, DF'd persons in real life or on the internet without concern for my own spirituality because I have Holy Spirit guiding me. Sure, the GB strongly counsels against this type of association but I truly feel that I'm immune to any spiritual dangers that may befall a weak JW. And I'm very strong in The Truth. Besides, who will uphold Truth on this board full of vipers and apostates! Shunning is biblically based, the right course to take against those who leave The Truth. But judgment is better so I will practice it sometimes.


    “Besides, who will uphold Truth on this board full of vipers and apostates!”

    You only speak for yourself on this open discussion board. If you're trying to impress upon me that an apostate is a rotten human being and you are telling me “I'm an apostate” than I won't communicate with you anymore. Problem solved.

    By openly identifying yourself as an apostate, drawing on Bible principals to condemn me is like a convicted felon judging someone who ran a red light.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    See if you can figure this out (if the pictures all come out)

    + is + 3D runner - Click image to download. + in +

    Answer : Alice is running in circles!!

    Address Shrerah's questions!


  • StAnn

    CoC, I thought that was "Alice is running in muffin tins." Glad you clarified.

    Besides, she still hasn't answered my query about the Prodigal Son and I've asked twice! I deserve a reply before Sherah! (No disrespect meant, Sherah!)



    “Answer : Alice is running in circles!!”

    I have little time to play stupid games with people I assume are adults or reiterate the logical fallacy you're trying to use on me. I'm not “running in circles,” I'm communicating with knot heads. head

    knot head

    A person who has trouble thinking in a logical progression. This is usually caused by a profound amount of circular reasoning tying their brain into a knot.

  • transhuman68

    Alright sweetpea, if your religion is so perfect, why don't you shun your own mother? (There, back on topic again!)

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