Nazi Propaganda: Propaganda Techniques

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  • Earnest
    So until I find the exact papers we have Konrad saying he was tortured but no revelations in the Gestapo papers available under a google quick search

    Konrad Franke was arrested on August 31, 1936. The next day instructions from the Secret Police were given to "immediately perform thorough searches and interrogations of all people there that were known as Bible Students". The State Police offices received a questionnaire whereby they were to determine "the structure of the banned organization down to the lowest level".

    Reference : Kleinstadt und Nationalsozialismus: Ausgewahlte Dokumente zur Geschichte von Eutin, 1918-1945, Lawrence D. Stokes, Neumunster, 1984, p.709.

  • DaCheech

    if there was a god, then the watchtower would have been put to death

  • Mary
    Mary, the focal point of this discussion is propaganda tools in its various forms (pamphlets, broadsheets, books, etc) for the purpose of demonizing or defaming the character of an organization or class of people.

    Yes, indeed. For example, about 3 years ago, the WTS had the balls to produce (yet another) pamphlet demonizing all other religions, lumping them altogether as being part of "false religion". Hypocritically, they actually had the balls to make reference to the Catholic Church's pedophile problem, knowing full well that their own pedophile problem in the Organization was no damn different. And please spare us your rhetorical nonsense that there was never a problem with how they dealt with it, because you completely ignored Avashai's first hand experience dealing with this very problem on another thread.

    Sincerity is one of the most important aspects of a person's personalty as far as Jehovah's concerned and has direct application in numerous scriptures. I didn't say this in its self qualifies a person to act as God's spokesmen or a prophet.

    Sorry Alice, but as I already showed you in my previous post, the WTS itself plainly states in their literature that sincerety means nothing if you are teaching false doctrines. I notice that as per usual, you completely ignore proof and evidence even from their own literature when it doesn't jive with the nonsense you continue to spew.

    You pass off what I say as "bullshit" not withstanding the fact you have absolutely no explanation as to how the Bible and prophetic events are to be interpreted and explained. You don't have a leg to stand on.

    No Alice, it is YOU that doesn't have a leg to stand on. Prophetic events are just that: Prophecies that foretell the future. If the WTS were indeed God's channel of communication here on earth, then certainly God would have made sure that they could interpret the scriptures correctly, wouldn't you say? If you bothered reading the bible at all, it is plain to see that there is not one case where someone who was chosen by Jehovah to interpret a prophecy, interpreted it wrong, let alone over and over and over and over again. So yes, your statements are nothing but "bullshit" because you have nothing--no scriptural examples, or even common sense, to back up your claims.

    There's numerous accounts in the Bible where Jehovah's prophets did make mistakes. Unless Jehovah transmits a direct explanation for every Bible matter it is not possible, to be infallible when seeking Bible truth.

    More bullshit. Please provide one example when a prophet chosen by Jehovah interpreted a prophecy incorrectly.

    Using accuracy and perfection as a means to measure "true" and "false" prophets, what person or organization is a true prophet and is closer to the truth than Jehovah's Witnesses?

    LMAO! Surely you jest Alice. Jehovah's Witnesses set the record when it comes to making false predictions: 1914, 1918, 1925, 1940's, 1975, the 'generation of 1914 would not pass away'. They're not "close to the truth" by any stretch of the imagination. Go smoke another joint.........

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    From the same WT article: But propaganda may also be used to promote hatred for ethnic or religious minorities....

    Does the WT do this? Does it promote hatred for its ex-members?

    That article is not the only one in the series. When I read the series I thought that in many places they were talking about themselves. There is a lot in that I feel this way about. e.g. The cunning propagandist loves such shortcuts—especially those that short-circuit rational thought. Propaganda encourages this by agitating the emotions, by exploiting insecurities, by capitalizing on the ambiguity of language, and by bending rules of logic. As history bears out, such tactics can prove all too effective. These were all things I has seen in WT articles, heard from platforms, and heard used by my parents, wife and children.

    How do you know when you are being fed propaganda? You don't unless you investigate it. They have this covered in where they use a 'bait & switch' technique to provide the reader with a filter. The trick here, is that they have provided a filter that prevents you from investigating anything that contradicts what the WT has taught you. Try reading the article pretending you are a faithfull, true believing, Branch Davidian, Mormon, Moonie, whatever, and this article has been presented to you as being written by them, and ask yourself if the article would prevent you from studying any other religious teachings, or investigating information that points to your leaders not being kosher?




    There's numerous accounts in the Bible where Jehovah's prophets did make mistakes.

    "And how did Jehovah react to that??

    W hat person or organization is a true prophet and is closer to the truth than Jehovah's Witnesses?

    Why does there have to be one??"

    The mistakes made by profits like Moses were more on a personal level. (Nu 20:1-13) That's not all he's known for, his mistakes, as he made more than one. Jehovah's dealt with people differently after Jesus established the Christian congregation. Mistakes of a trivial nature are simply overlooked. Opponents of Jehovah's Witnesses will take a trivial matter and exploit it for self-serving purposes with identifying any organization that measures up to a given standard.

    There's an organizing principle to any organization. If there's not a person or organization that knows or teaches the truth about God, everything relative to God is uncertain. Even seculars are at times organized into groups.

    A Natural Selection

    Exporing secular humanism

    Houston is a paradise for seculars
    The big dog is the Houston Atheists, which boasts 858 members on its page. The Greater Houston Skeptic Society has 290 and the Humanists of Houston follows closely behind with 252. Besides these big three, Montgomery County has its own Humanist Association, and if you don't believe in God but still like the church culture, you can attend the Houston Church of Freethought. Furthermore, we also have a recently formed charitable organization, SECULAR Center USA, and several small conversation/study groups, such as the Humanist Contemplatives. The question is; is there a group of people that celebrate universal truth about God, not "does there have to be one.” That sounds like the reasoning of a person who wants to hide from the truth instead of seeki ng it.

  • AllTimeJeff

    AIW, why are you ignoring Ynot? Thats your best friend here, and yet, you ignore her. What the hell?

    But you go after Mary, and others who are more to your target audience of arguing for no apparant reason. Here's your M.O. Stirring the pot, making ridiculous claims, getting called on them, then claiming persecution after you are called on them.

    Good luck in your next life as a Chicago Cubs fan.

  • palmtree67
  • palmtree67

    The question is; is there a group of people that celebrate universal truth about God, not "does there have to be one.” That sounds like the reasoning of a person who wants to hide from the truth instead of seeki ng it.

    Wrong, Alice.

    The first question that should be asked is: Does there have to be an organization?

    Then, the next question should be: Which one is it?

    That's the probelm with you, you start off with a premise that is unproven and then start stating as "fact" things that are based on that unproven premise.

    Please nod if you understand what I just said.

    No, sweetheart, YOU are the one hiding from the truth. And you are definately not seeking it.

  • palmtree67

    If you are seeking truth, then do yourself a favor and start at the beginning. Let go of the WT propaganda and start at the beginning.

    Your arguements follow no logic, because you don't start with the basic question first.

  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    Yoo-hoo! Aaaallllice! Just a simple question here. Where did the WTS find that blood fractions are good? Please, just point me to the verse.

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